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by: Lizzie Prow

History121 Hist121

Lizzie Prow
GPA 3.0
History of the US since reconstruction
Steven Leikin

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About this Document

History of the US since reconstruction
Steven Leikin
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This 10 page Bundle was uploaded by Lizzie Prow on Tuesday February 24, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Hist121 at San Francisco State University taught by Steven Leikin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 131 views. For similar materials see History of the US since reconstruction in History at San Francisco State University.


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Date Created: 02/24/15
Week 1 RECONSTRUCTION looking back from 1877 Q sharecropping 0 land owner leases out land plots to others who give a share of their crops to the owner 0 furnishing merchants O lent stuff to the former slaves then they put a lien rst pick on the future crop Q croplien system Q furnishing merchants took money they received on the crop and supposedly give remaining money to sharecroppers money left was after the subtraction of their owed from leased out items 0 orida north carolina and louisiana were at fault some with the president crisis between hayes and tilden led to comp of 1877 Q compromise of 1877 O repub gets presidency by promising they will no longer protect rights of blacks in the south states they are still end this of cially ended reconstruction radical reconstruction Q pen congressman thaddeus stevens pushing most for black rights kind of led rad recon Q remake south in image of the north 0 after they won pres repubs wanted the south to become like the north 0 free labour ideal O everyone has to work hard to win independence if you fail its your fault if you help someone too much then your are hurting them Q ambivalent republicans Q accomplishments l establish public edu l institutions for modern welfare I 0 new state gov 0 new constitution Q opposition O democratic party 0 Ku Klux Klan 1868 1871 amp 1915 O redeemer government 0 black experience of reconstruction 0 meaning of freedom 0 building community 0 edu I built schools 0 politics 0 sharecropping Civil War 0 13 amend 0 no state successions 0 800900 thousand soldiers and sailors died not including civilian casualties pop of us at that time 31 million Dred Scott 0 Dred Scott rst went to trial to sue for his freedom in 1847 Ten years later after a decade of appeals and court reversals his case was nally brought before the United States Supreme Court In what is perhaps the most infamous case in its history the court decided that all people of African ancestry slaves as well as those who were free could never become citizens of the United States and therefore could not sue in federal court The court also ruled that the federal government did not have the power to prohibit slavery in its territories Scott needless to say remained a slave Johnson 0 democrat Q tennessee senator stayed with union during war 0 racist 0 no desire to give rights past ending slavery to blacks Black Codespig laws 0 Immediately after the Civil War ended Southern states enacted quotblack codesquot that allowed African Americans certain rights such as legalized marriage ownership of property and limited access to the courts but denied them the rights to testify against whites to serve on juries or in state militias vote or start a job without the approval of the previous employer These codes were all repealed in 1866 when Reconstruction began Free labour ideal 0 every man should be able through hard work and virtuous behaviour accumulate land achieve the value that is independence Freedman39s bureau Q facilitated the transition for blacks put together by congress Jim Crow Laws equal rights above the law right to vote after 1874 every 20 years economic depression occurs 1877 reconstruction comes to an end redeemer governments southern succeeded states redeemed Dubois leading intellectuals in 20century rst black to get phd from harvard wrote rst book that challenged reconstruction formed basis for reconsideration for the era the slave went free stood for a brief moment in the sun then returned to being a slavequot meant a kind of independence from white control 1877 between civil war and 1900 0 end of reconstruction Q comp of 1877 Q explosion of working class railroad workers walk of from their jobs many died 0 industry grow quantitatively 0 output of manufactured goods tripled O 313 billion value of man fact goods increases 0 overall investment grew 165 billion 0 18701890 steel production increased from 68000 tons to 42 million Week 2 INDUST RIALIZAT ION AFT ER THE CIVIL WAR Rise of Big business 0 four characteristics of big business 0 large capital investment 0 high xed costs 0 Multisited and diversi ed O vertically integrated I all aspects one company I rst vert company were in the meat industry steel was next I owns stock yards slaughterhouse fridge packing l monopoly is horizontal 0 four contributing factors to the rise of big business 0 growth of cities 0 transportation infrastructure 0 communication infrastructure 0 technological infrastructure importance of railroads 0 new forms of organization 0 new forms of nances 0 market control Consequences 0 Experience of workers 0 knights of labor 0 a social movement 0 basic ideas behind it I Leonard Wheeler 0 Impact of industry on workers 0 fa rm to factory O skilled to semi or unskilled work Q dangerous conditions 0 segmented workforce 0 growth of knights labour structure and vision of organization selfhelp expansion 1886 GOOD I haymarket scare l red scare collapse of the knights O l impact clock towers ubiquitous to mill areas process of deskilling by civil war big business occurs long term price decline secular price decline adam smith rst capitalist ideabook economic scale railroads go under all goes under 1874 railroads go under because of the way they are nanced railroads go to wall street they are notoriously corrupt limited liabilityadvantage look up typical corporate ow chart to see what railroads created bureaucratic management pioneered by railroad companies I try to achieve market control through some sort of monopoly agreements called pool cartel I set prices I wages CI 18905 sherman antitrust act I challenged El courts said pools and cartels and trusts are illegal I corporate merger not illegal I merger becomes method of choice at tern of the century I southern paci c railroad owned transport in california basically so they dominated state gov and dominate the senate because senators were not popularly elected yet DDDDDDDDDDD M PACTS 1 big business helps end big island community in america 2 creation of huge entities created new sources of political and economic power 3 rise of big business created new middle class 4 altered nature of independencepower in america WEEK 3 The Settlement of the West 0 Myths and Realities Q The Turner Thesis 0 The closing of the frontier O The making of American character 0 Five Characteristics of the Migrations 0 Three Patterns of Migration O communitykinship O utopian 0 modern 0 The Economies of the West 0 Railroad 0 Mining 0 Ranching O Farming l plant wheat put on trains l growing commodities for sale 0 Myths of Personal Violence 0 vigilantes 0 Social Violence 0 anglo vs hispanicchinese O protestant vs catholic O The American Indian and US Policy l 3 policies 0 separation O pushes indian tribes westward towards great american desert today known as oklahoma trail of tears 1830s 0 concentration 0 reservations 0 results in great planes wars 1860s1870s Q americencitization 0 make them farmers 0 land distribution l dawe 5 general allotment act 1887 0 education I gov off reservation boarding schools 0 f irst of these schools established 1879 O C arlisle lndian El Historian FrederickJackson Turner believed that the strength and the vitality of the American identity lay in its land and vast frontier El kit carson 1849 in new mexico group of indians killed and took mrs white when they group was on the way to the gold rush carson and his men went to save her mrs white was found dead at the abandoned camp but carson did nd a book while looking that was about him portraying him as a hero he thinks he needs to live up to said image example of myth blending with reality in this case the myth formed the reality I buffalo bill real person he was a showman traveling present the wild west to people who were not there leaves his show is a guide for the military little big horn occurred with custard bill prepares for battle with his cavalry against a group of indians bill goes hand to hand with yellow hand and scalps him all while wearing his showman clothes set it up so the reality would be perfect for the stage kept scalp preserved for show I frederick jackson turner s ideas about the west were so in uential and long lasting and he was completely wrong the signi cance of the frontier in american history 1893 1890 census showed there is no longer open space frontier left continuous recession is receding was euro american settlrs move westward explains what america is Turner Thesis El native americans part of savage landscape El middling sector I economy doing well they have money they move I mostly men in mining camps I follow the latitude of origin WEEK 4 Strategies for Black Advancement 0 Controversy between Booker T Washington and WEB DuBois 0 Separation BTW vs integration DuBois O separartion l nationalist l BTW acconomist 0 Conditions of life following Reconstruction 0 14th amendment l birthright citizenship l equal protection under the law I due process 0 15th amendment l the right of citizens of the US to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the US or any state on account of race colour or previous condition of servitude 0 Civil rights act 1875 I couldnt be denied access to public things on account of race 0 US vs Cruikshank 1876 l 14th amend only applies to the actions of states not individuals 0 Civil Rights Case 1883 l pool of related cases testing constitutionality of civil rights act of 1875 and rules it unconstitutional market interference by gov not ok 0 Plessy vs Ferguson 1896 l separate but equal l laws separating races doesn t break 14th amendment as long as their equal l jim crow separation 0 Williams vs Mississippi 1898 l literacy test I disfranchisement taking away right to vote I poll tax 0 individual tax needed to pay to vote 0 didnt pay one year it didnt go away youd have to pay for the years you didnt vote before ends 1964 24th amendment Florida only southern state to support it I grandfather clause 0 got white voters around literary test 0 even congress couldnt support declared unconstitutional in 1915 0 Louisiana voting white and black numbers due to their various laws I 1897w164000b130000 1900 w125000b5320 1904w91000b1342 Q Booker T Washington 0 Bio l born a slave l 9 when emancipation occurs went with mother to join father at coal mine I attended hampton institute Q teaches skills 0 armstrong and washington bond 0 1881 armstrong contacted by alabama to open school there and he recomend washington alabama says ok gives him money and says go to tuskegee and build a school the Tuskegee Institute has students build the rst building with a kiln he has built for the students to bake the bricks for the buildings modeled after hampton institute in every way except the teachers are black he befriends the rich and gets them to fund it 0 Ideas l The Atlanta Compromise 1895 0 thanks audience for inviting him then he promises them that AA were mistaken in taking the actions they did during reconstruction 0 AA should have thrown down their buckets and worked their way up 0 he wasn t going to challenge seg as long as economics move forward 0 WEB DuBois 0 Bio l born in mass after war I grew up in argy white town town helped pay for his schooling l family hadnt been slaves for years I goes to Fisk University then Harvard l immersed in an all black surrounding I rst real socioogica ideas and comments about AA l Niagra Movement I The Souls of Black Folk 0 Ideas l Social and political equality l The Talented Tenth El era of lynching 18891899 I average 187 per year 45 in south vast majority black victims El every other day in that decade was a lynching other way to look at it I continued into 20th century but with lower numbers


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