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Exam 3 Study Charts

by: Lauren Vaccaro

Exam 3 Study Charts ARH2050

Lauren Vaccaro
GPA 3.2

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About this Document

They are helpful for studying the differences and similarities between artistic eras/styles (in Unit 3, that is). The styles/eras I covered are: Islamic, Insular, Carolingian, Ottonian, Romanesque,...
History and Criticism of Art I
Art, history, arches, Architecture, iconography, exam, 3, three, chart, charts, cathedrals, religion, study, guide, Islamic, Gothic, Romanesque, carolingian, ottonian, insular, european, Styles, style
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This 6 page Bundle was uploaded by Lauren Vaccaro on Monday October 3, 2016. The Bundle belongs to ARH2050 at Florida State University taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see History and Criticism of Art I in Art History at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 10/03/16
Arches * = example Style Description Islamic Horseshoe arches Cordoba: Great Mosque* -Came from Roman and Byzantine empires Arche of the niche (mirab) Pointed arch Shah Mosque* -Way of carrying down weight Double flying arches Cordoba: Great Mosque* -Alternation of white stones and red brick voussoirs -Crisscrossing arches make up maqsura Joggled voussoirs Nur al-Din Mausoleum* Kufic Dome of the Rock* Romanesque Transverse arches Church of St. Vincene* Cathedral of St. James* Sometimes pointy Cathedral of Saint-Lazare* Concentric arches on westwork Cathedral of Saint-Lazare* Arches joined strip buttresses Gothic Pointy arches Lancet Arch Salisbury Cathedral* Equilateral Arch Flamboyant Arch East Window at Carlisle Cathedral* Depressed Arch East End of Gloucester Cathedral* Molded arch troves Triforum Flying buttresses Style Iconography (Architecture) Themes, Iconography, and Intentions/Miscellaneous Motifs Islamic Lusterware Aniconism Light and dense decorations: Desire to cover space and dissolve Madrasa Geometric design form, creating euphermal quality. Macarnis Calligraphy; Kufic Macarnis blur transitions between different surfaces as well as Mihrab Arabesques symbolizes a view of the universe Calligraphy; Kufic Byzantine-like Light also represents the power of the sultan/caliph Horseshoe arches Interest in symmetry Minnerats Printed on vellum Pointed arch Text on top = secular Islam Light plays important role in Islamic Cycle of Princely architecture Entertainments Functions like Roman forum Central plan Insular Interlace Interlace Stave church The Norse: -Boar = power Longitudinal/Basilica -Geometric designs -Graceful, curling lines -Eye-and-beak motif -“Animal style” -Generally symmetrical -Animals are in profile or bird-eye Multicultural elements Abstract British Isles: -Illuminated books -Spiral, knot motifs -Ornamental -Elaborate covers; gold and jewelry Dedication page Carolingian Inspiration: Rome and Carolingian miniscule Ravenna Representation of lifelike westwork humans to a central position Basilica plan Cross and the Crucifixion common themes Richly-decorated illuminations Ottonian Basilica plan Codex Roman traditions Byzantine-like Carolingian traditions Has a typical architecturally designed backdrop Elongated, “s- shaped” figures Richly-decorated illuminations Use of sharply outlined drawing and lavish fields of gold Romanesque Narrative and iconic figural Suppression of the sense of Public displays of Christian doctrine imagery in deeply carved lifelike illusionism that and moral teaching would have ornamental frameworks characterized earlier been part of the cultural landscape would collect around the mosaics in favor of surveyed by pilgrims journeying entrances to churches, ornamental patterns and focusing on their compelling schemas Masonry vaults would enhance portal complexes acoustic effect of Gregorian chants Sparkles! Color! Rounded arches, Masonry walls, characteristic Most important imagery on Growth of a cult of relics and the of Roman buildings a Romanesque portal desire to visit shrines increasingly appears on the semicircular inspired pilgrimages Styles vary from place to tympanum place Sculpture in wood and bronze: Profusion of allegorical served as cult objects on the altars Vertical bands of masonry, figures, geometric of many churches; sometimes took strip buttresses ornament, animals, etc. part in the liturgical dramas being added to church services at that Transverse arches Foliate time Compound pier that works in Imagery made as graphic as Rising numbers of pilgrimages concert with the transverse possible so that viewers called for the church to have a arches to divide the nave into could identify with the more expansive ground plan a series of bays = system of situations depictions bay division Most popular parable of Pilgrimage plan Jesus in this art style: Tale of Lazarus and Dives Cruciform plan Last Judgment was also Each bay divided with two commonly used as a pairs of diagonal crisscrossing warning rounded ribs and so kept the crowns of the vaults close in Any image of Mary seated height to the keystones of on a throne and holding the pointed transverse Christ on her lap is known arches as “The Throne of Wisdom” Solid blocks of color innovation: historiated capitals Gothic Stained-glass windows Small, fine-featured heads, Increase in financial resources, whose precious expression, building tech, and new intellectual Rose window carefully crafted hairdos, and spiritual aspirations and mannered poses of Points of slender piers aristocratic refinement Flying buttress system permitted reinforced by external much larger clerestory windows buttress systems Themes of sacred kingship Pointed arches and ribbed groin vaults rising from compound piers over rectangular bays 14 Century Moralized Bibles Growing regard for the artist’s European Art reputation (artist’s signature on artwork) Naturalism


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