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Z404 - Exam 2 Study Guide

by: Mike Krumtinger

Z404 - Exam 2 Study Guide 21461

Marketplace > Indiana University > 21461 > Z404 Exam 2 Study Guide
Mike Krumtinger
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

Notes and listening guide songs
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Mike Krumtinger on Monday March 30, 2015. The Bundle belongs to 21461 at Indiana University taught by in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 120 views.


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Date Created: 03/30/15
Bob Dylan Exam 2 Dylan Goes Electric the storm and fury at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival Dylan39s alienation from the folk purists and political activists and new exposure to the Beatle generation and Billboard charts and a new role as a major pop star Dylan39s classic electric period quotchains of ashing lightningquot and Great Art on the Jukebox The breakthrough with quotLike a Rolling Stonequot The Byrds39 quotMr Tambourine Manquot the birth of quotfolkrockquot and Dylan39s enormous in uence on the music of the midSixties Dylan39s peak as both pop icon and Bohemian antihero Blonde On Blonde and quotthat thin that wild mercury soundquot Dylan and the expansion of Rock into a vehicle for true personal expression and limitless imagination Dylan39s manic incendiary 1966 World Tour and the sudden End of an Era with The Motorcycle Wreck Dylan39s Summer of Love in the basement of Big Pink quoton the sidelines in a castquot rediscovering America and reinventing himself with The Band in Woodstock Dylan39s longawaited public reemergence and his musical return to a sparse acoustic sound the opposite of Sgt Pepper and the enigmatic parables and morality plays Nashville Skyline Dylan39s quotcountry periodquot and withdrawal into family life as the Sixties fade and quotamnesiaquot sets in Self Portrait and the Isle of Wight Festival appearance Notes Missing 217 219 224 notes Bring It All Back Home 1965 quotSubterranean Homesick Blues quotShe Belongs To Me quotMaggie 5 Farm quotLove Minus ZeroNo Limit quotBob Dylan s 115 Dream quotMr Tambourine Man quotIt s Alright Ma I m Only Bleeding quotIt s All Over N0 W Baby Blue Highway 61 Revisited 1965 recorded June 1516 July 2930 August 24 produced by Tom Wilson June amp Bob Johnson Dylan guitar harmonica piano 0 released Aug 3039 1965 Michael Bloom eld Guitar Al Kooper Organ amp piano quotLike a Rolling Stone Newport Folk Festival July 2225 1965 o Dylan goes electric for rst time 0 Paul Butter eld Blues Band backup band 0 Did not go back to New port until 2002 quotPositivey 4th Street Singe recorded July 29th 0 released September 7th 7 on charts quotTombstone Blues hard blues fast quotIt Takes A Lot To Laugh But It Takes A Train To Cry more laid back more piano more classic blues quotBallad of a Thin Man annoying journalists slower hence ballad 0 TEST QUESTION Who is quotMisterJonesquot pinboy set up the pins at the bowling alley quotQueen jane Approximatey quotHigh way 61 Re visisted 7ust Like Tom Thumb 5 Blues quotDesolation Row Missing notes from 35 310 Blonde on Blonde 1966 Recorded 0 October 5 November 30 January 21 25 27 in New York Recorded 0 February 14 1516 17 March 78 910 in Nashville quotMost Likely You Go Your Way And I I Go Mine quotRainy Day Women 12 amp 35 got the band drunk bc they were recording for so long wanted them to get loose for it quotI Want You most pop song on the record USA Tour February 1966 World Tour w band AprilMay 1966 0 Australia Scandinavia England Bob Dylan Live 1966 album 1966 Tour lmed by DA Pennebaker 0 Eat the documentary shown in class 0 quotLeopardSkin PillBox Hat Live at Albert Hall 1966 0 quotOne Too Many Mornings England 1966 w the Band actually called the Band known as The Hawks Robbie Robertson guitar Bootleg Series Vol 4 Live 1966 quotThe Royal Albert Hall Concertquot 0 May 17 1966 July 29 1966 Motorcycle crash l Woodstock New York Striebbel Road continued to writerecord didn t go on tour for 8 years rumors he was dead etc was able to get away and gure out his direction 1967 Bob Dylan sits out the quotSummer of Lovequot summer of 1967 when as many as 100000 people converged in the HaightAshbury neighborhood of San Francisco quotin a castquot the quotBasement Tapesquot recorded by Dylan amp the Band collection of demo tapes 1967 released in 1975 at the Pink House in Saugerties New York recorded the Carter Family Hank Williams 0 quotL0 amp Behold quotYou Ain t Goin Nowhere quotI m Not Therequot documentaryBasement tape song quotThe Wheel s on Firequot 0 cowritten Dylan amp Rick Danko quotOdds and Ends quotGoing to Acapulco quotTears Of Rage quot900 Miles From My Home


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