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ARTH 1020 - Week 1_Foundations of Visual Analysis

by: Jazmine Beckstrand

ARTH 1020 - Week 1_Foundations of Visual Analysis ARTH 1020

Marketplace > University of Utah > ARTH 1020 > ARTH 1020 Week 1_Foundations of Visual Analysis
Jazmine Beckstrand
The U
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

These notes cover all of the course content during the first week of class.
Art Now
Aubrey Marie Hawks
VisualAnalysis, FormalAnalysis
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This 2 page Bundle was uploaded by Jazmine Beckstrand on Tuesday August 30, 2016. The Bundle belongs to ARTH 1020 at University of Utah taught by Aubrey Marie Hawks in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 31 views.


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Date Created: 08/30/16
Week 1: Foundations – Visual Analysis Definitions Key Concepts Locations * = on exam Formal Analysis: viewing a work of art and deciding what it is that the author wished to convey; included contextual analysis because the viewer has a context and background of their own, which influences their interpretation.  remember works of art change over time Formal Elements  Color - keep in mind varying hues, levels of saturation, and color patterns (such as primary colors).  Line - Consider linearity vs. painterlines (chiaroscuro), distinguishing between works that emphasize linear contours as compared with those that emphasize the play of light and dark; also consider if the line is strong or broken.  Space - this term indicates whether the image conveys a sense of three- dimensional space.  Mass - describes the space created by an artwork, indicating whether the artwork conveys a sense of substantial form, as if I had weight or volume.  Scale - relative size, both within the artwork and relative to the viewer.  Composition - a description of how the artist combined all of the elements in the work.  Note: Always check an artwork's dimensions. Sculpture Methods  Additive Processes - the sculpture is built up.  Modeling - from material, like clay.  Subtractive Processes - like carving stone or wood; in which material is taken away to create.  Casting - molten metal is poured into a mold.  Note: Since the 20th century, many artists have begun sculpting using unconventional methods. Anthropomorphic: figures with human characteristics. Abstract: art that does not set out to imitate observed reality.  Note: artworks are neither completely abstract nor completely figurative. Installation Art: artwork made for a specific site that creates a total environment rather than being placed in a pre-existing environment. Ekphrasis: a form of visual description; the goal of this literary form is to make the reader envision the thing described as if it were physically present. Style: refers to the resemblance works of art have to one another. Connoisseurship: The traditional approach to deciding whether a particular artist painted a particular work, in the absence of documents that link them explicitly. Iconographic Analysis: establishes the meaning a work of art had at the time it was made.  This may or may not include what the maker of the work intended.


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