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Micro Notes

by: Anna

Micro Notes BIOL 230 - Microbiology

Johnson County Community College
Cunningham J

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About this Document

Cunningham J
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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Anna on Monday February 23, 2015. The Bundle belongs to BIOL 230 - Microbiology at Johnson County Community College taught by Cunningham J in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 79 views. For similar materials see Microbiology in Biology at Johnson County Community College.

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Date Created: 02/23/15
Microbiology 01262015 Organic Molecules gt 1 Carbohydrates gt 2 Lipids gt 3 Proteins gt 4 Nucleic Acids 393 1 Carbohvdrates gt Monomer sugar gt CHZOn gt Functions of sugars Energy monosaccharides ID tags oligosaccharides 0 Sugar molecules on things that tell a cell what to do with it get rid of or keep Energy structure polysaccharides 0 Starch 0 Lots of branching 0 Storage molecule energy for lots of small sugars 0 Quickest way to make ATP but not very efficient way to store Struture 0 Exoskeletons 393 2 Lipids gt Hydrophobic gt Fatty Acid fat part is along chain of carbons Hydrocarbon gt Monomer amino acids gt 8 essential amino acids we must get from our diet or we don t get have them gt Functions of fats Energy storage Phospholipids make up membranes gt 4 Levels of protein structure Primary structure polypeptide chain Secondary structure occurs when the amino acid chain takes on a regular repeating structure Tertiary structure the overall 3D shape of the polypeptide chain waterbased environment Quaternary structure consists of 2 or more polypeptide 0 ATPase 01282015 L Oxygen is very polar pulls other atom s electrons away from them L Hydrogen has very weak bonds gives electrons freely L0 and H bond most strongly strong polar bond LHydrophilic vs Hydrophobic molecules gt Hydrophilic water loving gt Hydrophobic waterrepelling 01302015 393 RNA OH group on 2rld carbon 393 DNA H on 2rld carbon Domain Eukarya 3 Plants gt Don t grow on us 3 Fungi gt Gets energy from breaking down molecules gt Needs to draw organic molecules from outside places gt Happy to live on dead things gt Some are happy to live on alive things and are parasitic I 1 Filamentousmoldlike growth 0 Filament hyphae I Secrete digestive enzymes into environment 9 ex ringworm Athlete s foot I 2 UnicellularYeastlike growth 0 Simple cells I Challenging for our white blood cells to get rid of 0 Have to compete with our existing bacteria 0 Opportunistic infections 0 ex candidiasis I 3 Dimorphic fungi Yeastlike and moldlike I Can switch due to C02 levels and temperatures 3 Animals 393 Protista gt 1 Plantlike Algae I ex diatoms I ex red tide gt 2 Animallike Protozoa I Multicellular gt Cryptosporidium hominis I 2 stages 0 Active growing I Cyst stage gt Plasmodium vivax I Malarial carrier 02022015 Animal Parasites Helminthes 3 Parasitic worms gt 1 Tapeworms I Flat worms I Doesn t have digestive tract I Has head With sucker and hooks I Head and neck I Reproductive organs can release thousands of eggs a day gt 2 Schistosomiasis I Flat worms I Fairly simplified I Complex lifecycle I Borrows through skin I Not transferred through fecaloral route I Sometimes comes through urine sometimes through feces sometimes both I Tissue damage granulomas in response to eggs lodging in tissues I Multicellular NonCellular Infectious Particles 393 Viruses can effect most types of cells 393 Viruses gt 1 Bacteriophage phage I Viruses that infect prokaryotic cells gt Viruses lack all parts we wuld consider in a cell gt Can t make more of themselves gt Olopathic cells force themselves into another cell s cells gt Viruses have I Genome DNA or RNA Singlestranded or doublestranded Circular chromosomes or linear chromosomes I Protein Capsid OOOr t O Protects genome O Polypeptides connet to form a shape O Morphology O Polyhedral virus 0 Helical virus 9 Enveloped virus 0 Complex virus I 3 Envelope animal viruses 0 Little piece of plasma membrane 0 Steals it from its host 9 EX in uenza enveloped virus with cylindrical capsid 0 Ex herpes enveloped virus with a polyhedral capsid I 4 Complex virus 0 Junk drawer viruses Can categorize it by Q What it infects Q What is has 0 What it looks like Lifecycle of a Virus 393 1 Attachment gt Viruses bind to some molecules on the surface of the host cell gt If the lock isn t there no biding can occur 393 2 Penetration gt The viral genome gets into the host cell 393 3 Biosynthesis gt Host cell makes viral components 393 4 Maturation gt Viral components create new viruses 5 Release gt Go find new cells to infect 02042015


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