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Chapter 3 Notes

by: Clara Kerrone

Chapter 3 Notes MKTG 468

Clara Kerrone
GPA 3.3
Public Policy and Marketing
Ioannis Kareklas

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About this Document

Public Policy and Marketing
Ioannis Kareklas
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Clara Kerrone on Thursday February 26, 2015. The Bundle belongs to MKTG 468 at Washington State University taught by Ioannis Kareklas in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views.


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Date Created: 02/26/15
Ch 3 Discovering Keys to Success Tuesday January 27 2015 142 PM Why social marketing is dif cult Deal with huge social issues 0 For decades 0 Competition is better equipped 0 Resources experience distribution 0 Competition companies promoting combat behaviors Fitness companies vs fast food companies 0 Few incentives in short term 0 Tell people to wear a condom and they wont contract AIDS but if they never get aids they wont know it was from condoms Need help from partners 0 Politicians police of cers health care providers etc Principles for Success 0 Take advantage of prior and existing successful campaigns 0 Social marketers collaborate with each other not compete 0 Example dog waste in big cities To respond to this cities joined efforts and created quotScoop the Poopquot campaign 0 Start with target markets most ready for action 0 Convince those that may be inconsistently doing the behavior those that are most likely to comply 0 Ideal characteristics for a target segments someone who already has a wantneedproblem and needs a solution 1 Someone who wants to cut their water usage and bill will 0 Someone who already knows about the downsides Self ef cacy and response ef cacy 1 Believe in their own power to do something and believes in the bene ts of the action 0 People who are already engaged in the behavior but isn39t very consistent Promote single simple doable behaviors one at a time o More likely to in uence consumers to do the behavior 0 MaGrath the Crime dog combats crime since the 19805 that provides simple and clear tips to follow to prevent cyber crime 0 Identify and remove barriers to the behavior change 0 Why hasn39t someone been successful before 0 Focus groups and interviews can help identify barriers 0 Ex trying to reduce traf c and cars on the road Creating carpool websites etc 0 Bring real bene ts into the present 0 Bring real valued targets to the consumer and have it occur sooner rather than later 0 Ex smoke alarms save lives BECAUSE they wake you up and keep you from dying of smoke inhalation Highlight costs of competing behaviors 0 Point out the things that are wrong with their competitors Promote tangible goods and services to help target audiences perform the behavior 0 Free or discounted nicotine patches an 800 number to provide help with quitting support groups 0 This can help target audience continue the behavior for long amount of time Consider non monetary incentives in the form of recognition and appreciation o Thanking people for doing the right thing 0 Ecolabels reward companies that produce less harmful products Make access easy 0 Make adoption of behavior you39re promoting easy for people 0 Organ donation choose to do it when you get your license Everyone is exposed to this and are likely to do it but not as likely to go nd the way to sign up for it otherwise Have a little fun with messages 0 Use humor to create memorability and grab attention 0 Can back re if in poor taste Use media channels at the point of decision making 0 Trying to make people choose healthier options when eating out give people discount coupons in the food court for the healthier options Hit them right at the decision time and place That39s when the message will be most effective Try for popular entertainment media 0 Using a celebrity or sports gure to promote 0 Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter Get commitments and pledges o Texting and driving campaigns 0 Want people to recycle If you tell one group to recycle and don39t say anything to another those who say they would have tried when told are more likely to recycle more 0 Second only to behavioral patterns 0 Getting a commitment does have a measurable effect on their behavior Use prompts for sustainability o Remind them that they should be doing something 0 Back to Sleep campaign that ghts SIDS reminds parents to put their kids to sleep on their back and swaddle them to prevent movement and choking on a blanket Create plans for social diffusion o Attempt to describe how behaviors and social ideas spread among a population and nd ways to facilitate positive word of mouth 0 Try to get people to walk to and from the grocery store Invented the collapsable shopping cart to help people have a way to get their groceries home 0 Track results and make adjustments 0 All successful campaigns monitor their progress and make adjustments as needed GO GIRLS advocacy group that wanted to convince modeling ads and retailers that there should be more diverse body types in the media because it is reducing the self esteem of real life girls to only see idealized body types Then changed their plan and only went after retail stores and convinced them to put clothes under clothes on mannequin to make full gured appearance


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