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Anne Brigman - Pictorialism - Modernist Photography Art History

by: Dominique N.

Anne Brigman - Pictorialism - Modernist Photography Art History ARHI 3530

Marketplace > University of Georgia > Art History > ARHI 3530 > Anne Brigman Pictorialism Modernist Photography Art History
Dominique N.
GPA 3.74

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About this Document

Anne Brigman - Pictorialism - Modernist Photography Art History; covers what will be on the first exam about Anne Brigman
Art History 3530 - Modern Photography
Janice Simon
Anne, Brigman, AnneBrigman, Art, Photography, history, modernist, Pictorialism, notes, Studyguide, study, guide, ARHI, ARH
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Dominique N. on Wednesday June 22, 2016. The Bundle belongs to ARHI 3530 at University of Georgia taught by Janice Simon in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Art History 3530 - Modern Photography in Art History at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 06/22/16
ARHI 3530 – Modernist Photography • Anne Brigman (1869-1950) o Child of the island – born in Hawaii and spends nearly all her life in California o Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sierra Nevada mountains area landscape o Brigman Beneath the Waterfall 1908 (negative with extensive gum bichromate/ painting) § Nymph-like/spritely being § Interest in transcendentalism and spirituality and mysticism • Sees herself as a prophetic of photography § Makes herself part of the force of nature § Women as water (most allied with the element of water) § Globe is very important to her • Placed at top of her head • Chakra – energy points starting from spine rd • Brow chakra as the 3 eye that sees beyond the surface of things § Water painted § Not afraid of breaking down the barriers of art and photography o The Cleft of the Rock 1907 (gelatin silver print) § A woman and nature as one § Nude figure emerging • Typically, the nude women are her o Similar to Fred Holland Day as Christ § Lightness of body vs darkness of the cleft she comes out of o Brigman Self Portrait Gelatin Silver print 1919 § Fred Holland Day Young Woman in a Moorish Headdress (1904) except Day focuses more on face § Soft focus § Head dress and background get caught up • Floral and identifies her with nature once again! • The 3 eye is suggested here § Almost as if something as caught her attention § Her face is so out of focus it blends with the environment o Nude body becomes one with the landscape o Connects with many things of the 20 century § Walt Whitman – singing the body electric; I cosmos the son o Isadora Duncan, Modern Dancer (photo by Arnold Genthe) during American tour (1915-1918) § Had a very important American tour § Very important work in films § Many photography, paintings and etc. of her (popular muse) o Brigman Dying Cedar 1908 § Extremely integrated with the tree you almost don’t see her § Arms mimicking the shape of branches • Branches look like hands • Symbiosis of nature and humans § Purposely has figure in black robe to mimic pine and leaves § Breast=gnarl in the tree § How does the figure work with (or against) the title? • Her as a sacrifice (Fred Holland Day as Christ) • Elan Vitale – the light force (Henri Bergson) • Sense of the life force coming to an end o Brigman The Dryad 1905 Sepia toned § Often signs pictures with just a monogram of “AB” § Angularity of the pine branches and the figure § Sense of adventure in photographing these things • Because of the roughness of the trees and how high up she is § Dryad = Nymph-like/spritely being in Greek times § Tones her photographs a lot § “A” made with figure o Quote – freedom to capture what’s around and identify nature (had small handheld camera like Fred Holland Day) § Important titles like F. H. Day used o Invictus c. 1908 § Latin for “unconquered” § Songs of the Pagan • She did a poetry book • Forces of nature connected to Greek mythology § Very soft focus § One flows with the fatalism of the universe but is ultimately the captain of one’s soul § Pine leaves become a part of her hairdo § Tree mimics her figure § Sequoia trees are common in this area (never photographs them) but they are huge and longest living and UNCONQUERED o The Pool 1906 Camera Work April 1912 § Went camping with friends § Quote: She is describing a type that is new to culture (the athletic type of girl and toughened girl); not society women who become weak due to a disconnection of nature § Domenichino Hunt of Diana 1616-17 • She constructs a modern day version basically (sometimes she does this unintentionally rather than intentionally like Day) § Figures look almost like it could be a sequence/evolution of getting out of the water • Aigens/Agens? Swimming male nude § Her images are so flat (doesn’t give us a deep depth), but here she gives us a lot more depth § Tree is very vertical and picture is very narrow (similar to Japanese print style) • Very interested in Japanese thought and Asian influence o Soul of the Blasted Pine 1908 in Camera Work April 1912 § Using the female form as an emblem of nature § Lifelong correspondent with Alfred Stieglitz • Walt Whitman § Her height may be a statement of the growing conquer of women § Liberating § Not a sexual vibe § Compare with Fred Holland Day Youth with Lyre in Grotto 1907 • Intertwined with nature and more surrounded • Possibly a sexual vibe • Includes a prop o Reference to mythology (both do) § NOTE: Edward Carpenter • Would quote to express oneness with nature • The glory of the openness (as much as possible) o The Lone Pine (Finis) (or Two Heads) 1908 featured in Camera Work April 1912 § The glory of the open quote o Heart of the Storm 1912 gum bichromate § Important title § Key trees, but now there are two figures (echo the two trees that open up here) § Gum Bichromate • Creates a halo around the head and body • Suggests flowing of the body • In-painting in the clouds and the leaves look outlined § Hand looks like “blessing gesture” of Christ (possibly gum bichromate) • Female Christ • Head at breast seeking comfort/blessing § Trees echo the figures and heart shape is present (heart can also mean center) § o Via Dolorosa c. 1908 (Life of Suffering; Christ’s Road to the Crucifixion) gum bichromate § Gum bichromate on the left side of body to accentuate § The body is the soul of suffering; both humans and nature go through this in their existence o Brigman The Artist at Work c. 1910 § Very revealing about her and her mindset § Influences on her art and her very being § The exterior of nature has come inside (using gum bichromate) with the light marks § Dark Buddha statue in the back • Asian influence • Oneness of the universe and oneness of nature • Idea of prophetic though § Her drawing in the back • Mandala figure • Multiple mountain figure to a head and a crown (spiritual figure – one with nature) § Illustration in bottom right • Drawing/cartoon of Alfred Stieglitz o Brigman West Wind copper plate etching § Etching § Spiral - unending o North Wind 1915 gum bichromate § No apparent figure o The Dragon and the Pearl 1908 gelatin print and sepia coloring § Henri Bergson the Elan vital § The dragon is the tree § And the pearl is the globe § Idea of things becoming other things and imagination • Bergson – moving away from literal and move into the imagination o The Brook (no date) § The woman associated with the rushing water life force o The Bubble 1905 photogravure Camera Work Jan 1909 § The bubble is more temporary than a globe § Is she letting go or retrieving the globe? Palm is open, but it’s ambiguous § Female god figure § Figure’s form is mimicked with the lines in the background § Tradition of the globe/orb being something you look into for wisdom § Lots of echoing—a world within a world • Her form is echoed with the shapes and branches • Reflections of her form and globe • Narcissus – always depicted with reflection in water, but is male § The space is very “womb-like” • Suggestions of birth § Kasebier Female with the Globe gum bichromate • Female witnessing knowledge § Brigman The Wonderous Globe published in Camera Work April 1912 • Spiked hair adds a mythological quality o Imp o Brigman Dawn c 1910 in Maine – Camera Work 1912 § Figure becomes a personification of nature § Didn’t find Maine as visceral as the Sierra Nevada mountains (not rugged enough) o Brigman The Breeze c 1910 in Maine § Figure becomes a personification of nature § Has figure silhouetted up high on nature as if she is a God of nature o Stopped photographing for a year and then comes back in 1931 to do some combination prints § Quest 1931 Combination print § San Erosion January 1931 § Uses gum bichromate to add texture and line and photographs up-close now


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