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Chapter 4 Notes

by: Clara Kerrone

Chapter 4 Notes MKTG 468

Clara Kerrone
GPA 3.3
Public Policy and Marketing
Ioannis Kareklas

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About this Document

Public Policy and Marketing
Ioannis Kareklas
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Clara Kerrone on Thursday February 26, 2015. The Bundle belongs to MKTG 468 at Washington State University taught by Ioannis Kareklas in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views.


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Date Created: 02/26/15
Ch 4 Determining Research Needs amp Options Thursday February 5 2015 217 PM Common myths regarding MKTG research I39m already doing enough research 0 Doing more research almost always helps you out 0 Environment changes often Research is only for big decisions 0 Can give a lot of insights 0 Sometimes big decisions don39t need that much research maybe you39ve already done it a few times before and have already researched Market research is simply conducting surveys and surveys are expensive 0 Social marketers use focus groups and interviews more than they do surveys o Surveys are some of the cheapest way to do research Most research is a waste o If not conducted properly yes it is a waste 0 Ahdkba Research terminology iResearch characterized by research objectivei Exploratory 0 Get some preliminary info 0 Descriptive 0 Describe the various factors that drive the target audiences behaviors o Lifestyles demographics attitudes Causal 0 Test cause and affect relationships 0 Compare to hypothesis iResearch Characterized by stage in the planningiprocessi Formative research 0 What strategy would work best for what audience 0 Quantitative and Qualitative 0 Primary and secondary 0 Ex in 2002 around 80 of Washingtonians wore seat belts They took data and found the most vulnerable populations which were teenagers and men 1824 Created focus groups for this demographic and found out that the message of the slogan currently being used was too soft Pretest 0 Evaluate different strategies found in formative research o Showed the focus groups new ideas for slogan and decided on the quotclickit or ticketquot campaign Monitoring 0 Research conducted throughout the social campaign to assess outcomes how successful is it o Analyzed tickets by police news media coverage Evaluation 0 Final eval of campaign after it is nished 0 Compare benchmarks for desired result and actual result 0 Ended with 96 of drivers in WA wearing their seatbelt lResearch Characterized by Source of lnformationl Secondary 0 Collecting info that already exists 0 Journal articles news articles research studies etc 0 Use a database like Lexis Nexus 0 Pros Don39t need to spend money the data is already collected 0 Immediately available 0 Time and Money 0 Cons lnaccuracy Old Primary 0 Your own research 0 Pro You know it is reliable and up to date 0 Cons take a long time and cost money lResearch characterized bmpproaches to collectingiprimary datal Key informant interviews 0 Technical expert on the topic in question 0 Could help you interpret secondary data 0 Interviewing a smoker when studying smoking 0 Translate info into plain english Focus groups 0 612 people usually 0 Make sure the people are part of your target demographic o 12 hours sessions usually paid very well 100hr 0 Result in statements that can be converted to numbers Surveys 0 Widely used in academic commercial and social research 0 Collect data from a lot of people 0 Larger sampe more accurate information Experiments 0 Bene t is having a lot of control of the environment 0 Observational Research 0 Test toys this way 0 Must not know they are being watched or they will act differently Ethnographic research 0 People know they are being observed 0 Join a group that you want to observe and become a part of that group for a certain duration of time 0 Used a lot in commercial and academic not so much social 0 Observe motorcycle water rafting communities star trek groupies etc 0 Mystery Shoppers o Asked to go to restaurant and pretend to be a regular customer get meal paid for then ll out survey 0 Pretend to be unemployed go to unemployment of ce and see how treated lResearch characterized by techniquel Quantitative 0 Answer in numbers predict cause and affect 0 Pro very reliable Qualitative 0 Small number of participants so not as reliable 0 Follow up questions help identify underlying issues 0 Personal interviews focus groups etc


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