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after the civil war

by: Bryanna Lipscy

after the civil war THIST 212b

Bryanna Lipscy
University of Washington Tacoma
GPA 3.54
Military History
Flyod Churchill

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About this Document

from the period after the civil war to before the the Spanish american war
Military History
Flyod Churchill
75 ?




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This 7 page Bundle was uploaded by Bryanna Lipscy on Friday February 27, 2015. The Bundle belongs to THIST 212b at University of Washington Tacoma taught by Flyod Churchill in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 83 views. For similar materials see Military History in History at University of Washington Tacoma.

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Date Created: 02/27/15
Military history 8 End of the civil war Even today antimilitary opinion Why spend money on military over domestic help 1866 Still appreciation of military Congress tries to keep peace time force Congress cuts force in half Navy and army take losses Obsolete ships are maintained what is cheaper is chosen over what is safe Military industrial complex America goes through industrial revolution Rich invest in themselves making them richer Convolute with politicians Creates monopolies and trusts We are cheap because we don39t want to lose money only invest in what makes us richer Marriage of military leadership business leaders and politics Europeans battle with themselves Politicians go for cheap options American interests shift from navy to army Focus on protections merchants and economy Population east to west coasts Slowly occupy the midlands Navy moved to wooden ships Steam engines cost too much The wooden ships run on the winds Many countries scaled back Internal struggle and engineer line of cers Army task to go west Sparked by movement and exploration 7 rules To protect wagon trails Protect railroad construction crews Open new roads Chart unexplored regions Man coastal forts Fought lndian wars lmprove rivers and harbors have always done this Indian quotwarsquot The soux American Prussians Expansionists Feel they have been chosen to take over Became the best at ghting 6 regiments forced to hold back the natives Culture not understood posed problems 3 battles San creek established brutality Little big horn 1876 white arrogance Gold is discovered in black hills ensuing gold rush Homestead act opened territory by sector Designed to keep whites out Start of reserve system putting lndians on reserves Try to Europeanize the natives Wounded knee 1890 ends the plains lndians war Factors Diseases kill off more natives than ghting Whites were more prepared Getting natives to stand and ght Achieve decisive battles Little big horn june 1876 Personal hubris jealousy and arrogance Personal hubris offered to ght elsewhere The reserve pride against natives Little bighorn was actually 900 little skirmishes Wounded Knee Still sensitive subject to natives Like Boston massacre one person red and it caused a landslide of events Natives ed Barb wired sections of land and cattle drives to prevent natives from invading Slaughter of buffalo killing from need to pleasure 1890 end date of ghting army declines and consolidates down Reconstruction When we came out of civil war there were no constraints Confederates stepped into leadership Created Jim crow laws to exclude blacks Militias ex confederates 0 Killed blacks and sued the government for damages Johnson became president was pro slavery 1857 Reconstruction act lmpose military structure to help south Controlled by military general Union gains control of the south Kkk southern revolt against union reconstruction began in 1867 in Tennessee KKK disappear in 1870 but remained in the back ground just were less active 1876 Democrats and republicans tie in to Electoral College Corrupt bargain for votes if military left Florida and North Carolina the south would vote in a republican the northern candidate State militias change into national gaurds but stay state controlled Control riots and help with natural disasters lmperialism form of colonization Spanish American war Uss Maine sank in Havania causing the start of the war and american imperialism Navy modernizes before the army Europe leads the way American navy starts to become a great power Alfred theyer wrote in uence of sea power quothe who controls the water controls the worldquot Starts technological care in the navy Army creates USME military schools emerge the idea of excessive civilian control creates military weakness National irrational fear creates a fear of a standing army System we have creates inadequate preparation Our ultimate success has caused an illusion to believe out military to be correct Chapter 9 Period of transition of American isolationism to imperialism 1898 US ship uss Maine exploding in havanna harbor Journalists claim the sinking to be a Spanish plot Only 20 years ago did we realize that it was an internal accident and had happened twice before We rst looked at Cuba long before the Spanish american war all the way back to the civil war when the south looked at it as a possible slave state Manifest destiny 1898 we now have a navy power to expand out in uence of power to take cuba In this time the army and navy ract differently to the Spanish american war Impact of yellow journalism Sensationalist papers provoketive Gained civil support for the war Focused on cuba sind 1895 when the Cubans uprose against the Spanish Economic pressures Threat to US to Cuban trade quotImperialist aperiratonsquot pr were we just providnign a colonist perspective We didn39t understand what we were doing by taking cuba We also gained unintentionally the Philipines 3 events drive into war USS Maine sunk Threat to US citizens in algerculture Stolen letter from Spanish interceded and given to journalists containing insults to president and lack of will to work with the Cubans Spain declares war on US 2 days later US declares war on Spanish McKinley becomes a good commander in chief in war time Takes control in white house war room Limited war strategy Preferential strategy attack Spain colonies instead ofjust the mother country go spread spain thin Acts as go between army and navy Spain military set up Start in 1500 Loss of ships in war caused a mental break down of spain and in slowly weakened form then on We fought the remnants and are the nail to end the Spanish empire Their navy was old small and antique war was amily fought by the navy on both sides Mid march 1998 we get ready to ght by sending out naval ships and preparing merchant charters Stocking ammunitions and alerts ships in asia and japan to get ready for war Stoploss idea to take those whose enlistments were ending and automatically renewing them in the war time to stop personel losses Look to attack and retain control command of the sea Roosevelt deploys into 5 squads Asian squad Northern patrol protect northeast Northern atlantic protect the key west Auxiliary protect the ports on the east coast Flying squadron protect ports Commanders hated the divided command and there was no squad degsigated to protect cuba Politics plays signi cant role in how we structure the military Army Leadership is not a good Not as well funded as the navy Internal battle between the national guard and the army The guard has my representatives as they are state reps The army had no representatives in lesgiature April 22 d bill passed for war Allowes for small federally funded and controlled army force of volunteers Mobilization problems army expects 63 thousands president wants 105 thousand people ready to go to war Regular army is not prepared Reservists are sent to chattanuga Logistics were not gured out lnexperienced projection from army National guard for the rst time is mobilized nationally and sent to war Guard is not prepared War department typically will screw up at rst then regroup and learn to ght well


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