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WRT 150, Bundle

by: eshumaker1328

WRT 150, Bundle WRT 150 29


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About this Document

Mix of a bunch of notes
Strategies of Writing
Dr. Nowak
75 ?




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This 2 page Bundle was uploaded by eshumaker1328 on Saturday October 1, 2016. The Bundle belongs to WRT 150 29 at Grand Valley State University taught by Dr. Nowak in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Strategies of Writing in Writing at Grand Valley State University.


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Date Created: 10/01/16
Tuesday, September 27, 2016 WRT, Week 5 Rebecca Solnit Has your experience of space changed? Is there a difference between growing up in the suburbs and growing up in the city? What about growing up in rural areas? Her piece was written in 2000, are there things she might not be taking into consideration? - “house” was thought of as “consecrated space separate from the rest of the world” - the picture of London looks super packed, and overly populated • i could never live there - why do they refer to people as an obstacle for traffic movement? - why does time and space disappear as trains move in? “This is a state bordering on sensory deprivation.” - disappearance from outside Schaper’s NPR Article - “without fear of censorship” to me means you can disrespect a teacher or a person above them and get away with it because it “freedom of speech” - the last thing that you want to hear as an incoming freshman is “WARNING” - “does not condone the creation of intellectual “safe spaces” where individuals can retreat from ideas and perspectives at odds with their own”, what?! I feel as though you should be able to retreat from anything you want to. - even though this article unnerves me, I would have to agree that this makes some sense because you want to get people ready for the real world and sugar coating things is not doing so. - “best way to [learn from one another and to learn from the world and study things and figure out the answers] is to hear all sides of everything” true, very true. Hence the comment made above - “be exposed to more things, not to less things” 1 Tuesday, September 27, 2016 Paxton’s Washington Post Article - “stifle speech in the interest of protecting students from ideas and perspectives they don't want to hear” - “freedom of expression is an essential component of academic freedom, which protects the ability of universities to fulfill their core mission of advancing knowledge” talked about this in previous notes - if we block the ability to open up to new ideas and other people then we will not advance as a civilization. - shield from ideas - “Although she made it a point to develop relationships with people from different backgrounds, that group gave her a much-needed anchor in an unfamiliar environment.” - We are grappling with how to create peaceful, just and prosperous societies, even as we live in a society that often feels more divided and rancorous than ever, fractured along lines of race, ethnicity, income and ideology. 2


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