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Management and information systems MIS 309 NOTES

by: tess grogan

Management and information systems MIS 309 NOTES MIS 309 Aiken

Marketplace > University of Mississippi > Business Administration > MIS 309 Aiken > Management and information systems MIS 309 NOTES
tess grogan

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About this Document

These are for the entire semester
Management and information systems
Dr. Aiken
business, MIS
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This 18 page Bundle was uploaded by tess grogan on Wednesday September 21, 2016. The Bundle belongs to MIS 309 Aiken at University of Mississippi taught by Dr. Aiken in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Management and information systems in Business Administration at University of Mississippi.

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Date Created: 09/21/16
MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN 1. Which is NOT a category of MIS? a. MIS b. EIS c. DSS d. KSS e. TPS 2. PDF stands for ___ a. Presentation Data Format b. Portable Data File c. Portable Document File d. Presentation Document Format e. Portable Document Format 3. Which is NOT a measure of computer speed? a. MOPS b. MIPS c. FLOPS d. MFLOPS 3. GHz 4. A kilobyte is __ bytes a. 1000 b. 1010 c. 1024 d. 1056 e. 1100 5. __ is the cheapest form of data storage per MB a. RAM b. Magnetic tape c. DVD d. Disk drive e. ROM 6. 3A in hexadecimal is __ in decimal a. 30 b. 32 c. 45 d. 50 e. 58 7. __ is an example of a computer benchmark test a. Whetstone b. Milestone c. Digistone d. Exastone e. Megastone 8. Many computers operating on a job is __ MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN a. Multiplexing b. Multiprogramming c. Multiprocessing d. Multibatching e. Multicomputing 9. __ is a way to run a batch job on a PC a. CBS b. TBS c. VBS d. XBS 10. Four bits is a __ a. Heap b. Gulp c. Byte d. Word e. Nibble 11. Schedule a job in Unix with a(n) __ process a. bat b. cat c. at d. dat e. sat 12. Find info on a user in Unix with __ a. request b. whois c. datum d. info e. finger 13. A compiler __ a. Checks a program for syntax errors b. Translates high-level language to machine language c. Translates and runs one piece of code at a time d. Translates assembly language to machine language e. Translates high-level language to assembly 14. An interpreter __ a. Checks a program for syntax errors b. Translates high-level language to machine language c. Translates and runs one piece of code at a time d. Translates assembly language to machine language e. Translates high-level language to assembly 15. Automate Excel with __ MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN a. VBD b. VBC c. VBS d. VBT e. VBA 16. Multithreading is __ a. Running several programs at the same time b. Running several parts of a program at the same time c. Many users running a program at the same time d. Running several programs on the Web e. Running a program on different computers 17. Assembly language is a good choice for __ a. Programs needing high speed and/or small memory b. Web page programming c. Programs to automate MS excel d. Programs that are easy to write and maintain e. DSS programming 18. Which is NOT an operating system? a. Unix b. Android c. VM d. VSB e. Linux 19. You might choose COTS software if __ a. Your business problem is like many others' b. You need the ability to modify software c. Your business problem needs high speed d. You have an unlimited budget e. Your business problem is unique 20. Which is a disadvantage of a Software Suite? a. Costs more than buying individual packages b. Some features have dissimilar GUIs c. Features do not work together well d. Some features not used by all users e. Difficult to find and purchase 21. Which is NOT an advantage of a database? a. Compactness b. Reduces redundancy c. Speed d. Eliminates inconsistencies e. Enforces entropy 22. Which is NOT an example of DBMS? MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN a. DEC SML b. MS SQL Server c. Oracle d. MySQL e. IBM DB2 23. A __ database is in different locations a. Geographical b. Dispersed c. Wide Area d. Distributed e. Redundant 24. We used the __ sort in the VBS assignment a. Shell b. Insertion c. Random d. Heap e. Bubble 25. A __ is like a property of an observation, e.g., "last name" a. Field b. Record c. Table d. Heap e. Structure 26. Normalization __ a. Ensures that tables are the same size b. Joins together unrelated info to form a database c. Ensures that all users have access to the same data d. Determines the maximum size of a database e. Breaks a set of data down into the simplest form 27. In MS Access, a __ organizes information for printing a. Form b. Module c. Macro d. Report e. Window 28. In MS Access, a __ makes data entry easier a. Form b. Module c. Macro d. Report e. Window 29. A __ is a search through information MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN a. Question b. Query c. Goal_seek d. Branch e. Goto 30. A(n) __ diagram is used to design a database a. PR b. KR c. ER d. MR e. TR 31. Which is the fastest algorithm for searching? a. Sequential b. Binary search c. Hashing d. Recursion e. Mnemonics 32. Manipulate a database with __ code a. DLL b. DDL c. APL d. DML e. SQL 33. The CEO uses a __ to monitor the organization a. HIS b. DIIS c. EIS d. CIS e. FIS 34. __ is a market leader in high-end GSS a. SystemMeeting b. GroupSystems c. GroupDecisions d. NetDecisions e. GroupMeeting 35. Dr. Aiken's research is in __ GSS a. Multilingual b. Heterogeneous c. Relational d. Large groups e. Non-anonymous 36. Retrieve hidden information from data with __ MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN a. Algorithm Development b. System Exploration c. Knowledge extraction d. Information building e. Data mining 37. Use a GIS to __ a. Optimize a decision b. Track decisions throughout a project c. Making group decisions d. Develop a statistical model e. Show information spatially 38. __ is basically the same thing as DSS a. SI b. DI c. CI d. BI e. HI 39. Market Basket Analysis can be used to conduct __ a. Affinity analysis b. Conjunctional analysis c. Cross-purposes analysis d. Heterogeneity analysis e. Mathematical analysis 40. A __ is collection of data designed to support management decision making a. Data mall b. Data cache c. Data warehouse d. Data store e. Data plex Section 2 MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN 1. __ is a computer that won on Jeopardy a. Apollo b. Watson c. Howard d. Ulysses 2. __ is an example of a software agent or 'bot' a. Personal Companion b. Turing 2001 c. Chatter Pro d. Say It e. Ultra Hal 3. __ is the biggest problem making an expert system a. Acquiring the knowledge b. Designing the database c. Installing the software d. Evaluating the test runs e. Developing the inference engine 4. __ is the expert system shown in class a. Expert-Ease b. SolveIt c. Exsys d. X-solver e. Expert-Solver 5. __ is the neural network software shown in class a. ExpertForcaster b. NeuralSolver c. NexSys d. NetSolver e. NeuroForecaster 6. The __ algorithm is best for a neural network a. Genetic b. Geriatric c. Generic d. General e. Gentle 7. One way to generate speech on Windows is with __ a. Microsoft Agent b. Microsoft Talk c. Microsoft SayIt d. Microsoft Voice e. Microsoft Language 8. __ is probably the best SR software MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN a. Python b. Dragon c. Phoenix d. Hydra e. Chimera 9. __ is ERP software used in many large companies a. ODBC b. DDE c. BLM d. TCM e. SAP 10. We used __ to do ERP a. ERP-CRM b. ERP-Lite c. ERP-Expert d. ERP-Suite e. ERP-Windows 11. We used __ in an assignment to print a newsletter a. PrintNote b. TakeNote c. MyNote d. OneNote e. EndNote 12. HTML stands for __ a. Hyper Text Managed Language b. Hyper Text Manuscript Language c. Hyper Text Markup Language d. Hyper Text Manipulation Language e. Hyper Text Modification Language 13. A DNS __ a. Checks the bandwidth usage of a web sites b. Maps a URL to a pecific IP address c. Registers a domain name for you d. Checks the memory usage of a web site e. checks the IP address that you are using 14. A WebProxy can be used to __ a. Hide your identity b. Increase the bandwidth c. Register a domain name d. Check for Web page errors e. Multiplex signals 15. FTP is in the __ layer of the ISO OSI model MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN a. Application b. Physical c. Network d. Transport e. Communication 16. Parity is used to __ a. Package a message b. Determine the route of a message c. Multiplex signals d. Check for errors in the message e. Determine how 'fair' the message is 17. A router __ a. Performs traffic directing on the network b. Multiplexes signals c. Corrects errors in messages d. synchronizes signals e. determines if simplex or duplex is to be used 18. JavaScript is __ a. Not case sensitive b. Based on Java c. A client-side, Web programming language d. Used to make compiled programs e. The same as Jscript 19. The __ describes elements available for a Web page a. COM b. DOM c. BOM d. TOM e. POM 20. is an example of __ a. C2B b. B2C c. B2B d. C2C e. C2C2C 21. FNC is an example of __ a. C2B b. B2C c. B2B d. C2C e. B2C2B 22. Google uses the __ model of e-commerce MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN a. Storefront b. Mall c. Communication d. Portal e. hybrid 23. ASP is a __ programming language a. client-side b. server-side c. Web-side d. Remote-side e. Computing-side 24. ASP runs on the __ server a. OSBC b. ADO c. Sunset d. IIS e. Apache 25. Web page Applets run in the java __ a. Target processor b. Byte loader c. Page frame d. Virtual Machine e. Memory system 26. The major advantage of java is __ a. Ease of use b. Dependability c. Complexity d. Simplicity e. Portability 27. __ is somewhere between classic and new ASP a. Phasor b. Taser c. Razor d. Shaver e. Masor 28. We used __ controls in the ASP.NET assignment a. Verification b. Validation c. Correction d. Inspection e. Detection 29. A 3-__ app includes presentation, logic, and data MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN a. level b. later c. platform d. stage e. Tier 30. The __ provides services over the Web a. Ether b. Cloud c. Backbone d. Utilidore e. ServiceStation 31. Use SOAP to __ a. Clean viruses from applications b. Remove extraneous code c. Communicate between applications d. Convert a program to a different language e. Add documentation to a program 32. XML stands for __ a. Extensible Markup Language b. External Manipulation Language c. Educational Machine Language d. Extremely Manageable Language e. Exportable Markup Language 33. __ is a type of XML for business use a. B-XML b. BusXML c. XBRL d. XCML e. XBML 34. __ is a way to render XML to HTML a. DAO b. XLT c. OLE d. XAM e. XSL 35. Use DTD to __ a. Transform XML b. Generate XML c. Render XML d. Validate XML e. Clean XML 36. A __ is similar to a DTD MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN a. Map b. Schema c. Contract d. Plan e. Diagram 37. CSS is used with Web pages to __ a. Increase the security b. Increase the complexity c. Make them ADA compatible d. Make them multicultural e. Maintain Consistent Style 38. A file called mystyle.css is an example of __ CSS a. Encoded b. Internal c. Embodied d. Embedded e. External 39. CSS in the html file can be inline or __ a. Encoded b. Internal c. Embodied d. Embedded e. External 40. Use a CSS filter to __ a. do special effects b. Load a file c. Perform Validation d. Compile a program e. Increase Security 1. Use prototyping for __ projects MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN a. Large, complex b. Web-based c. Multi-user d. Simple, custom-designed e. PC-based 2. Use SDLC for __ projects a. Large. complex b. Web-based c. Single user d. Simple, custom-designed e. PC-based 3. A __ is NOT a system design technique a. Flowchart b. Data flow diagram c. UML diagram d. Structure chart e. ODBC chart 4. A __ is NOT a strategy to implement a new system a. Phased b. Pilot c. Direct cutover d. Tangential e. Parallel 5. We used __ to plan a project a. MS Project b. MS Powerpoint c. MS excel d. MS Plan e. MS ChartIt 6. One strength of COBOL is its ability to do __ a. Object-oriented programming b. Intensive number crunching c. File processing d. Graphics e. String processing 7. COBOL is also __ a. A very recently developed programming language b. Rarely used in businesses c. Used to develop Web pages d. Very 'wordy' (self-documenting) e. Used in science and engineering 8. In OOP, an object is an instance of a __ a. Construct b. Class MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN c. Module d. Form e. Template 9. __ is the object oriented version of the C language a. C@ b. C* c. C++ d. C? e. C! 10. OLE allows you to __ a. Add documentation to data b. Check the consistency of data c. Check the data for viruses d. Post data on the Web e. Dynamically link data 11. The __ focuses on the overall management of IT a. CEO b. CFO c. COO d. CIO e. CTO 12. The __ focuses on the IT infrastructure of a company a. CEO b. CFO c. COO d. CIO e. CTO 13. Which is NOT a reason to outsource IT services? a. Save money b. Reduce time to market c. Increase security of data d. Focus on core competencies e. Achieve flexible staffing 14. Moving to another country to save costs is __ a. Business-sourcing b. Outsourcing c. Globalsourcing d. Offshoring e. Costsourcing 15. Which is NOT a reason to centralize IT in a company a. Increase redundancy b. make data backup easier MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN c. make training easier d. make data sharing easier e. increase software compatibility 16. Wolfram Alpha __ a. Validates a Web page b. Provides VoiP c. Finds geographic location d. Translates languages e. Summarizes knowledge 17. __ is Microsoft's search engine a. Metacrawler b. Ask c. Ixquick d. Bing e. Google 18. We used __ to do statistics a. SAS b. SPSS c. Stata d. Systat e. Statistica 19. __ has more functionality and variety of statistics a. SAS b. SPSS c. Stata d. Systat e. Statistica 20. A __ site provides immediate resumption of your IT tasks a. Prepared b. Live c. Virtual d. Hot e. Reactive 21. Fail __ means that IT continues at the same level a. Perfect b. Protected c. Sheltered d. Secure e. Safe 22. Fail __ means that IT continues but at a reduced level a. Easy b. Gentle MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN c. Soft d. Warm e. Mild 23. Use steganography to __ a. make a Web site more secure b. Hide your message c. make system recovery easier d. Prevent Trojan Horses e. Detect computer viruses 24. Use a Windows __ to monitor desktop computer activity a. Service b. Provider c. Monitor d. Watcher e. Helper 25. A __ attach overburdens a Web site a. Zombie script b. Hack c. Denial of Service d. Kill Process e. Web Flood 26. A public key is registered with a __ authority a. Registration b. Certificate c. Documentation d. Public official e. Law enforcement 27. __ is a well-known program for encryption a. TTP b. PCP c. DDP d. PGP e. TCP 28. Combat network __ with HTTPS a. Sniffing b. Stealing c. Peeping d. Probing e. Peeking 29. We use Excel __ to summarize data a. DataTable b. SummaryTable MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN c. PivotTable d. InfoTable e. SumTable 30. Internet Explorer __ prevents session info from being stored (good when using a public computer) a. Virus Filter b. Cookie Blocker c. Session Screener d. Secure Filter e. InPrivate Browsing 31. Internet Explorer __ detects Malicious web pages a. Virus Filter b. Security Filter c. Session Filter d. SmartScreen Filter e. Page Filter 32. A computer __ is a virus transmitted over a network a. Snail b. Spider c. Snake d. Eel e. Worm 33. Phishing is __ a. An email luring you into a get-rich-quick scam b. Pretending to be a different, authentic Web page c. Secretly extracting the IP address of your computer d. Obtaining information fraudulently through email e. Secretly reading old email on your computer 34. Pharming __ a. Hijacks your computer b. Takes you to a bogus Web page c. Is a type of fraudulent ad click fraud d. Extracts passwords stored on your computer e. Installs a Trojan Horse on your computer 35. Link Farming is __ a. Adding extra links to a page on a search engine b. Getting Web users to create links to Web sites c. Making many Web sites all linking to another d. Creating links to fictitious Web sites e. Extracting links from a Web page 36. __ is using a wireless network without permission a. Loadsharing b. Piggybacking MIS 309 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: DR. AIKEN c. Network Intrusion d. Wireless Invasion e. Wireless Theft 37. __ is Microsoft's free anti-virus program a. Rootkit b. Security Essentials c. Virus Blocker d. Secure Anywhere e. Antivirus pro 38. __ is Microsoft's free anti-spyware program a. Spyware Shield b. Blocker c. Defender d. Page Filter e. Guardian 39. In Flash, you draw objects on the __ a. Form b. Window c. Cell d. Stage e. Frame 40. In Flash, the __ is a graphical display of frames a. Frame_Sequence b. Plot c. Reel d. Storyboard e. Timeline


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