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CMST Aug 30-Sept 6

by: Victoria Notetaker

CMST Aug 30-Sept 6 CMST 1111 - 001

Victoria Notetaker
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

Hi Everyone, I am an Elite Notetaker for CMST this semester so I will uploading notes and guides for you all to have access to. These notes are combined one week, Aug 30-Sept 6. I write my n...
Scott Gratson (P)
Dean/Chairs, Veblen, TD, ar, Beard, sight
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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Victoria Notetaker on Wednesday September 7, 2016. The Bundle belongs to CMST 1111 - 001 at Temple University taught by Scott Gratson (P) in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 354 views. For similar materials see COMMUNICATION AND PUBLIC LIFE in communication and media studies at Temple University.

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Date Created: 09/07/16
Communications and Public Life – Dr. Gratson 8/30 – 9/6 2016 KNOW THESE President Richard M. Gilbert (40 years) >Associate Vice President Dean Stephanie Ive, Ed. D & Dean of Students Student Affairs Dr. Kimberly Guire Dean of SMC Dean David Boardman Chair of Advertising Dana Saewitz Chair of Journalism Carolyn Kitch Chair of Strat Comm Lance Holbert Chair of Media Studies & Production Geoffrey Baym SMC Career Center LuAnn Kahn O Freude, nicht Töne! >> The poem of the inspiration for Beethoven’s 9 symphony. O = O Freudne = friends nicht = not diese = these Töne = tone - In German anything that is capitalized is a noun and to make a a noun singular to plural from add an e. - Freudne & Töne are both plural and a noun. Thorstein Veblen (TV) >>> Technological Determinism >> (1857-1929) – THORSTEIN VEBLEN - Technological Determinism Referred to as TD. o Noted by Thorstein Veblen - Did not focus on the true technology but rather the difference in social classes. - Explored sociath& economical experience of immigrants - Critiqued 19 century capitalism • Resulting in – “The Theory of the Leisure Class: An Economic of Institutions.” Communications and Public Life – Dr. Gratson 8/30 – 9/6 2016 - Compared social progress & economic in • men & women • Norwegian immigrants vs. English townspeople - Social progress was tired to class differences - Differed with later theorists • Concept of technology as specific element of economic class. >> Asserted 3 groups were emerging in U.S • Scientists • Engineers • Technologists The role of self, collective and tech mesh We linked from who to what we are. Tech affects everything we do & who we are. Tech is anything that advances In life – contacts, hearing aids, pace makers, etc. Tech advances are everywhere. - The WHEEL is the most significant technological advancement, next is the boat. - Cameras are everywhere - Tech as communication link social progress - Current events, news gathering, newspapers evolved because tech advances. >>> TD continued… Charles Beard (CB) >>> (1874-1948) – furthered positioning study of tech. - Grounded tech in a framework of politics, social advancements & historical conflict. - Active economist - History as being grounded in class iniatives, position that advanced his own personal sense of advocacy & activism. Concept originally noted by Veblen Concept furthered by Charles Beard [seven-league boots – CB “Technological marches in seven-league boots from one ruthless, revolutionary concession to another, tearing down older factories and industries.” - Beard believed tech is important role as a primary motivator for social change, but negatively affected human communication. - Beard believes tech advances are sometimes negative o Human interaction negatively affected because of tech advances. § Dating, socially inept, relationships Communications and Public Life – Dr. Gratson 8/30 – 9/6 2016 § Effects interpersonal communication >>> TD continued… TD is noted as: Michael L. Smith >>> “The belief that social progress is driven by technological innovation, which in turn follows an “inevitable course.” - Smith Bruce Bimber >>> “The idea that technological development determines social change…” – Bimber Rosalind Williams >>> “Technology determines history.” – Williams Points of TD Change technology Change the economy Change the world - social/cultural progress by technology innovation. Important Areas of Tech TWO Important Areas Tech is 1. Predictable path largely beyond cultural or political influence. 2. Society organizes itself to support and develop a technology & technology overall once being introduced. Augmented Reality (AR) Live in real time display Live, real world environment Real time, 3D images augmenting real world. Computer generated images overlapping real time pictures. Impact of AR Allows reality info to come interactive and digitally obtainable. Advertising, education, entertainment How does it work? >> tracking devices, fiducial markers Fidiucal Marker Fiducal markers – objects placed in field view of imaging system appears in image for point of reference. Tracking Devices Tracking Devices – tech involved in AR & ability to see position of input devices & image of objects in view of the device. Virtual Reality - replicated environment, stimulates presence in real/imagine worlds - user interacts within worlds, generated worlds. Sight >>> Producer – Eran May-Raz & Daniel Lazo Sight - “excellent, perfect” – constant affirmation - character always looking to computer to tell him how wonderful he is. - Nothing is actually present o Sight system just generating images. - Constant screens in his world (CNN) Communications and Public Life – Dr. Gratson 8/30 – 9/6 2016 - Tells him what to do on the date o Telling him to smile o Tells him about her o Controlled environment o Points for compliments o Forgets to take down the art she was interested in o Alcohol is real § Sees the dating app on the walls - Negatively affects the human interaction, he pays attention to the info. MCLUHAN ON TOMORROW FOR THURSDAY’S CLASS SEPT 7, 2016 - These are called CORNELL notes, they helped me receive very high grades in classes like these with a lot of information and theories. - On the left side of the line are the important key terms/theories/people we need to know so when you are looking at the notes it’s easy to find them. - I learned this technique and it got me through 4 years of college, it’s a very successful way of learning.


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