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Project one. Shop Order

by: Jayme Notetaker

Project one. Shop Order Thea 471

Jayme Notetaker
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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About this Document

Project one. Shop Order
Lighting Design 2
Steve Smith
Project one. Shop Order
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This 6 page Bundle was uploaded by Jayme Notetaker on Tuesday September 20, 2016. The Bundle belongs to Thea 471 at Minnesota State University - Mankato taught by Steve Smith in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Lighting Design 2 in Theatre at Minnesota State University - Mankato.

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Date Created: 09/20/16
“Comic Potential” Page 1 of 6 MNSU Theatre & Dance Jayme Caye Beerling Lighting Design
 ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT LIST FOR BID ONLY MINNESOTA STATE UNIVERSITY MANKATO DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE AND DANCE THE ANDREAS THEATRE MANKATO MN Producer: Dr. Paul J. Hustoles (507) 389-2118 Director: Donald Hart Lighting Designer: Jayme C Beerling (952) 836-6082 Lighting By: Jayme Caye Beerling “Comic Potential” Page 2 of 6 MNSU Theatre & Dance GENERAL CONDITIONS ALL MATERIALSAND CONSTRUCTION MUST COMPLYWITH THE MOST STRINGENTAPPLICABLE NATIONALAND LOCAL FIREAND SAFETY CODES. ALL DRAWINGSAND THIS ORDER REPRESENT VISUAL CONCEPTSAND CONSTRUCTION SUGGESTIONS ONLY. THE DESIGNERANDASSOCIATESARE UNQUALIFIED TO DETERMINE THE STRUCTURAL OR ELECTRICAL APPROPRIATENESS OF THIS DESIGNAND WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR IMPROPER ENGINEERING, CONSTRUCTION, HANDLING OR USE OF THE LIGHTING EQUIPMENT.ABSOLUTELY NO SUBSTITUTIONS ORALTERATIONS IN EQUIPMENT, MATERIALS OR METHODS WILL BEACCEPTABLE, UNLESS SPECIFICALLYAPPROVED BY DESIGNER OR PRODUCTION ELECTRICIAN. SUPPLIER WILL PROVIDEAPPROPRIATE CONTAINERSAND ROAD CASES FOR EQUIPMENTANY SUBSTITUTIONS MUST BE FULLY DISCLOSEDAT THE TIME OF THE BID. SUPPLIERASSUMES RESPONSIBILITY FORANYADDITIONAL MATERIALS THATARE REQUIRED ON SITE DUE TO RENTAL SHOP OVERSIGHT OR ERROR. BY BIDDING ON THIS PACKAGE SUPPLIER RECOGNIZES THATADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT MAY BE ORDEREDAS NEEDS OF THE PRODUCTIONARISE ENTIRE PACKAGE IS TO BE MADE READY BY SUPPLIERAND IS TO INCLUDEALL CONNECTORS, CABLES, CONTROLS, FRAMES , ETC.ASTO COMPRISEACOMPLETE WORKING SYSTEM. GENERAL NOTES - No substitutions without written approval of designer - Entire package to be made ready by shop & to include all lamps, connections, cables, c-clamps, side arms, pipe bases, controls, interfaces, color frames, iron, ladders, cable, multi-cable, feeder, distribution panels, plugging boxes, work lights, pattern holders, donuts, & zetex, etc. for a complete working system. - All cabling & connector requirements, controller, power distribution, & rigging elements for a complete working system to specified by Production Electrician. All methods & techniques of electrification subject to approval of Production Electrician. - All electronics to have the LATEST software unless otherwise specified. - All ellipsoidal’s shall be ETC SOURCE FOUR of the latest generation available; all will be aligned in the shop. - All equipment, including rigging hardware & accessories, shall be uniform black (front & back), unless otherwise noted. - All Automated Fixtures to have new lamps. - All Automated Fixtures available to be turned on & checked with the Designer & Programmer one week prior to shop load-out - Any modifications to accessories &/or units to be done in shop to ensure proper fit & operation. - All equipment should be available on first day of shop prep unless alternate plans have been discussed with Production Electrician. - SPARES ARE INCLUDED IN THIS ORDER - THE BID SHOULD BE BROKEN INTO 3 SUBTOTALS: RENTAL, TRUCKING, & PERISHABLES Lighting By: Jayme Caye Beerling “Comic Potential” Page 3 of 6 MNSU Theatre & Dance PART A- FIXTURES TOTAL CONVENTUAL FIXTURES 48 @ ETC Source 4 19deg- 750W with two as spares LED FIXTURES 13 @ SEA CHANGERS with two as spares 15 @ D60 Vivid SELO3580 with two as spares MOVING FIXTURES 6 @ ROSCO I-CUE WITH POWER SUPLY AND CABLE with two as spares PART B- FIXTURES NEEDED BY POSITION BAY 1A 2@ Source 4 19deg- 750W BAY 1 4@ Source 4 19deg- 750W 2@ SEA CHANGERS 1 @ D60 Vivid SELO3580 BAY 2 1@ D60 Vivid SELO3580 1@ Source 4 19deg -750W 1@ Rosco I-cue with power supply 1@ Sea Changer BAY 3 4 @Source 4 19deg -750W 2@ Sea Changer 1 @ D60 Vivid SELO3580 BAY 3A 2 @ Source 4 19deg- 750W BAY4A 1 @ Source 4 19deg- 750W BAY4 2 @ D60 Vivid SELO3580 1@ Rosco I-cue with power supply 6 @ Source 4 19deg -750W 1 @ Sea Changer Lighting By: Jayme Caye Beerling “Comic Potential” Page 4 of 6 MNSU Theatre & Dance BAY5 1 @ Source 4 19deg -750W 1 @ Sea Changer 1 @ D60 Vivid SELO3580 BAY 6 6 @ Source 4 19deg -750W 1 @ Sea Changer 3 @ D60 Vivid SELO3580 1@ Rosco I-cue with power supply BAY 6A 2 @ Source 4 19deg -750W BAY 7A 1 @ Source 4 19deg -750W BAY 7 5 @ Source 4 19deg -750W 1 @ Sea Changer 2 @ D60 Vivid SELO3580 BAY 8 2 @ Source 4 19deg -750W 1 @ Sea Changer 1 @ D60 Vivid SELO3580 1@ Rosco I-cue with power supply BAY 9 4 @ Source 4 19deg -750W 1 @ Sea Changer 1 @ D60 Vivid SELO3580 BAY 9A 2 @ Source 4 19deg -750W ACCESORIES 50 @ 7.5” Gell Frame HARDWARE 80 @ 1-1/2” Fixture “C” Clamp 80 @ Fixture Safety Cables DIMMING 1 @ 96x2.4kw ETC Sensor Racks (CEM+) w/pass thru spare non-dim cards, dimmer cards, CEM+ Module Lighting By: Jayme Caye Beerling “Comic Potential” Page 5 of 6 MNSU Theatre & Dance CONTROL 1 @ ETC GIO - w/2048 Outputs 2 @ 5 way DMX Opto-splitter 4 @ 19” touch screen Monitors - 2 to be returned after opening 1 @ ETC Net3 RVI w/power cord, mouse, & keyboard 1 @ Handheld tablet (Ipad or equivalent) w/ETC iRFR app loaded 1 @ Net 3 Gateway 1 @ Ethernet Switch 2 @ 200’ Ethernet Cable (dim>console, dim>table) 1 @ Deskjet printer +cables to console+power CABLE NOTE: All cable should be appropriate AWG. All cable should be flat black, with appropriate connector and strain relief. 5 @ 25’ Edison Power Cords 1@ 75’ 4/0 AWG Feeder Cable Set 1@ 75’ 4/0 AWG Grounding Cable 1@ 75’ 4/0 AWG Neutral (white) Feeder Cable 1@ 75’ 4/0 AWG Hot Leg A (black) Feeder Cable 1@ 75’ 4/0 AWG Hot Leg B (red) Feeder Cable 1@ 75’ 4/0 AWG Hot Leg C (blue) Feeder Cable 1@ 10’ 4/0 AWG Feeder Cable Set 1@ 10’ 4/0 AWG Grounding Cable 1@ 10’ 4/0 AWG Neutral (white) Feeder Cable 1@ 10’ 4/0 AWG Hot Leg A (black) Feeder Cable 1@ 10’ 4/0 AWG Hot Leg B (red) Feeder Cable 1@ 10’ 4/0 AWG Hot Leg C (blue) Feeder Cable 1 @ 50’ CCT Multi 3 @ 75’ CCT Multi 2 @ 100’ CCT Multi 2 @ 125’ CCT Multi 3 @ 250’ CCT Multi 11 @ Female 2P/G breakout 6 CCT 11’ 15 @ 10’ jumpers 18 @ 25’ jumpers PERISHIBLES- COLOR 4 @ Full sheets R08 4 @ Full sheets R63 5 @ Full sheets R132 Lighting By: Jayme Caye Beerling “Comic Potential” Page 6 of 6 MNSU Theatre & Dance PERISHABLE OTHER 1 @ 8’ fiber glass lader 1 @ 12’ fiber glass lader 1 @ Single man Genie Lift- Must reach 30’-0” 1 @ Full size paper cutter 1 @ Spool of Black Tie Line #4 600’ 4 @ Rolls White Gaff Tape 2” wide 6 @ Rolls Black Gaff Tape 2” wide 6 @ Fine Point Black Sharpies 6 @ Rolls Black Electrical Tape 12 @ Clip Lights with Blue Bulbs Lighting By: Jayme Caye Beerling


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