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MacIntyre Ethics

by: Megan Foy

MacIntyre Ethics philosophy 103 Intro to Ethics

Megan Foy
GPA 3.57
philosophy 103 Intro to Ethics
Robert Vaughn

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About this Document

philosophy 103 Intro to Ethics
Robert Vaughn
75 ?




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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Megan Foy on Thursday March 12, 2015. The Bundle belongs to philosophy 103 Intro to Ethics at Washington State University taught by Robert Vaughn in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 137 views.


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Date Created: 03/12/15
IVIacIntyre Wednesday February 252015 105 PM Virtue ethics PRACTICE 0 Our virtues o Honesty o Moderation o Extravagance o Wit 0 Accountability 0 Pa ence Who demonstrates virtues that we look to 0 Parents 0 George Washington 0 Oprah 0 Forrest Gump 0 Jesus 0 Developmental process only happens in one way 1 Practice I Do things 39 Do things weH III What are people adding here in order to do something well 2 Narrative of an individual life what story do I have to tell 39 Period of time create effects 3 Recognize societal values norms 39 See what it is to be good as a society start to recognize virtue Practice 0 Organized and systematic group of socially established cooperative human activities 39 Give myself over to the rules that govern the practice you don t go to practice if you39re already doing what you39re practicing well 0 Allow forthe realization of particular goods that are associated with the practice 39 Extension of goods III Further the rules and principles governing the practice Moveinfield on baseball diamond in order to get more outs to increase odds of getting more runs III Further the good that I get from doing that specific practice f am playing and trying to get good at chess just to get something else out of it I wont learn this in sense of learning the goods in the game Military second commanders demanded to play chess in order to learn strategies and learning to read others strategies in order to apply to other moments not playing chess 0 Like Aristotle preparing to asses a situation and make a decision based on past Goods internal to a practice Intimately tied into what it means to do that practice Had byavailable to anyone doing that practice Develop character allow you to become virtuous Contributed to practice and practice contributes to societal success Contribute to society in a number of different ways Goods external to a practice 0 Supplementary to a practice 0 Not necessary for everyone doing that practice 39 Moneyfor professionalfootball o Nota lot to do with shaping character Virtue 0 Acquired human quality 0 Have and use itgt allow me access to goods internal to practices 0 Lack itgt do not have access to these 0 3 core virtues societies will define these differently and that is okay 0 Justice uniform and impartial standards 39 Matter of respect for the uniform and impartial standards 39 This respect allows me to maintain the integrity of the rules 0 Honesty uniform and impartial standards 39 Information processing allows me to have workingtrustful relations which are necessary forthe practice and society 0 Courageneed to be willing to risk damage to myselfin pursuit of goods that are internal to practices 39 Allows me to maintain a degree of seriousnessdedication Privilege goods external to a practice OOOOO 0 Absolute competitiveness bad kind not constructive defines society 7 o Creates divisions creates extreme poverty Argues consequentialism fails to recognize goods internal to practice


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