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LIT 2341 - Semester Bundle

by: Sarah Notetaker

LIT 2341 - Semester Bundle LIT 2341

Marketplace > University of Texas at Dallas > LIT 2341 > LIT 2341 Semester Bundle
Sarah Notetaker

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About this Document

These notes contain the material covered in my LIT 2341 class during Spring 2016 including notes on: -MLA format in Research Essays -Figurative Language -Symbolism -Allegory -Character -Point...
Literature Analysis
Professor Sean Sutherlin
Literature, literary study, Literary Analysis
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This 2 page Bundle was uploaded by Sarah Notetaker on Thursday June 16, 2016. The Bundle belongs to LIT 2341 at University of Texas at Dallas taught by Professor Sean Sutherlin in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.


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Date Created: 06/16/16
The Cask of Amontillado • Edgar Allen Poe - known to be creepy • Crime/horror genre (American gothic) • This was his last short story. • First person narration ◦ narrator is a little unreliable ‣ the cask probably doesn't exist (casket!) ‣ "The thousand injuries I have borne" • past tense ◦ been fifty years since committing the crime ◦ Moments where he uses present tense ‣ when he addresses the reader ‣ Feels like a confession (not that he's feeling sorry for what he's done) ‣ Also uses present tense in the dialogue (makes us feel like we're there) • The crest: ◦ blue crest, gold foot crushing a snake who's biting the heel ◦ "Nemo me impune lacessit" - no one provokes me with impunity • Irony ◦ "I drink to your long life" ◦ Can't trust narrator, also can't trust Fortunato ‣ Ironic name meaning fortune ‣ Dressed as a clown ‣ "[he] cannot tell amontillado from sherry" - but amontillado is a type of sherry ‣ The two wines he drinks on the way are GOOD wines but he doesn't comment on them ◦ narrator wears black mask for carnival ‣ before lent, to go crazy before giving everything up ◦ move from celebration into deep catacombs • repetition ◦ of the nitrous ‣ referring to gunpowder ‣ As if everything is going to blow up in fortunato'fsace. ◦ Of the amontillado ◦ Of the narrator repeating after fortunato ◦ Of the damp ‣ to make us feel uncomfortable • poe's love of poetry ◦ difficult reading ◦ Repetition/rhythm Narration and Point of View • Types of narration ◦ first person ‣ singular ‣ Plural ◦ third person ‣ omniscient - knows all character's thoughts ‣ Limited - knows only one character's thoughts ‣ Objective - implies thoughts, narrator doesn't know character's thoughts. ◦ Second person ‣ uncommon ‣ Makes the reader a character in the story.


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