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Neehr Perfect Scavenger Hunt

by: Hannah McGoldrick

Neehr Perfect Scavenger Hunt NUR 304

Marketplace > Nursing and Health Sciences > NUR 304 > Neehr Perfect Scavenger Hunt
Hannah McGoldrick

GPA 3.5
Fundamentals Adult Health 1
Carmen Presti

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About this Document

Activity that is assigned to help you practice using the EHR - Electronic Health Record Answers are included
Fundamentals Adult Health 1
Carmen Presti
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Hannah McGoldrick on Tuesday March 3, 2015. The Bundle belongs to NUR 304 at a university taught by Carmen Presti in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 1039 views.

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Date Created: 03/03/15
W 1 Scavenger Hunt neehr m ili I perfectf EHR Navigation Recommended prerequisites 1 Neehr Perfect Student or Instructor User Guide 2 Scavenger Hunt Activity User Guide Available for faculty in theCommunity 3 Getting Started video tutorials What you need to Know Before You Begin Signing in to the EHR and Important Elements of an EHR Objectives 1 Demonstrate the technical skills necessary to access an EHR system and troubleshoot and resolve access dif culties 2 Locate patient name and open correct record using patient lookup and management of personalized patient lists 3 Navigate essential information viewing areas of a patient electronic medical chart including a Cover or Summary Page b Clinical Alerts and Clinical Reminders c Problem list management d Provider order entry e Medication List f Lab and Diagnostic Results g Notes and Report retrieval 1 Archetype Innovations LLC 2012 Level Scavenger Hunt EHR Navigation v28 V Scavenger Hunt neehr m quotI lillll EHR NaV39gatlon i Document a sample templated note in the EHR Assignment Sign in to the EHR and search for patient ltFaculty enter patient name here before distributing to studentsgt Double click on the patient name once selected hit OK to open the record Use the Scavenger Hunt User Guide to help you answer the following questions and complete the activities Cover Sheet Activities 1 Who is the patient39s emergency contact Smith Robert 2 What ward was this patient admitted to Inpatient Unit 3 What is the patient39s allergy and what is the reaction Stress Formula SampS confusion anxiety dreaming increased nervousness agitation 4 What was the last set of Vitals recorded T 101 F P 99 R 22 BP 13085 5 What is this patient39s BMI Is this within normal limits 4216 no 6 Does the patient have a Clinical Reminder related to her BMI If so what is it quotYour BMI is 27 or higher This means you are overweight and should consider working on reducing your weight Please discuss with your primary care team any questions you have about resources available to you to help you lose weigh 7 What is this patient39s active problem Knowledge De cit Problem List Tab 1 Open the active problem detail and follow the instructions found in the Problem comments What are all of the patient39s problems active inactive and removed a Active Knowledge De cit b Inactive Activity Intolerance c Removed Failure to introduce or to remove other tube or instrument Anxiety 2 Archetype Innovations LLC 2012 Level Scavenger Hunt EHR Navigation v28 v Scavenger Hunt neehr ll Ill lillll L L EHR Navigation Meds List Tab 1 The Meds Tab is empty because the medication orders have expired for this patient 2 Go to Orders Tab for medication orders a What are the patient39s scheduled unit dose medications and what are the patient39s PRN medications i Scheduled Unit Dose Medications 1 Folic Acid Tab 1mg PO Daily 2 Erythromycin IN 1GM1VIAL SQ daily 1 GM 10 mL give 1 12 GM daily 3 Diphenhydramine CAP oral 25 MG PO QlZH ii Patient39s PRN 1 Acetaminophen 325 MG Tab 325 MG PO Q46H PRN b Does this patient have any IV uids ordered If so what is the uid and rate Yes i Cefazolin IN 1 GM in Sodium Chloride 09 IN 50 mLhr with total volume 50 mL ii Dextrose 5 in water IN SOLN 1000 mL 150 mLhr with total volume 1 L Orders Tab 1 Notice that medication orders also appear in the orders list Double click on the medication orders and read the detail What does BCMA stand for according to the details found in one of the medication orders Bar Code Medication Administration 2 Double click on any of the nursing orders to read the order detail What quotTreating Specialtyquot is listed Medical Observation Notes Tab 1 Review the Progress Note dated August 10 2010 What is the quotDate of Notequot August 10th 2010 2 What date and time was the note dated August 10 2010 actually entered How do you know August 2339 2010 It is listed under quotEntry Datequot 3 Write a New Note for this patient Select your instructor as the cosigner and choose the note template called NURS MEDSURG PROGRESS NOTE Chart silly fake information in your note The point is to get used to how these templates work When you are nished with the template choose quotFinishquot and select the patient39s correct provider if prompted Rightclick on the body of your new note to quotSign Nowquot My favorite movie is Love Actually 3 Archetype Innovations LLC 2012 Level I Scavenger Hunt EHR Navigation v28 V Scavenger Hunt neehr m Ill lillll i EHR Navigation MY favorite genre of music is country 4 Print your note from the EHR by following the instructions in the Progress Note titled quotPRINTING A NOTEquot Optional Consults Tab optional 1 Who ordered this consult and who will complete this consult a Requesting Provider Doctor One b To be completed by Doctor Two 2 What was the provisional diagnosis for this consult a Needs Practice 3 Has the consult been completed a Completed DC Summary Tab 1 Was an order placed for this discharge a Yes 2 This discharge summary has not been linked to the hospital admission on the Cover Sheet According to the information provided in the text of the discharge summary should it have been a Yes Labs Tab 1 What was the oldest lab in this record and when was it collected Glucose 8212010 2 Select quotALL TESTS BY DATEquot from the left hand side menu You will notice a date range menu appears in the lower left hand corner Select TODAY What labs appear Now select ALL RESULTS and list the labs that appean a Today quotno data addedquot b Potassium 44 8232010 Cholesterol 280 H 8232010 Hemoglobin ALC 61 8232010 Glucose 109 8232010 Glucose 300 H 8212010 3 Select quotGRAPHquot from the left hand side menu Graph a lab or vital sign then check the box next to quotSplit Viewquot and graph another What did you graph and what did it show HNT be sure to select the correct date range or quotall resultsquot to graph Select quotSettingsquot in the Graph area to chang graph viewing options 4 Archetype Innovations LLC 2012 Level I Scavenger Hunt EHR Navigation v28 Scavenger Hunt EHR Navigation 1n II D L a I graphed potassium and glucose By checking off the quotsplit viewquot box on the graph it showed glucose on the top graph and potassium on the bottom graph These charts graphed the levels compared to the normal ranges The amount was on the yaxis and the date of the lab was the xaxis 4 Reports Tab Optional 1 Under quotAVAILABLE REPORTSquot expand quotCLINICAL REPORTSquot Expand quotORDERSquot and select quotORDERS CURRENTquot If there are no Current Orders select quotORDER SUMMARY FOR A DATE RANGEquot in the lower left box quotDATE RANGEquot click on Date Range In the popup box the beginning date will be the date of the patient39s admission and the end date will be the date you are doing the Scavenger Hunt Highlight one of the orders listed and follow the printing instructions provided in the Notes Tab to print the order OPTIONAL Highlight one of the orders listed and press CtrlA on your keyboard to highlight all orders listed Now print out the entire list Exit the Chart 1 Open the top FILE Menu in the upper left hand corner of the screen Select quotEXITquot Congratulations You have completed the EHR Navigation Scavenger Hunt 5 Archetype Innovations LLC 2012 Level Scavenger Hunt EHR Navigation v28


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