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Hist 103

by: Jane Notetaker

Hist 103 Hist 103

Jane Notetaker
Virginia Commonwealth University

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About this Document

Class notes covering Puritans cover on 2/4 through 2/18
Survey of American History
Sarah Meacham
hist, HIST103, AmericanHistory, test1, puritans, history
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This 1 page Bundle was uploaded by Jane Notetaker on Tuesday September 20, 2016. The Bundle belongs to Hist 103 at Virginia Commonwealth University taught by Sarah Meacham in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views.

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Date Created: 09/20/16
—The puritans had such high standards to join the church that they began to not be able to convince their own children to become puritans. This meant they would not become visible saints, meaning they wouldn't have anyone to run their churches and communities. **Early New England Healthcare —First thing would be to vomit all the toxic out, if that did not work bleeding would come next. Third would come sweating. If all else failed “cupping” would come next to remove flem. —Late 18C male doctors mocked for attempts at midewifery. —If a wife is out of line, it was the husbands duty to correct her/beat her —The woman was her husbands ‘helpmeet’.. In reality they were stepping into their gone husbands roles —Rodger Williams: Puritan minister in New England who advocated greater separation of church and state (1634) and he wanted to pay the native americans for their land. The Puritans kicked Williams out and he went to Rhode Islands. —Ann Hutchinson: Appeared as the perfect puritan woman. Married to a merchant, William. She began lecturing to groups of 100+ women about the bible…then men started attending. By the end of 1636 she was criticizing male ministers. She accused them of believing that everything was not predestination, that “good works” and charity could gateway you to Heaven. She ends up in court. For 2.5 weeks she outwits the men…She says God is communicating through her as an immediate revelation, which was not allowed and they put her in jail. After she gives birth to a miscarried baby it is evident that “God isn't happy with her” so the governor kicks her out. She died by indian attacks. 2/9/16 —Late 17th Century Salem Witch Craft Trials The Puritans last attempt to have their perfect community —Women were “more susceptible to the devil” —Puritans were discredited after the Salem Witch Trials —Sir Walter Ralegh gets permission to sail to the New World in the name of Queen Elizabeth..he lands in Roanoke They thought they were rescuing the native americans from the Spanish; initial colonists thought the indians would be thrilled to see them —In 1587, Sir Walter sails back to the New World..They get stuck in england until 1590; all they see is a tree with the word “croatoan” carved on it —1606-1607 2/18/16 **1705 slave codes —If a black person assaulted whit -> 30 lashes —No guns for blacks —Slaves were no longer free to adopt christianity **Quakers —Quakers began in england in around 1650 —Quakers believed that every human being had a smaller inner light, a smaller inner God with them, therefor they believed that all human were equal —England was living in a class ranked society at the time, ranked by houses, clothes, debt, purchase, etc. —Quakers were either naked or simply dressed —The king wanted the quakers gone —King gave land to William Penn (Pennsylvania) and relieved him of his debt because the king wanted the quakers gone —William wanted religious tolerance for his land and mixed economy —Pennsylvania opened in 1681 and was quite successful


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