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Week 4 and 5

by: Gayle Landry

Week 4 and 5 Communications 493c

Gayle Landry

GPA 3.4
Countercultural Films
Bruce Geisler

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About this Document

These are bundled together due to the fact that there was a long weekend and snow days.
Countercultural Films
Bruce Geisler
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This 8 page Bundle was uploaded by Gayle Landry on Tuesday February 24, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Communications 493c at a university taught by Bruce Geisler in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 90 views.

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Date Created: 02/24/15
Gayle Landry Comm 493C week 4 notes Berkeley in the Sixties This revolution was a great recruitment tactic to Berkeley Radical students got together 0 SLATE 0 student election was used as a platform to reach other students 0 they were actually doing stuff 0 people tried to stop what they were trying to do 0 they didn39t like off campus issues 0 the group was opposed to sandbox politics 0 it was a growing group that grew fast Civil rights movement inspired them 0 sit ins etc 0 tried to secure jobs for minorities at hotels 0 This group wanted to create a confrontation 0 force them to do something Sheraton hotel arrests 0 led to the first real win of their protests 0 now minorities could even be managment 0 other people saw it in a different light 0 business saw it as a threat 0 this brought pressure to the university 0 things were banned and they could no longer give out paper to spread their words 0 the school wanted to stop political things 0 the impact was they all united When someone was arrested they surrounded the car and started doing speeches 32 hours administration finally came together and gave up everyone came together for freedom of speech people had to all agree civil rights pantie raid 0 kids are having fun 0 there was a serious part to this they wanted to make a difference The administration came up with something that could break them up 0 said they could have tables back 0 they could not do anything illegal 0 but then they had to punish somebody so they expelled them 0 this pissed people off and it took it up again Sprawl Hall something was happening but no one really knew what people started to get dragged out with the arrests came a collapse of authority of the school this created a power vacuum Victory celebration want freedom of speech media exaggerated expectations 0 said they were aligned and cynical Vietnam war 0 Paul Ochs 0 They stopped the trains taking the soldier The Hippies and the Berkeley students had a lot in common but had different ways of getting what they want 0 hippies tried to do it through love and music 0 students tried to do it through politics Stop the Draft week 0 They shut the induction center for one day 0 first clear demonstration that the radical part of the war was reaching its limits 0 they tried to be a big pain in the but and lost the idea that they could be victorious Black Panthers 0 They were now getting involved with students Class Discussions 0 people who do violent things are people who have no other options 0 first time in his life that there could be a violent revolution 0 it would be something like there are is in the Middle East 0 MLK spearheaded the nonviolent movement 0 started nonviolent then to violent when they were not getting anywhere and then back to nonviolent 0 it was dependent on authority and their reactions 0 at the fringes of the movement there are people who are ready to get violent if enough people lose hope 0 Radical has radical ideas the revolutionary picks up the gun O radical wants to change things 0 revolutionary wants to tear it down 0 people don39t ban together like that anymore if people ban together it usually doesn39t work out 0 we are more disconnected O we live in an unkind harsh world I but there is a counter force of love that resists it O we don39t have solidarity I who is going to start it these people fought for our rights to talk and do things and we are not doing it Q the change has to start with us 0 the time to do it is now when you are young expressing yourself can lead lunatics to the door 0 technology YikYak l slacktivism feel like you are doing something but really you39re just liking somethings I just donate money and call it a day Q changing time 0 online petitions 0 its not on this campus occupy wall street 0 it went out because they knew what they were against but they didn39t know what they were for things that grew out of that movement 0 civil rights movement I still not solved racism but we have a black president and maybe a woman soon 0 environmentalism got rolling O womens rights 0 gay people can get married I not being treated as crazy 0 all these attitudes came out of the sixties film portrayed drugs 0 showed it in a bad light 0 those people would never make change 0 acid could change people39s view of the world forever I if you take it to much you will not be useful students attracted kooks who wanted to protest just to protest O the 93 people who dilutes the message to protest just to protest politics being viewed as wrong 0 some are just spiritual 0 have a good time all the time drummer from spinal tap womens movement 0 lots of women who played a huge part of this movement even before the women39s movement started 0 women was empowered by this movement 0 by making everyone equal everyone has to up their game because the competition is much higher I germany lost the war because they killed or got rid of all their jewish scientists l best minds in the country were not allowed to participate our age people fighting against our parents and what they were taught O we dont really have that O are the problems we have worse then they had we have global warming they had things they were afraid of now the number of people in fear is much less there are so many problems how do we unify l I wonder if there is one thing big issue that will bring everyone together 0 it is easier to escape tv computer etc 0 student debt is keeping you in check 0 you can39t go anywhere 0 you have to work 0 you can39t take a trip and take a year off 0 Berkeley was practically free at that point 0000 The Graduate Notes 21815 MOVIE 0 starts off at his party but isn39t enjoying himself 0 takes mrs robinson home and goes inside 0 hits on him and tries to seduce him 0 mr Robinson comes home and gets a drink with him 0 21st birthday Then he calls Mrs Robinson 0 asks her to get a drink 0 she asks him to get a room He sits down at the hotel and she comes up to him 0 he is very nervous O and goes to get the room 0 he calls her at the table she is at and tells her the room number 0 They go to the room and he shuts off the lights 0 he kisses her 0 and watches her undress 0 he is very awkward 0 she says he is inadequate in bed because he starts to chicken out and then he does it 0 His father talks to him about Grade school while he is in the pool 0 his father wants him to do something with himself 0 his mother comes to talk to him about what he does at night 0 she walks away because she doesn39t want to hear his lies 0 Back in bed with Mrs Robinson 0 he wants to talk first 0 they get into a fight O O and then make up the fight was about her daughter and he promises he will never take out her daughter now he doesn39t want to talk at all 0 at family breakfast his dad tells him to ask out eaine 0 if he won39t take her out the mom said she39ll invite the whole family 0 Ben takes her daughter on a date ques ons 0 0000000 00 0 Mrs Robinson is pissed on the date he is driving dangerously and she is asking him he is being quite rude on the date takes her to a strip club he makes her cry and she storms off crying he kisses her and then the date turns around she invites him in but then they leave and go somewhere else They go to the same place he hooks up with her mom I they all knew who he was he says that he likes her and she asks him if he had an affair I he tells her that his affair is over I she says she is glad he asks her to do something the next day Q It is raining when he picks her up and Mrs Robinson gets in the car 0 O 0 she makes her drive she says that she will tell eaine everything I he has to stop seeing her he tells her it was her mom 0 He drives by the house to look at the daughter 0 O O 0 he doesn39t swim anymore he watches the Robinson family from time to time he doodles Elaine s name he tells his father he is going to marry Elaine 0 he goes to Berkeley to ask for Elaine s hand in marriage 0 GOOD him know he finds a place to live he just watches her he catches the bus that she is on they go to the 200 l her date picks her up she barges into his home I she asks him why he is here I she said that her mom told her that he raped her I the tenant kicks him out because he does not like he starts to pack and she asks if she can stay she asks where he is going to go but he doesn39t 0 she doesn39t want him to leave until he has a plan 0 She shows up again when he is sleeping I she asks him to kiss her I he asks her to marry him and she says she doesn39t know but she might I she says she doesn t know what39s happening 0 she says she doesn t think marrying him would work I the guy from the zoo asked her to marry him as well 0 so she has to talk to him 0 he buys her a ring 0 Mr Robinson is in his room I asks him why he did it I they are getting a divorce I he tells him that he can not see his daughter ever again I the tenant kicks him out for good 0 she left a note for him saying her leaving was best for him 0 He breaks into their house and Mrs Robinson is in her room 0 she says Elaine is getting married 0 the cops come and he has to leave 0 Finds out where they are getting married in Santa Barbara 0 and he goes after her 0 he runs out of gas 0 so he runs to her 0 he finds the church he sees him kissing the bride he bangs on the glass and is crying she yells his name and the dad attacks him The mom hits elaine he locks them all in the church they jump on a bus and everyone is looking at them OOOOO CLASS DISCUSSION 0 the center of it was discontent and lostness not always sexual 0 identity is a central theme of the film 0 alienation 0 glass and water was used to separate ben from the world around him 0 the film is saying that its okay to not have a structured plan and because he didn39t have that he was stressed and when he realized it he was at peace 0 he was satisfying his urges 0 he was happy than unhappy 0 once he satisfied an urge he got bored again 0 the bus scene they never look at eachother O the ability to make sound nonimpulsive decisions till 25 spontaneously was part of the counterculture O regretted snap decisions why does he get into the affair in the first place 0 he does what he is told to do gender role swap 0 she is experienced he wasn39t 0 she is aggressive he is submissive 0 he is the slut which makes him not good enough for her daughter When he was being true to himself after being told what to do his whole life 0 he went to classes when he didn t need to 0 he went to marriage very quickly 0 he is SO admit that he wants to marry her 0 part of the counterculture was to go against what your parents wanted Divorce was not a thing of that time 0 if you got pregnant you got married 0 marriage was a trap back then and now its not 0 they have only kissed once maybe twice and they think they are going to be okay It was very impulsive Ben was emotionally stupid and is he a nice guy 0 a bit of a douche I strip club There is no scene when he is in total control was fearful in the beginning walks rigidity there is so much lack of focus nothing he does is thought out tantrum instead of romantic gesture Berkeley there was no indication of what was actually going on at that time riding off into the 603 they are the only two contrary characters Elaine seemed to be in the same place as ben mentally 0 they are both confused 0 both indecisive 0 only got married because her parents made her 0 ben was the spontaneous he was her key out of the world that she lived 000 00000 I after they ran away they seemed lost again it got less interesting when Mrs Robinson was out of the picture 0 the chemistry between them was better 0 it got boring because they had to be opposite of eachother older women cant sleep with younger men but not the other way around apathy and alienation 0 he didnt smoke and then he did like mrs Robinson 0 alcoholism and alcohol use was his parents generation plastics 0 plastic choking the ocean 0 term used about straight society I malleable l superficial and lacking of meaning no one listens to him in his parents generation 0 everytime they ask him if he wants a drink they give him something else 0 no talk after sex 0 he doesnt want to drink and they make him 0 when he chooses his drink he drinks beer affluence and emptiness O everyone was living well and it was boring O in the end they are rejecting the affluence O doesnt want to end up like her mom 0 live on little so you can do a lot when you cheat do you end it Q dishonest O and embarrassment older generation misleading the young as a man you will always say yes if the woman is attractive enough EVERYTHING ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS A ROLE REVERSAL The car gets him to where he needs to be to make all these rash decisions 0 red and foreign


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