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Chapter 17 Lecture Notes

by: Carly Rasmussen

Chapter 17 Lecture Notes Chem 1066

Marketplace > University of Minnesota > Chemistry > Chem 1066 > Chapter 17 Lecture Notes
Carly Rasmussen
U of M
GPA 3.93
Chemical Principles II
Dr. Driessen

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About this Document

Here's the lecture notes for Chapter 17- good luck with the studying!
Chemical Principles II
Dr. Driessen
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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Carly Rasmussen on Sunday March 1, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Chem 1066 at University of Minnesota taught by Dr. Driessen in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 138 views. For similar materials see Chemical Principles II in Chemistry at University of Minnesota.

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Date Created: 03/01/15
Equilibrium and KC K1 X Y constant concentration of both reactants and products dynamic equilibrium where reactants turning into products at same rate as products back to reactants Xeqconstant and Yeqconstant Example 1 K1 CO rT K1 3H2 F CH4 H20 Larger constant faster initial rate Consistent plateau of number of H53 1 mnlcl lpmlilihrillm K1K1 Forward reaction rate V 1 and reverse reaction rate are e air 5quot the same ICE tabIe all changes related to the stoichiometry of reaction C0 2 2r 394 3 Initial 100mo ou0mol u u Change x 3x x x Equilibrium 100x 3003x x x Initial problemsbasic problems will give one vaIue for example 0387mol H20 at equilibrium CO JIIZ LI39I4 20 Initial 100mo 300mo O u Change x 3x x x Equilibrium 100x 3003x x x Equilibrium 0613mol 1839 0387 0387 Example 2 Changing initial values will change equilibrium numbers must know one concentrationone value of moIes C0 2 2 l4 3 Initial 200mo l ou0mol l u I u Change X 3X X X Equilibrium 200X1522 300 XO478 0478 3X1566 Assume we have a 1L container in both equations Know molLljknow the concentrations of each of the molecules KcproductsC Sta treactantsConstant all these ratios will be consistent c means concentration Z iO478iiO478i 6 Not plugging in molarity ratio Example 1 Part 25 Kc 1522H1566l3 0391 of molarity to standard statelj 10M 0387ll0387l EX H2H210M Example 2 Part 2 KC 0 613H1 839 O393 Difference in experiment values is due to error unit less values for K 14th CdD K L General Equation a C D CAaBb How much is there of a given substance when we have reached equilibrium Example 3 Determine the equilibrium constant expression for 2N027H2 2NH34H20 NH3l2iH20l4 N02l2iH2l7 C Equilibrium s Relationship to Kinetics N204 2N02 gt must assume to be elementary stepsquotlt Ratefkl N204 RatereVk l N022 Ratio of forward and reverse reaction rate constants Kck1k 1 Example 4 Calculate 2HZS 0100m012H2SZ g V100L N H2 00285 Find KcH22SZHZS2 00143m01 2 00715m01HZS Kp Gasphase Equilibrium Constant Express in terms of pressures PVnRT PnVRT nV Partial pressure information PTPAPBPC PAnARTV Chi AnantPAPT Example COg3H2gCH4gH20 CO 3H2 CH4 H20 Equilibrium 0613mol 1839 0387 0387 Divide by 10L 00613mol 01839 00387 00387 Pressure atm 150 450 0947 0947 Pco061300821298K100L150atm Kc Kc 392 KpPPPP 65610 to whatever Related by a factor aAbBCCdD PnVRT KP m CourseCHEM 1062 Cher X It mediamillclaumnedL 4 X mThomas Mark PhDDe X E FragileXmental retardati X 7 if 3 C i B mediamillclaumnedumediamiIIembedqt199277 Q 3 Apps UMNl Academics Music Recipes Visual Media Written Media 9 n 39 u n A H 7 39 l I I gt Other bOOkmarkS Thismediaisonlyaccess alea erXSOOlogin E PG 6 v 0 v a LeCture1739dOCX Eword E El X 39 r v H E h I E HOM INSER DESIG PAGE REFER MAlLl REVlE VIEW ADDil ACRO DESIGN Carly Ras39 13 gt 1 W a V y I L EEI Outline E8 z r EINewWindow DD DE 3 Draft 7 E A All D E rrange I Switch Macros H Elspllt Window539 Views Zoom Window Macros A Read Print Web Show Zoom 100 Mode Layout Layout 39 Related by a factor aA bB CC dD PCCPDd P PA PBquot CCD l PCCPDd PmVlRT KP AWEb P PAaPBb PAGE40F4 352 WORDS l8 ENGLISH UNITED STATES a o 78 i 2 5 gt3 3 lr 1 is Sums of reactions and Kc Adding reactions together to form an overall reaction CO2HZSDCSZH20H2 Kc Don t have data about overall reaction but have data about related reactions CO3H2CH4H20 K1392 CH42HZSDCSZ4H2 K233104 Make sure that they add up to one another don t add them upleULTIPLY K1 K2 K1K2


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