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Geography 104

by: Ariel Notetaker

Geography 104 104

Ariel Notetaker

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About this Document

These notes are for Week 1 and Week 2. It covers the types of Geography. The origins of Geography. Culture's influence over Geography. The exam is a week from now.
Social and Cultural Geography
David Wilson
Introduction, Culture, geography
75 ?




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This 12 page Bundle was uploaded by Ariel Notetaker on Friday September 9, 2016. The Bundle belongs to 104 at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign taught by David Wilson in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Social and Cultural Geography in Geography at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


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Date Created: 09/09/16
Resutt:s � ungtiv)g (YOill.0��YRJJi-Dlvlllo \n.f.Ill l Y1DtO!LfJy\1<-'SJ.s"'-"-----­ Vluj!{b01ah,�f'5, J�#aJ:....Q!!d_ i}x?JOJ)QtlJl!,a, �- -�-------- �frl1�-, � � +hens was V10+-�eKJ �C(�ote� -th Sm � . OrvJSG!taor Ke,nlvd\1)1£,L1nCmt>b<?rS) 2 _�it'<_(�ei ,r wOYK�J d.�Hers-� 1 (�r-hanfh.a.dvuntuqe) .... :,. t-\g\1\y__@}-OC,1\,Qd �IK:hve,_B'b�ncc1J Anal\J0l'5' w<J _ t.111l111'iJOl(]PosnbJ\liN (lqi)-i c,D)/h8Jmilf--rM ____ S'harre<m- hvinrs-pr�tntedct$ lfnore-1ch0e(IJ� -coJ<'Peoowe,ret1ex1l)sef-echn41cq � _____ .___...., . Lly)g'Tonn- rop�nt«l_oru�-01 s1fQ__n1td1fuahaJ ��t<Pll Bn\irr'nnrnS11\\01lSt l�et� - _ -P'h-1 Sh1\ dl>� YJ-J+hs s1mpb dw o \l111atk�: + Pn � y�\ca\8wrm +� )s Oled\(fhS �liQ�_lo� G"Ffll�KY J__ ·rwO fbrres+ Crfies in �nCQ St-'l)T 1.lOlCo \. r;eh1)1t (4-l/. 1nc<M)eSkss -#1sn?S110Do/yeai'J i. milwauKee Geo 5, income l�s �an 75;(X-)/ye�J ? ·fh1hdelPhtt 1. memp�1ts note: Two fnV1C1 questluns OYl.\ti.efus+ 1m (poores+Cfues) ____ Jif.Re9 Lffi1et\ls-mICJl)-(co') .) \1111� Dort< Agf>S' Ofuro�p11'f' -Richard rlar+.sY1ui11e(rqJT) ___ 111� n fAt'1Aef ut-0(JWArk1· 1 I. AYli'YPO+m)'V) fXPlu11mfB ,J lAS}destrt\?€t 1. �\JrpO� Qt G1eoqritPn�:: 1D d �Q:nte *'e \An1qlArie�sof C\raS'- cw- up tv1e wcit1 \Vtt7> ve910Y1Qrcl cteSOLocvnmc �a_euf=-r11t1flJ 1 V 1�c1p\1ne �as-·-H1r.eeU;111r4C<tmtures!_ _ __ __ �. tAnique.StAbJtctmw-ter - r,U115,-Forrm1O,rd funct1<-ai 13,\)V1Lq1t1(XA5\?CCtiv'- {f)(l,DY�le c. \.H1\quc mt1'Vl<tf- cte�cnot!(fY} of ur11qlAeviesS hlStoI\I t:10Science, l,wbp\um,n9 1ffl\Alrtwo.ys lh wb.�h UV-11qlJeVlh :fu.Ancl Ot.VlC!I def\Yler,fiaI-ldenflh1H1g_reglOfl'-"'---------- 4t frfd K. Stn ae��- \E><ceph�(A�ism 1ri(Aeoqa:lp»y c1c,531 1)ISC\p11Y1t:6 6 Un \Queal{Ylt;Llt-QS -r-£OlOOS(noY �� Or\1�t,o.\OOllSi'Mct5 dtSlgneto_foql� 'rQ_glmoJtnaUl0f -?t�Peohvei �ws.. OY1 S'()ace-'JES] Uf\tUV£ �oct: +he descnphoYl _oF_ n rqueness _____ NO'V +\t\lS doU\IYlS ge_ogrop\11+o a descn()hve lnoYJ-sa en ce + e, Y1eec.1 to �rd \aws, we carn"bt -ftnd \aws 1+' UJe Keep \ D�,n9 fur d�.f&ettCes,we mU>t \OOK for cOYrlmoru\1\-tf \V. jxmal f\t'o�(S l�(DO-H7o) I'RX� oY1 9-efffOlrza�1l!Mj oro searci? ,fuy uV11\A?rsa1 nQl!,llS'- coo \eod +o tBJftllM9 oi (CAWS .., .fra � Y'rat\'lemanca\ q�C(JJxOonv -+l1e qvanHf"Cth� veVb� . (Gil)/ mocLeUng") ·al arol�hrol 1Yudtfl(JYJ- [ool<o19 ,fuy sm1 lar1il'PJ ... -. - 1 c� oo) ot Reltvfhe (rf1J to preJenfJ w sv1� 1ecf- matteR-rea\ Wld frl>rkms appl1cat1U'nr· of eGY\f -tt> ClJY1temfX5YOl'J rrul l)J(Y{d Pn>tltrn. .fYll or l)vretncmii o.rctwa.r · t) wote�at e xavn0e : cim:s- ru- fThn� at det:rew Cff};)J (c.V\t')po\\®®, cungestxm') 1 �ho\t\\cl we maqe. c��?) �� avt1 Meorn� m: Qu1ture Thvtrs-dt»1 ( Le� J I, cu�re- -.\,.QQ�hv.&111Aci) �l?je.11��, ��L�tJaAlatw.n :ru �n»t?lf�frtat.', .. guide ttie,r bel1avo1r. avu·{\/� a�� .i�s�:-;-;-�... t)/ ,•. �ue -H1ot Sfv\Adu� OC:h(MS m0ct V1<JYY\'1S. \I')SOCtefl� 01'1-d holds +--�en� toq�ic.\��J)?r V\ll�CM'\HQg�--:- qit��er ���- .d,Jsc11Ql!vieJ1w .�. tuntaVJqJ\iiLp hino:ij1e,n<fYJJ �):...... ··�t.ri.� �., / �l 1-' ,--.:-··.• _ •oj:·· \�. J�,: \ ,; �--.. \/· ....."'r ,--- ......."--""•" � 1. 1, �at-evial Culruv-e - the pn�51W11 mGf fffHSttfhu,1 (rpfJe{Jl(J))) . 0-� utttuve '.,.../;_.:.:.:�;-�·..· _ _ iVl�t?(JY'tUvice- wp can 1i,,i�p Ynv1ti1.v1GJ. .CCAHJAv�::.:bl.od.··.. ,::· 1 · · · df+Qrm v1e are0-I Rxrtnt tsUov1rbcH1 Cei»-ure) • • •I: •I• . .-�r pi.� r��J.·M/ilfll!'f'1 :'. �twfJal) matts {tfld 5MtyJP1t1e revi � �- ·- e 'L Roofs \J.@JlfA rJ1tCHlfr1j--.OJ�... �.l-h1te'-:.. ;�!, 'i·. · �·".:;;_)_Lt ·:,·.1,·_ ·: I Ve�n,¥1�:ofi .fy1J��=-T .. Th(� gJ,1a�1 \JaJJAes,;.�vJed1 ��J�t J�f0.oi1;tl c 5tAryrtHtps iVlllt ,rA,tte .f1iiar ve,havoir .. +·,J.r. (�[UtS LH �-- {ertafut9 simil� tYl�r da1'41 ,�') , .1-,• � .. ,-- �; : .� �. ....--.\.: � r ""r -. ""•.,..__4,� � , 1·.. • •. • . ' • • • N'. I!< " ' .. ..,_t •� -- d w � �1.. . ; ..... -.-, .- . .....'",. .�• • •,•... .. 1,--.. -,,. _-Hlerqf(J)Jcal d1£fu,� - �bil\(,rjayt1Yl'Jo.tthrr7 _ _ .:, ft,ttQ;fw-1 V1srn�s1 ---..c..·.�Dsposalplit�loijre*taf � at_ �1r (o;;::::.---- {A(�a -ttlvt>WWlj awat{ �ru,p 3 r � �rt:oC CMS"4��: � J t)t'O� �Y'eti, w-e��'ZaV\ ,z_1f'eci _w Qte unc(ar�c,ted landft\\s � rec�� ��'j 3 £1�el\�ilM � �' tnvrt1_nv�tt'Y\ffll t1<Xf-'· \,\Jll�IM IK'll(; �(,4.t, - _____ -? tl')e twos-trAttstW\#highest ('YISl>n September 8th U€0� 104 {'PIAr)�dvlovvJ V)OW VH')ny StMt? TuuR&m I pv1 \. le1ili (2Dt<oJrtlUre P�M #tin Ony ott,erSf(Ate ll41,00�> =� _ 1 Ctl�f1JY11ti_�.,- _ _ __ _ Guesf1tI! 1exas1A1(l}j1(llfl. \. Culh,4i1'e�Jem '? "'F"l()a\ J)Vl (lh1re, 2, Too fewJ6r;i' Cl.Htwe��blf'.aa99etu.t£d 3..Bxi 4ll7/B,J.iPotlffej VMd tUlture({wetISVe(\,/ Offephlld Ttme L11J'5t11Aftf10YIltnrovotl>vs-tt#le, � -o-unt.AtJlj;;J QtAes-h1',ttow lrYJ�rlt ts(WhAre I/determ1ng wna-t wP do� Desc.1�16\\M2VnaKt? FtdSatCr/mt? . 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Pr�n-1 OrrfVlltdne=----- 1 lo_1VQ�erkfK.flrg tli_Jw�eMt-YJ.JlU11ent' 1 ----� St-f1tlft7uYf2_f.actJ-the� be{[lliSQr{aid,�-rn bl!aK ll.ltLdCfK0i01S:fll�cS_____ B��e,held- sooa1 J'u�Qxaggt.ike1.lM .tf J1tuo\wJ',WJenf- o�ardrovaawnpl�--fl-ium�- -- ­ ofVD1r\1�0'M OytedXJ�l£� - volthll1a(:- plf�tJLmomtb«ws-eJ,e� v'i1111___ �a� _gb&� tty_ -------- +\{rhuf- &ians - -- - - I Sdefi: Subc�(lt\ms \-----,---- - �LMeot SooitrA� _ _ Mirulhlre �e_ X y.,_ '1'__'f_X. --=---"" '-\- \-\�qPrva� P��<wl _+ M1\5t �"-ow Sf>UetnJ Norrvi� -+ D,..0. S�(t �\AP _)(L[\fuiliQf_'f'6\J� . ��C-J:or,wd\ruspan� �� a�p,mhl))or(\ a\Alll'\/ � uM(\\Jt-llS9tr------ - ----1 ---- - �


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