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chapter 19 notes

by: kathleen Dunleavy

chapter 19 notes CHEM 241B

kathleen Dunleavy
Organic Chemistry II - Lecture

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About this Document

carboxylic acids and acidity of the OH bond
Organic Chemistry II - Lecture
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This 8 page Bundle was uploaded by kathleen Dunleavy on Tuesday March 10, 2015. The Bundle belongs to CHEM 241B at University of Arizona taught by in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 107 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry II - Lecture in Chemistry at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 03/10/15
ICHAPTER 1 CAKBDXYUC Am 3 mum 0 THE 0H BOND s Ej39tmhuiuquot t I o 0 39 M lunar 3 4 W 39 u 41L K Ugn tx g CH c L H w m ui M v 0H W Maggy W39 Jqumw Pt k W39 5Way W c Q N 39 mum 139 000R 39 t Wag 3 NW 39 39 W tubuxym mi 1 Wm mm mm muf WMM Cf CH A I o Lnxinl m cHCHL LU r I cH cutn c c 7 a g 1 DH Lj T WT L thc C s c1 QM am 41w H I htium39lm m L5 4 9C IN NF iiu m H ergy LMH cooH A quhkmm grLox7lic M 1 5 539 m c do t m t 0 lie mwwm mHUmeW Mum U a urith a39CW t 00H B mm mu 1 o L 1 Algnu Emma nu LcHCHH H3 LQH Ex 0 dimil 2W W mu add L W W 9 0 0 n m U i 4 1 L WWW H0 on WV V H quot Dim am 941 W WM 11ij quotWm Luhnj l HmMnm m v I LM 5 3 J39 W10 39 I 139 A A E x 5 E E Ah 3 i sh 39839 mar 1 LVo39H quot 4 R o H mi v L 39uigprthmal HW DVMM H9 0H 0mm LL r I I A M mixmm r MudWAX 1 U m lug N139DH Na39ncucuz M H39 39 1 39 39 39 v v If 39 ILL L Au A AAA CLCHQJH W m 5 I M V r meL iquot 4910 WW L Wm M W RMM HmsoH Wm Hm Mbufgm mmum war d My aw I 39 I I O 0 I L I LLKAAH 4 L XAA quotI A M I Y 1 f AA 44111 LI LL 39 A I c AIMAAA vIIAquot39 mdAu ALA c i I j 39 1 o f a 39 I 39 44 l Vlelu ML 1 I I a 39 I a A 4 14 4 AU ALIAAAJHKM ALL 1A4 AUL4L AL A 39 m 39 AAJIL JIL AAL quotLA AA I39AAL1AL V LL A W 114 39L J ALAJhJLI In a D It39un Jug W W 39 J 39w39 pull J O I l A I A r l AA 2 mm a WM l I WM quot 1 l I e39udoyg dnq 39 391 Mlvu 39hq WW E 5mg quot Lm ACIDIC X Ex FCDr1 wag 7 A H u 1 ran 99quot d vi lh Mont a gmtf 599quot f V Mlch a g 0 LI E a 3 FD L L CH3 Colq fol n7l erwF 1 r mumemmhic acid 939 T5014 inking MW 39 39 AM W KJngL 7w fm j lt zwy x o F g quot7 K K 3 quot O39H CH3 0quotH LO 0 I 0 v wqauuuamp nooH mm 4p mull4 Mam amm mw 90 c c VM mam mm Wmzn MW Wkwmmwm mamm in o W g1 WA W1quot 13739 Mn r n 4 Cuu HULU E H C II fl M W T pumaml fu Wn 1 1 4W e M We ONH W W and WWW Mm All LEW M m m ampM WALMWAMMLML 39 mif Mung MC60H3MM v J J cooGV39W 1quot b H N EH m H f3 in H m 2 L quot39 quot Mm W7 IR w u39x f m JXF LMLIL LELMML mg m 2 m of an mm and A Ammonium mh w alum u mM twmtvim ghrjpmlm Mm I w G O A H 39 H kw 1 U u d mnlf uw MW mYuim 39 139 u u r a mi 30 Lime ED ommngwWngW 1 a M v 5519 m 4 1006 QOOG We HTm c H n 39 v 1 MW 1 quot r11 rLl bquot DTT m 3935 W TC WW m 1 MI I 9m Em U3 Us 2 m shaman 39 A 3 55 gr 9 mm AM f AW 0 thrm Ax d lh lu AAAA


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