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AD643 Class Notes

by: Melissa Wadman

AD643 Class Notes MET AD 643

Marketplace > Boston University > MET AD 643 > AD643 Class Notes
Melissa Wadman
GPA 3.78

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About this Document

Semester Lecture Notes
Project Communication Management
Dr. Steven Leybourne
communication, Projects
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Melissa Wadman on Friday September 9, 2016. The Bundle belongs to MET AD 643 at Boston University taught by Dr. Steven Leybourne in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views.

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Date Created: 09/09/16
ProjectCommunicationManagement SpringSemester2016 INSTRUCTOR:DR.STEVENLEYBOURNE 27 January 2016   Week2-TheRelationshipbetweenManagement,ProjectManagement,andImplementation When searching for project team members, you’re always going to be inclined to choose the best people in your mind. the trouble is, everyone wants those people. theory of scientific management is about production line processes -- break down the work into such small parts that if someone was missing, a replacement worker could be input easily and efficiently Changing Bias of Project Management Research 1. Conceptual Phase a. decision making i. maximum number of scenarios vs bounded rationality ii. contingency of circumstances iii. competitively interdependent resource pools iv. organizational values and institutional theory 2. Planning Phase a. make sure sponsor's original ideas are carried out b. agency theory - sponsors are in control c. power of technology - managers are accessing more information d. organization culture - how well do project managers know the culture of the organization 3. Execution Phase a. achieving tasks and activities b. power and politics c. scarcity of resources d. control and motivation 4. Termination Phase a. delivery stage: final product is delivered per intentions and outcomes of original ideas of the sponsor b. post-implementation stage 1 c. learning and knowledge management i. develops competencies and capabilities, and how to effectively apply knowledge gained to future projects d. successful PM is one who is effective in all phases 3 FEBRUARY 2016   WEEK3--PROJECTS,IMPLEMENTATION,ANDCOMMUNICATION Project managers need to adjust communication style to take account of: ● position ● knowledge base ● influence ● position in the project hierarchy ● personal traits ● many other factors 5 Principles to increase encoding accuracy include: ● Relevancy ● Simplicity ● Organization ● Repetition ● Focus Social Network Theory​: nodes = individuals in the network; ties = the relationship among them Stakeholder Circle 1. Identify and categorize stakeholders into groups indicating impact and influence of outcomes 2. Prioritize 3. Visualize 4. Engage 5. Monitor 17 FEBRUARY 2016   WEEK4--MOTIVATINGPEOPLEWITHINTHEPROJECT 2 24 FEBRUARY 2016   WEEK5-- Why I try to hide my relationship from facebook I like to consider myself “well-versed” in relationships. I’ve been in 2.5 serious relationships (2.5!? what does that even mean, 2.5??), not including my current boyfriend. Two were absolutely exclusive, and one was a secret for a year and fell apart just prior to the brink of exclusivity. My first serious relationship started in high school, and ended after winter break my freshman year of college. During the 3


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