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Test 4 Notes

by: Janice Carter

Test 4 Notes AHS 101

Janice Carter
History of Art Survey 1
Ronald D. Rarick

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About this Document

These are class notes for Test 4 for Dr. Rarick's AHS 101 course. These are by far the best notes that details everything from Rarick's lectures. Even though these were from Spring 2015, th...
History of Art Survey 1
Ronald D. Rarick
ahs, 101, ahs101, test, test4, 4, four, rarick, Art, history, ball, state, ballstate, University, course, class
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This 26 page Bundle was uploaded by Janice Carter on Monday August 17, 2015. The Bundle belongs to AHS 101 at Ball State University taught by Ronald D. Rarick in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see History of Art Survey 1 in Art History at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 08/17/15
Notes written by Janice Carter 32015 Islamic Art Chapter 10 7th century CE foundation of Islam Inherited Byzantine architecture I A J quot393 V quot5553 quot 39 Muslim Distribution 1 glam a nrri raznric stJi 39 N La 39 39 PM I a i I 15 Ry xxquot 7 I quot VM 7 If China 39 6x 33 i II J 3 If Ill II lift7 2Mquot Bay of Sign 1 I L L J quot l Camml r n V 39 39 quot ggtanlta u39 Miigan Republic 1 Ew m mu r r r Equator Mm indian 39cean quot39 J 7 Sqdmllh 39 IH South Ariantic Ocean M ng g Burnt39339 W ln u u o proper name forth religion One god Allah and prophet Muhammad o adjective for a person of Islam 0 NO SCULPTURES in Islam art 0 MAYBE PAINTINGS as an artform images are prohibited to Muslims Very few miniatures small paintings equivalent to an illuminated manuscript are allowed 0 Pain o beautiful writing An outlet for artistic creativity to Islam 7 o SUMPTUARY ARTS crafts accepted and very important in the Islamic world Also an outlet for creativity 0 Elaborate Persian carpets No images abstract only 0 ARCHITECTURE accepted Palaces and royal 39 tombs are very artistic Notes written by Janice Carter 0 mosque place for worship and prayer More like Christian churches architecturally less like Persian temples Shapes of mosques are diverse o minaret tall sections of a mosque ex Hagia Sophia 0 mihrab niche in a mosque that directs location of Mecca minaret mihrab quotr fl Er m r quot Va t F r quot a P r I y I L39 39a aj rnj I i m f it E f fjiquot CE 0 Dome of the Rock oldest surviving major Islamic monument An octagonal mosque An extremely sacred building Notes written by Janice Carter Prayer Hail Ef e Greer EQHE 35 w inquot 5W frl mie 34m mummy 0 Prayer Hall of the Great Mosque for prayer A hypostyle hall Mihrab from Iran Islamic century o Mihrab from Iran tile work 0 arabesque in the arab style Combination of abstract pattern and calligraphy Notes written by Janice Carter 32315 South Asian Art Chapters 15 and 32 I D N 7 7 M91305 Feel 7 V 39 quot 39 Over 4270 OVBH J quot 3050 to 4270 iopno ll i 1525 to 3050 5000 to 6101101525 20000 305 lo 510 1000 0 0 lo 305 010 100 k 39 39 r Depth otWazer 010153 I 00500 Below 153 Below 5 25001500 BCE Peak at 2000 BCE A forgotten civilization until archaeologists discovered it Had advanced septic systems for its time 0 Lack of monumentallarger sculptures Mostly modestsized gurines softer physique on body compared to Greek s muscular physique A more stylized approach 390 iiir L i E i 2 f j 0 India Distinctio Indus Valley seals Very small 4 equivalent to Sumerian cylinder seals Standard format of writing on top and a mystical being on the bottom I Indus Civilization collapsed A period with no surviving art in India l o a cycle of being reborn in the world like I reincarnation Living was considered sufferable o breaking the cycle of samsara moment that separates the soul from samsara Lose individuality and become with with the universe 0 a person who experienced nirvana escaped samsara a person who has enough spiritual merit to achieve nirvana but they delay in order to guide struggling souls to nirvana A bodhisattva is very close in becoming a buddha Notes written by Janice Carter 0 a conqueror collected territories Succeeds a great empire but he regret the process of killing people because it was ethically wrong to buddhists He converts to Buddhism and promotes this religion 0 Ashoka is like an Asian version of Constantine O Ashoka funds major monuments mostly columns 0 condition Lions a royal emblem 0 Early buddhas were not imaged in art 0 Buddhist emblems 0 Wheel cycle of spiritual experience and institutions of the buddha 0 Lotus bud or blossom the purity of the buddha emerging from the suffering of human life 0 early buddhist monument A built moundshape like the Etruscan tumulus that holds ashes or holy objects of a buddha A holy presence of the divine 0 People worship by going around the stupa for the reenactment of samsara 0 Symbol of the stupa is the world we live in through the cosmos ex the Pantheon s domeshape Notes written by Janice Carter Smmhf O mandala a sacred cosmic diagram A stupa is a threedimensional cosmic diagram 0 chaitya hall an early Buddha place similar to that of a church Rockcut to imitate a wood structure Stupa at the end 0 Gandhara kingdom where art had style elements of Roman O Broad jaw wide forehead Wavy hair longstraight nose small mouth all caucasian features o Buddhist emblems 0 Top of the head lies a bump emblem of the buddha Represents the expansion of the mind 0 Dot on the bridge of the nose third eye Represents spiritual awareness o gt Buddhist India Distinctio concealed robbing o mudra symbolic hand positions 3 o Palms up mudra of meditation 32515 0 Gupta Dynasty 4th 7th centuries CE during the time of early Byzantine Notes written by Janice Carter Asianic version of buddha O lessconcealed robbing Ovalshaped head no sharp jaw line Hair is tightly curled like the ethnic South Asians Thicker lips O The Gupta style in uenced artists internationally It became the standard artstyle of Buddhism mith Pr 39 hi quot the First Sermon Indian 5th century CE 0 Buddha Preaching the First Sermon counting his ngers Telling his disciples of the Four Noble Truths a buddhist distinction 0 Ajanta secluded place for the monks to live A rockcut community Cliffs with holes which are for temples meeting halls and residences If o Finestsurviving examples of quotVBuddhist art in India during the Gupta dynasty o Interiors were originally painted r Murals inside are the best surViVing paintings in India s history Notes written by Jamaica Carter 0 gt Buddhist India Distinctio buddha is in a plain monk robe to renounce emblems o gt Bodhisattva India Distinctio wears jewelry scarves ourishing in accessories They also wear a crown Hinduism means faith of the Indians replaces Buddhism in India Buddhism is practiced more in other near countries Not a concentrated religion No onesingle sacred text Polytheistic 0 Hindu gods transform into different formsavatars O Shiva god of destruction One of his forms is seen with O Destroys the universe to enable creation of it cosmic power 0 Vishnu the preserver god sustains the universe s existence He is BLUE He is seen reclined on a multipleheaded serpent Vishnu has many avatars v m Temple O Vishvanatha Temple essence of a Hindu temple 0 In Hinduism the IMAGE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE WORD Notes written by Janice Carter 0 The temple s plan is very precise and articulately measured 0 gt Hindu India Distinctio sexual bliss is the equivalent to divine bliss O Shiva lord of the Dance He s in a ring of re Dance that destroys the universe He has 4 arms Standing on a demonform represents stomping on ignorance Islamic rulers of India 15l7th centuries Muslim invaders of the North take India They import Islamic art IslamicIndian style intermixes o temple for the dead wife of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan 17th century 0 Imported marble workers from Italy built the temple 0 Court and sumptuary art 0 Ruling class of India was Muslim as the people still practiced Hinduism 0 Court art was secular as provincial art contained divine supernatural beings Notes written by Janice Carter NOT ISLAMIC Southeast Asia art not India 7quot 11 IS39 1 a 1 naught 39 in 7 u L Notes written by Janice Carter 93 Great Smut Hf I n39 m WI 5 quotELL 5 E itquot LILa u E E t iy CE 0 Great Stupa of Borobudur great religious monument of the world Coated with relief sculptures Smaller stupas at the top that are bellshape with a buddha inside 0 Go up the stairs walk around level next level walk around mimicking the cycle samsara Higher level of spiritual consciousness 32715 0 Khmer dynasty 65th century CE empire in Southeast Asia Capital city is Angkor means capital Two great temples in Angkor one of which is a work to know 5 F 2395 fa fgahl l I D n I n I u a 3amp2 39umE39J L39fl l39 i39 garLquot Unitdilati Khmer 12th eentmy CE 0 Angkor Wat a Vishnu temple with the same complex appearance as Hindu Temples Composed of clustered temples Coated with shallow reliefs Notes written by Janice Carter Thailand 90 of the population are Buddhists W a 5 i xquot quot 339 EAJ 39F 5 man UF Fl ur o bro noodlelike Elongated hands no joints Top of bump is a ame additional symbol of o gt Southeast Asia Distinctio on top of a stupa lies a point This symbolizes the heavenly realms of divine beings nze Walking sense of movement Seems boneless limbs are enlightenment Notes written by Janice Come Art of China and Korea China continuously evolving Natives are keenly aware of their historical heritage o A diversity of lifestyles modern and traditional 0 Prehistoric China 2500 BCE Pottery is cradled in a hole reason pots are halfdecorated Geometric patterns 0 Bronze age angular face creased details Superenormous hand that held an object Surviving goldleaf 0 Northern China starts to invent writing The direct descendants of modern Chinese characters 0 ritual bronzes early ceremonial metal vessels for highstatus burials Cookingserving shapes 0 Brandnew bronze is gold in color As it oxidizes it turns green grey o gt Chinese Distinctio 3 legs on a bronze vessel andor a handlepost A stylized mask that is abstract emblem of the royal family 0 distilled tree sap used for waterproo ng wood at first Later used for a glossy look pigments added for color Added layers of lacquer can be carved O a mineral naturally occurring in different colors Very glossy and an incredibly hard rock Jade work is 39 L associated with high social status high price for labor to carve jade Represents immortality eternity to the Chinese Notes written by Janice Carter uh Hausa p V A A 7 sins v 7 W o 7000 lifesized ceramic gures Buried as part of sacred defenses Discovered in the 1970 s 0 There were wooden chariots attached to the horses 0 A variation of appearance in individual sculptures being that they were massproduced 33015 Han Dynasty lst golden age of Chinese history Period of extravagance lasted 400 years Peace and prosperity i The invention of paper Ceramic tile w reliefs and calligraphic paintings O Confucian thought is mirrored in art Etiquette scrollbook for proper behavior Painted on silk 0 Adaptation of Buddhism Notes written by Janice Carter 0 Oldest Chinese Buddha mid 39 4th century right 7 o Different style added to their Buddhist art Robes spill over in a waterfallzigzag effect 0 multiroofed tower w the same function and symbolism of a stupa 618906 CE International prestige and tremendous in uence Time of the Byzantine empire V7 0 Square city w imperial palace at centernorth Standard for all capital cities during that time Clarity order and symmetry D Tang Dynasty buildings 0 building on a stone platform Post and beam structure made from wood Lightweight wall since it does not support the roof Strongheavy roof made from clay tile Curved ii edges on the roof Brackets on posts for additional support of the heavy roof A Symetrical llllllll Notes written by Janice Carter 0 Diamond Sutra oldest printed book in the world The invention of printing 0 Camel associated with the Silk Road trade route for precious valuables A camel is like a Tang Dynasty semi truck Notes written by Janice Carter 9601279 CE period of weakness for Chinese government Ended badly with weak emperors overrun by Mongol horsemen Song dynasty is important for art history 0 Many surviving paintings Hm Emu painted on a silk scroll a very large painting Imposing mountain 0 Fan Kuan was a famous painter during his lifetime 4115 0 Traditional Chinese paintings ink and watercolor are done on scrolls Not very colorful Strong emotions in traditional Chinese art is discouraged part of Confucianism Art is RESERVED O scroll in a vertical format very long Travelers Among Mountains and Streams Displayed temporarily seasonally Notes written by Janice Carter 0 Mountains of Guilin covered in vegetation type of mountains in traditional Chinese art 0 Song Huizong emperor who was an artist Created an academy of art Died in captivity by the Mongols Southern China was left and the government moved south Warmer and subtropical climate Time of sadness and loss 0 gt Son D nas Chinese Distinctio melancholy mood portrayed in late Song dynasty artwork Usually an aristocrat gazing off into NOTHING one comer painting 0 One corner painting most of the composition is asymmetrically balanced in the left comer as the right comer s space is left with nothing individual trying to achieve nirvana through meditation and discipline Breaking from normal behavior and eccentrically doing the unexpected No displays of a buddhabodhisattva in Chan Buddhist art 0 gt Son D nas Chinese Distinctio stoneware w leaf and ower forms bold contrast left o special clay compound that is red at higher temperatures than terracotta other clay The result is a continuously smooth ceramic wout rough grain It looks and feels like glass High money maker for Chinese through international trade Porcelain ChinawareChina Song Dynasty had settled decorations on porcelain vessels Notes written by Janice Carter 0 the people who can read and write in China A person with enough time The elite or high social status has the time to study ten s of thousands Chinese characters to be consider a literatus o a literatus w a prominent position in government Famous poetcalligrapherartist An art critic Bamboo is a common theme in Chinese paintings scroll in a horizontal format Painting is not seen all at once but in scenes as if watching a movie t r 39 quot 7 Hum quotquot 39 quot quotIA quot 1 u u a r 5 r a a in 1 5 39 HA 3 Notes written by Janice Carter a F H H ln wu i it Lilia11312 imperial palace in Beijing Contains 100 s of smaller buildings Audience halls Curved roof in the Chinese standard 0 Chinese Distinctio cobalt used in pottery glazes l m 4315 Korea and Japan Korea in uenced by Chinese culture 0 gt Korea Distinctio Crowns found in early Korean royal graves Crown with thin gold narrow sheets like antlers or branches Carvedcurve jade stones Dangles handing down 0 Famous Buddha statue carved from local granite Guptan style Notes written by Janice Carter CERAMlcs 0 Ceramic inlay Vase is made air dried before ring in order to carve empty areas for different clay Surface is smoothedout then glazed 0 Simple style of decorations on vases Quick and heavy lines A more relaxed style compared to chinese ceramics Art of Japan 0 Shinto a religion native to Japan A distinctive gate w two posts and doubled lintels o prehistoric pottery w an animated rim clustered design Slightly asymmetrical 0 Possibly the earliest surviving pottery on Earth ceramic sculptures of soldiers people creatures and even buildings The posts are inserted into the ground outside Simple style Natural look of medium Notes written by Janice Carter Ise ri e Japanese Unitarier In 2131 century CE o Ise Shrine Shinto shrine Two lots Where one is empty Three layers of fencing Most sacred shrine in Shintoism 0 Repeated every 20 years the shrine is disassembled and rebuilt in the empty lot in EXACT detail 0 Native Japanese architectural style H i y fji Japanese Mt century CE O Horyuji a Buddhist temple ii Buddhist temple Oldest surviving example of Chinese architecture In japan Buddhism coexists with Shintoism Japanese adopts Chinese handwriting around the 6th century gt Jaan Distinctio Japan is open to foreign in uence Hairqu Japanese 7th century o Shaka Triad at Horyuji bronze sculptural mandala Three gures Shaka Japanese Buddha is anked by two bodhisattvas Artist s name and date is included 4615 Great Buddha Huff f Td ia 3th eemm Hng 13 0 Great Buddha Hall at Todaiji huge temple Chinese style Houses a colossal Buddha statue made from bronze sheets Largest wooden building in the world 0 Kyoto artistic capital of Japan maintaining traditions of Japanese craft Notes written by Janice Carter Heian Period glorious time of Japanese art and culture Heian was formerly Kyoto Esoteric Buddhism path to nirvana through secretcoded knowledge only available to a select few Hinduin uenced Buddhism Amida Buddha Buddha of a western paradise All about faith Tale of Genji lst novel ever Written for the people at court Lavish decorations dyed perfumed and paper infused with gold and silver bits O yamatoe the Japanese art style About the people l 7 compared to the literati landscapes were more important than E people Colorful diagonal lines and slightly abstract faces C THICK EYEBROWS o The animal scrolls satire Kamakura period Minimoto lst shogun moves his headquarters to Kamakura samurai a Japanese military member narrative scrolls w military themes Emphasis on human drama action color Notes written by Janice Carter 0 self discipline Appealed to the samurai Constantly ready for nirvana when least expected No images of the divinity O Gardens w raked gravel and random stones 0 secular and elaborate ritual where guests are humbled in a simplerustic building and served tea in wabi O intentionally rough chunky and crudelymade cups for a tea ceremony h u I llui39r39quot3 5 quot a o splash ink painting with a Zen effect Made by a buddhist group of artists who make large scale paintings w gold leaf o last preindustrial period in Japan Warlord moves capital to Edo modemday Tokyo Notes written by Janice Carter o art of the oating world popculture famous people o style of full color printing made on blocks Ink on paper ex The Great Wave 39 r I I I 39 39 39 e 39 v 39 v r 39 5 4 a 39 39I 1 quot v r I A 7 I r 1 r r all I r j quot arr F i 39q 392 II nunE I quotquot5 l39 H i 7 39EIPV EE r 39 i F n a39 n w i re1 L39I b L 39L r I r V W H E r O Mount Fuji Nishikie Llee thie fleeheard study eet fer the entire eeuree eweizIIeteemtjenieeleeQEffelkd erefehe D1


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