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PSY 3305 // Lecture 4

by: Upasana Raja

PSY 3305 // Lecture 4 REL 2101

Marketplace > Temple University > Religion > REL 2101 > PSY 3305 Lecture 4
Upasana Raja

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About this Document

Last section of chapter 1 Let me know if you have questions
Indian Philosophy and Religion
Dennis Stromback
socail, and, personality, development
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This 2 page Bundle was uploaded by Upasana Raja on Friday October 7, 2016. The Bundle belongs to REL 2101 at Temple University taught by Dennis Stromback in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Indian Philosophy and Religion in Religion at Temple University.


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Date Created: 10/07/16
th 14 -September-2016 1 1) Ethnography - Advantages o Rich extensive information about social and culture - Disadvantage o Highly subjective to researcher o Limited to generalizability o Only similar kind of communities can be observed 2) Experimental methods - Used to study cause and effect relationship - Treatments and conditions in which subjects are exposed to evaluate o Independent variable (IV)  Manipulated o Dependent variable (DV)  Measured  Change is observed o Example  Aggression and televised violence  Experimental group is more likely to be aggressive when exposed to  televised compared to control group which is not exposed to televised  compared o Confounding variables  Other variables that are responsible for changes in a study  Example: Temperament  Was it due to temperament or televised violence that children showed aggressive behaviors?  How to overcome confounding variables?  Temperaments tests need to conducted in order to figure out  what is the reason for violence behavior? o Ecological validity  We don’t study in reality and situations are difficult to recreate in real  world  Example  Stranger situation lacks this validity 3) Longitudinal study - A single group of 250 children or adult is a good number  o Even larger population can be studied - Advantage o Useful data is collected o Tracking stability of a behavior over years passes along 14 -September-2016 2 o Individual differences in children who have particular behavior can be studied - Disadvantage o Expensive o Time consuming 4) Generational effect - Kids are born in specific area and may not generalize to the population as a whole - Cohort effect and cross­generational differences


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