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Here is week 4 and 5 of notes they are bundled because of all the snow days and days off we had.

by: Gayle Landry

Here is week 4 and 5 of notes they are bundled because of all the snow days and days off we had. Communications 414

Marketplace > Communication > Communications 414 > Here is week 4 and 5 of notes they are bundled because of all the snow days and days off we had
Gayle Landry

GPA 3.4
Studying Everyday Talk
Bailey, Benjamin

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About this Document

Week 4 and 5 Notes. Hope they help!
Studying Everyday Talk
Bailey, Benjamin
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Gayle Landry on Tuesday February 24, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Communications 414 at a university taught by Bailey, Benjamin in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 136 views.

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Reviews for Here is week 4 and 5 of notes they are bundled because of all the snow days and days off we had.


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Date Created: 02/24/15
Comm 414 Notes Week 4 21014 Goals 0 Understand form of poetry 0 review honor killing 0 understand differences between kinds of ideas in poetry and kinds of ideas expressed in a nonpoetic talk 0 Begin to consider p185 this discourse on sentiments is also a discourse of de ance Story of Sweden in NY Times 0 how is it similar 0 father kills daughter for dishonoring him 0 how is our culture different similar 0 its still about power 0 usually husband and not father but still about power 0 are women here for mens power The form of Poetry 15 syllables 2 lines breathless monotone pause between lines formal 21214 goals see continuities between AL Bedouins and the Middle East understand chapter 8 practice with data Video we watched patriarchal leadership through hundreds of years big families that control the area because there is not much wealth they procreate with each other Abraham was the main patriarch taking multiple wives so you can have more sons chic means old man Saudi Arabia 0 ruled by the house of Saud O nepotism favoring nephews 0 government is made up of one family tribe 0 government and state are all the same Watching the rest of the video 0 O O 0 Discussion 0 Chapter 8 0 21915 Assignment 3 O O O Catcalling hospitality is really important 0 since family is so important if you are away from them you are lost so hospitality is so important education and health care are free women 0 take more wives to have more sons 0 have lower status 0 daughters do not stay with their father they go to their husbands family 0 womens are the means in which men can produce more men 0 men are defined in terms of women I men have few possessions so there status depends on behavior I the men are responsible for the women I if the women act out then it brings shame on to the family 0 women keep away from public places islam reforms 0 female infanticide was outlawed 0 legal rights 0 number of wives limited arranged marriage 0 does it work better reactions to the chapter 0 when your are independent you are tough what do you think would happen if you recorded something in a loud room 0 you wouldn39t hear them if you use a camera then you can not always hear 0 use a camera and a phone think ahead of places to record is it powerful do women want it or not want it Assignment 0 O kinda of both 0 you want the gaze because what39s wrong with you if you don39t get it 0 but you don39t want to be objectified women always are scared so any interaction is taken poorly 0 some people like positive catcalls 0 almost no one liked negative ones we are going to be logging 0 its mnemonic you can remember where in the tape something happened 0 analytical where the final projects grow out of I this column is used to think about something interesting end up with units of analysis 0 formatstorytelling O whats the function bonding O


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