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Astronomy Bundle 1

by: Carter Cox

Astronomy Bundle 1 AY 101 Raymond White - Introduction to Astronomy

Carter Cox

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About this Document

black hole/ star
Introduction to Astronomy
Raymond White
75 ?




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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Carter Cox on Wednesday April 27, 2016. The Bundle belongs to AY 101 Raymond White - Introduction to Astronomy at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Raymond White in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Astronomy in Physics 2 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 04/27/16
Astronomy Bundle What is the defining characteristic of a star - giant ball of ionized gas, held together by self gravity, held up by gas/ radiation, self powered How is the sun structured - photosphere, chromosphere, corona How does the sun hold itself up against self gravity - gas pressure How do stars shine - by converting mass to another form of energy What is the chemical composition of the sun and how does it compare to those of the planets - like jovian planets, made of hydrogen, helium and other gases what fusion reaction is the sun using - nuclear fusion in hot dense core What was the solar neutrino “problem” - finding that the observed number of neutrinos from the sun is about 1/3 the number that had been predicted by standard solar models What are sunspots and why are they relatively dark - Dark spots in photosphere, because cooler than rest of surface, very magnetic How do we measure distances to stars - Stellar parallax Are the brightest stars in the night sky just closer or are they relatively far away and unusually luminous - Far away and usually luminous How does the suns luminosity compare to other stars - Average What does E = MC squared mean - Energy = mass times speed of light squared Why does fusion require extremely high temp and desensitizes - High temp= move fast enough to fuse, high density= enough volume to collide What kinds of particles fuse in fusion reactions - Protons as well as other atomic nuclei Where do fusion reactions occur in a star? - Core How do stars fuse hydrogen, helium, and carbon? - Hydrogen= proton proton chain, helium= triple alpha, carbon= alpha structure Which stars are most numerous which provide the most mass, which generate the most light - Super giants= most mass, young star= most light, main sequence= numerous How old is the sun and when will it start to die - 5 billion years old and in 10 billion years what stellar property determines how quickly a star elvolves - stellar evolution theory where are heavy elements made - Core or explosions of super nova What happens to a star if it tries to fuse ion in its core - implosion What will the sun become when it dies - white dwarf What do hertz sprung russel diagrams plot - stellar temp versus luminosity What is the significance of the main sequence - makes a negative sloping line, where most stars are, determines age How are the mass and luminosity of a main sequence stars related - depends directly on mass Relative size of a star - much bigger Most of the biggest star we see at night are - very luminous blue white star has ___ surface than a red star - hotter Binary stars are essential in determining what stellar property - Mass How did the first generation of high mass stars burn hydrogen - Proton proton chain In about 4.5 billion years the sun will start to expand toward us in its first red giant phase After the nuclear fuel has been used up in its core the core then contracts and heats The stellar remnant of a star like the sun is - White Dwarf Most stars are… - Low mass Most stars end up as - White dwarfs Supernova are particular important why - Much of the material that the earth and we humans are made of was expelled from stellar interiors of supernova Can you see out of a black hole? - Yes A white dwarf holds itself up against the inward crush of gravity by - Degeneracy pressure of electrons A white dwarf is about the diameter of the - The Earth Will our sun ever under go a white dwarf supernova - Yes A neutron star is about the diameter of - Tuscaloosa What kinds of pressure hold up a black hole? - None If the sun were to somehow turned into a black hole of the same mass - Our orbit would stay the same, safely from the black hole If you were inside the event horizon can you see out the black hole? Yes


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