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Unit 2

by: Courtney Stevenson

Unit 2 HD 300

Courtney Stevenson
GPA 2.78
Child Abuse and Neglect
Margaret Young

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About this Document

Child Abuse and Neglect
Margaret Young
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This 2 page Bundle was uploaded by Courtney Stevenson on Sunday March 1, 2015. The Bundle belongs to HD 300 at Washington State University taught by Margaret Young in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views.


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Date Created: 03/01/15
Unit 2 Sexual Abuse Andrew Vachss Interview In order to forgive you must 3 types of offenders What is a chicken hawk The perpetrator identi es and threatens what The least safe place for a child TofeelisToactis Children of the secret Crime for which you are least likely to be arrested Oprah law Introduction More juveniles are offending 0 About 50 of victims report their offender was under 20 yrs old 0 5070 of perps begin offending in their teens Females molested outside of home 0 15 of strangers were perps Pedophilia Term derived from two Greek words 0 Philia love 0 Pedekitos young children Individuals who have a sexual interest in children Often choose careers that put them in contact with children 0 Teachers scout leaders camp counselors Hang out in places where children congregate 0 Parks theatres amusement parks arcades Seek relationships with children 0 View children as nonconflictual partners easier for them to relate to children rather than adults 0 Think they can satisfy their emotional needs Start offending early Many don t limit their offences to one type of victim multiple paraphilias No one typical child molester personality pro le 0 Present with a number of personality styles and psychopathology Pedophilia may have biological basis 0 Gene c 0 Hormonal o Endocnne Offenders tend to prohect blame and fail to take responsibility for their actions 0 5 levels of denial Denial of fact Denial of responsibility Denial of sexual intent Denial of wrongfulness Denial of selfdetermination Treatment Effectiveness of treatment questioned 0 Behavior may be altered underlying pathology resistant to treatment General consensus is that pedophilia cannot be quotcuredquot Recidivism rates Types 0 Lower for those who have been treated 0 Rates increase over time Preference molester xated 0 Longterm interest in children 0 Become emotionally involved with children 0 Ineffective in adult relationships 0 Often acts out fanatasies Mysopedic offender o Vicious o Offends for the thrill Child rapist 0 May mutilate and murder the victim lnfantophile o Attracted to children under age 2 Hebothe o Attracted to pubescent children either sex Types of Preference Molesters Pedarists o Pederasty abuse of boys by an older male Sexually function as adolescents Attracted to youthfulness of their victims See themselves as protectors mentors and friends Assume that victims can give informed consent John Wayne Gacy Consider their activity normal All types view their victims as objects 0 NAMBLA North American Man Boy Love Association 0000 00


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