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Chapter 1

by: Caroline Smith

Chapter 1

Caroline Smith


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About this Document

This covers week one of lecture.
epithelium, cells
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This 2 page Bundle was uploaded by Caroline Smith on Tuesday September 6, 2016. The Bundle belongs to at Jefferson Community College taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views.


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Date Created: 09/06/16
Caroline  Weber  2655864  Informative  Speech     How  to  Improve  Your  Health  William  Shakespeare  once  said,  “Our  bodies  are  our   gardens  –  our  wills  are  our     gardeners.”  Today  I  will  be  talking  about  how  to  improve  your  health.  Being  in  good   health  is  extremely  important,  and  allows  you  to  do  so  much  more  in  life,  whether   it’s  heading  outside  to  play  with  your  kids,  hiking  on  a  beautiful  day,  or  just  being   able  to  enjoy  life.  The  most  important  elements  that  pertain  to  your  health  are  your   exercise  habits,  eating  habits,  and  sleeping  habits.  These  three  things  may  seem   obvious  and  many  might  think  that  they  have  it  all  under  control.  But  most  don’t   realize  the  true  significance  and  impact  that  eating,  exercising  and  sleeping  have  on   every  aspect  of  their  lives.     My  hopes  are  that  the  following  information  will  help  you  recognize  those  changes   that  need  to  be  made.  Now  being  said  that  your  health  affects  everything  you  do,   that  very  much  includes  your  schoolwork.  And  that’s  why  all  of  us  are  sitting  here   right  now.  Whether  you  want  to  be  here  or  not,  you’re  here  to  get  educated,  so  why   not  make  the  best  of  it  and  finish  strong?  I  will  talk  about  the  three  main  elements  I   mentioned  earlier:  exercising,  eating  habits,  and  sleeping  habits.  Exercising  is  key  to   making  you  feel  better  about  yourself,  it  lessens  the  chance  of  depression,  makes   you  sleep  better,  strengthens  your  muscles  and  bones,  and  relieves  stress.  Yet,  it  is   something  that  most  people  make  every  excuse  under  the  sun  to  avoid  it.  Now,  does   that  make  any  sense?  Eliminating  exercise  from  your  life  increases  your  chance  of   heart  disease,  Type  2  Diabetes,  having  a  stroke,  and  so  on.  Adults  between  the  ages   18-­‐64  should  have  at  least  two  and  a  half  hours  of  moderate  level  aerobic  activity,   like  speed  walking  or  biking,  or  one  hour  and  15  minutes  of  vigorous  aerobic   activity,  such  as  jogging,  or  heavy  lifting,  every  week.  That’s  just  2%  of  every   weekday.  A  shocking  statistic  of  only  5%  of  adults  meets  the  recommended  amount   of  exercise  a  week.     In  addition  to  exercising,  healthy  eating  is  just  as  important.  To  improve  your  own   eating  habits,  take  a  thoughtful  approach  to  (1)  reflect,  (2)  replace,  and  (3)   reinforce.  Reflect  on  your  eating  habits,  the  good  and  bad.  Do  you  eat  when  you’re   bored?  Do  you  polish  off  every  scarp  of  food  for  every  meal?  How  often  are  you   having  dessert?  Now  replace  these  habits  with  healthier  ones.  And,  most   importantly,  reinforce  those  healthier  habits.  For  the  times  that  your  body  needs   fuel,  some  healthy  food  choices  would  be  fresh  fruit  and  vegetables,  lean  meats,   poultry,  fish,  eggs  and  nuts.  Key  items  to  try  to  avoid  at  all  costs  are  saturated  fats,   cholesterol,  added  sugars,  and  sodium.  Finally,  the  most  important  part  of  anyone’s   diet  is  water.  Drink  water  constantly  every  day.  Water  does  miracles  for  your   metabolism  and  plays  a  vital  role  in  healthy  eating  habits.     The  last  element  important  to  improving  your  health  is  racking  up  enough  sleep   hours  every  night.  Sleep  not  only  freshens  your  mind,  but  it  repairs  your  body.  Lack   of  sleep  may  lead  to  fatigue,  mood  swings,  lack  of  concentration  and  memory,  and   poor  coordination.  The  most  apparent  causes  of  lack  of  sleep  are  parenthood,   abnormal  work-­‐shifts,  illness,  poor  sleeping  habits,  medications,  and,  specifically  for   us  students,  the  internet  and  school  work.  Time  management  is  the  best  solution  to   avoiding  sleep  deprivation.  Another  major  repercussion  of     lack  of  sleep  is  obesity.  According  to  the  Nurse’s  Health  Study,  adults  should  sleep  a   minimum  of  seven  hours  a  night  to  avoid  obesity  and  function  fully.     With  all  of  this  essential  information  for  becoming  a  healthier  you,  I  want  to  leave   you  with  a  few  thoughts.  Are  you  willing  to  make  the  changes  in  order  to  live  your   life  to  the  fullest?  Are  you  ready  to  make  that  change  to  better  yourself  for  not  only   you,  but  also  your  family,  your  future  employers,  your  friends,  and  everyone  else   around  you?  If  you  answered  yes,  then  start  evaluating  your  exercising,  eating,  and   sleeping  habits  and  make  the  changes  that  will  help  you  become  a  healthier,  happier   you.  Take  care  of  your  body  through  making  it  stronger,  regulating  the  body’s  fuel,   and  making  sure  you’re  resting  enough.  Make  your  precious  life  worth  all  of  your   hard  work  so  you  can  sit  back  at  the  end  of  the  day  and  be  proud  of  how  far  you’ve   come.  Thank  you  all  for  listening  and  I  hope  I  helped  you  learn  something  about   yourself.      


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