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Chapter 2 Detailed

by: Natalie Land

Chapter 2 Detailed STC 350

Natalie Land
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Detailed notes from the book for our test on Chapter 2 Hispanics
STC 350 International and Intercultural Advertising
Wanhsiu Tsai
stc350, STC, 350, Intercultural
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This 2 page Bundle was uploaded by Natalie Land on Thursday September 29, 2016. The Bundle belongs to STC 350 at University of Miami taught by Wanhsiu Tsai in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see STC 350 International and Intercultural Advertising in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 09/29/16
Chapter  2:  Hispanic  Americans   •   1980:  14.6  million  Hispanics  in  the  united  states     •   1990:  22.4  million  in  the  US     •   2000:  they  become  the  largest  minority  in  the  United  States  instead  of  African   Americans     •   Today  America  is  becoming  more  Hispanic;  the  browning  of  America     o   The  Hispanics  mostly  come  from  Mexico  and  they  are  from  immigrants  but  also   from  their  being  more  births  than  deaths     o   They  come  mostly  to  south  east  of  United  States  like  North  Carolina,  Nevada  and   Alabama   •   We  are  becoming  a  Latino  America     o   Jorge  Ramos  is  from  Univision  the  anchor  man  and  he  says  they  are  integrating   into  America  but  they  wont  fully  assimilate     •   They  assimilate  but  in  their  own  terms     o   They  don’t  assimilate  to  the  Anglo  Saxon  English  type  thing  but  rather  to  the  new   multicultural  America     o   They  assimilate  slowly     •   Today  children  of  Hispanics  proudly  express  their  hispanidnes     o   It  wasn’t  always  this  way  for  example  a  girl  named  Paula  the  author  was  Mexican   American  and  when  she  was  little  she  grew  up  embarrassed  of  being  Mexican,   like  when  her  mom  would  drive  up  in  a  Chevy  with  loud  Spanish  music  she  hated   it,  it  took  a  while  for  her  to  self  accept     o   Many  of  the  second  and  third  generation  Hispanics  during  the  1980s  and  1990s   were  told  not  to  speak  Spanish,  many  were  punished  for  speaking  Spanish  at   school,  moms  were  told  to  only  speak  to  them  English  so  they  wouldn’t  have   Spanish  accents     •    Retro  Acculturation:  leaving  your  culture  and  then  going  back  to  it   o   search  for  culture  identity  or  roots  after  having  assimilated  or  lost  them     §   most  Hispanics,  and  jews  go  through  this     §   in  the  last  twenty  years  their  may  be  very  little  Retro  Acculturation   because  no  culture  to  go  back  to     •   today  Hispanics  don’t  lose  their  culture  their  taught  to  embrace   them     •   but  today  third  generation  Hispanics  are  losing  their  Spanish   however  they  aren’t  becoming  gringos     •   Hispanics  are  learning  English,  raising  children  as  Hispanic   americans  and  becoming  and  engaging  in  the  political  process     •   The  new  immigrants     o   Don’t  bash  on  Hispanics  whether  they  are  illegal  or  not  because  this  wont  do   good  for  you  in  the  political  sector  nor  the  marketing  sector  but  sometimes  too   much  loving  is  not  good  either     §   IE:  Bank  of  America  was  offering  credit  cards  to  illegals  without  social   security  people  found  out  and  called  BOA  an  oxymoron  also  they   boycotted  a  lot  of  BOA  they  were  mad     §   MTV:  sponsored  forum  and  questions  for  Hispanics:  MTVtres     •   Culture  Clash   o   2006:  illegal  immigration  issue  is  heated  and  shows  that  the  immigrants   themselves  have  a  lot  of  support  in  America  but  also  have  a  lot  of  bad  attitudes   towards  the  US     §   love  hate  relationship   o   malinchismo:  preference  for  things  foreign     o   most  Hispanics  come  for  work,  economic  reasons  and  have  a  stable  environment     o   gringos  live  to  work,  more  materialistic,  do  things  for  themselves     o   Hispanics:  work  to  live,  do  things  for  family,  have  family  dinners,  talk  to  their   neighbors,  most  proud  of  their  values,  centrality  of  family,  roles  and  respect  of   others  especially  elders,  education  for  them  is  being  polite  well  behaved  and   sensitive  to  the  feelings  of  others     §   The  Hispanic  mother  is  sacred  and  nurturing,  they  sacrifice  for  their   children,  they  think  the  natural  is  good  and  artificial  and  preservatives  is   unhealthy,  pay  cash  for  everything,  sacrifice  for  the  family,  they  don’t   believe  in  nursing  homes,  the  eldest  treated  with  full  respect     •   Hispanic  Advertising  Now     o   Peter  roslow:  study  that  showed  that  marketing  to  Hispanics  should  be  in   Spanish     §   Real  challenge  today  is  the  younger  generation   •   Its  not  a  large  outlet  to  reach  to  in  English,  Hispanics  prefer   speaking  in  Spanish     •   Today  Spanglish  is  also  good     §   Kravets  says     •   Family,  spirituality,  interpersonal  relationships,  national  origin  are   of  importance  in  decision  making  for  Hispanics     •   Today  advertising  Hispanic  agencies  are  in  midst  of   experimentation  no  established  rules  yet     o    


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