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4/6 The invisible wars

by: Ally Hill

4/6 The invisible wars 26387

Marketplace > University of Pittsburgh > Sociology > 26387 > 4 6 The invisible wars
Ally Hill
GPA 3.3
Social Aspects of Sexuality
Kim Creasap

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About this Document

Social Aspects of Sexuality
Kim Creasap
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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Ally Hill on Tuesday April 7, 2015. The Bundle belongs to 26387 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Kim Creasap in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Social Aspects of Sexuality in Sociology at University of Pittsburgh.


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Date Created: 04/07/15
sexuality 46 4715 1040 PM Sexual Violence amp Social Institutions Discussion Guide The Invisible War watched an hour in class 46 on Netflix 1 5 What do you think the title The Invisible Warquot means How would you define war mentioned in the film s title If you were able to make a film about campus sexual assault what would it be called The film shows a campaign aimed at sexual assault prevention What messages did this campaign send to viewers How does it compare to campaigns aimed at college students Both the Invisible War and recent reports on campus sexual assault reveal that many people who report sexual assault and harassment are treated as though their dress behavior and alcohol consumption encouraged the attacks Why do you think this kind of victim blaming occurs What rape myths are present in these interpretations of sexual assault Why do you think rates of military sexual assault are double what they are in civilian society What explanations do the experts in the film hint at as the reasons for this Which of these explanations do you find most convincing Research on college sexual assault shows that fraternity houses are frequently where sexual assault occurs What does this context have in common with military if anything What parallels can you draw between the institutional barriers to reportingpreventing sexual assault in the military and universities 6 What is consent How is it defined Movie notes 0 they made it very clear that ifI said anything they were gonna kill me I had no one to talk to bc the people perpetrating me were the policequot 0 Over 20 of female veterans have been sexually assaulted while serving 0 In 1991 200000 women so far had been sexually assaulted in the military so far This is only the reported number 0 Now about half a million women have been sexually assaulted If a woman makes a rape complaint people always ask what she was wearing etc Women investigators were not given rape complaints because they were too sympathetic One woman was told that her rape kit pictures examiner kit was lost Because her case is closed nothing can be done Women who ve been raped in the military have a higher rate of PTSD than men in combat 20000 men in military have been sexually assaulted Men do not talk about it or they will be labeled a buddy fuckerquot Shame is even worse for men because it s tied in with homophobia Gays are not the rapists in the military it is largely heterosexual men These perpetrators will rape anyone men or women 1991 Tailhook wall of silence had gone up to protect the guilty 2003 Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs 142 allegations of sexual assault one mile from the US capitol building Marine Barracks in DC most prestigious unit in the Marine Corps women were told that they were only sex objects for the marines in units were sexual violence is accepted rates of rape TRIPLE 4715 1040 PM 4715 1040 PM


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