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Final Exam Notes (Test 5)

by: Janice Carter

Final Exam Notes (Test 5) AHS 101

Marketplace > Ball State University > Art History > AHS 101 > Final Exam Notes Test 5
Janice Carter
History of Art Survey 1
Ronald D. Rarick

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About this Document

These are class notes for the final (Test 5) of Dr. Rarick's AHS 101 course. These are by far the best notes that details everything from Rarick's lectures. Even though these were from Spri...
History of Art Survey 1
Ronald D. Rarick
ahs, 101, ahs101, test, test5, 5, five, final, rarick, Art, history, ball, state, ballstate, University, course, class
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This 30 page Bundle was uploaded by Janice Carter on Monday August 17, 2015. The Bundle belongs to AHS 101 at Ball State University taught by Ronald D. Rarick in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 77 views. For similar materials see History of Art Survey 1 in Art History at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 08/17/15
Notes written by Janice Carter 41015 Early Medieval Art Chapter 11 o 4001400 CE the middle ages between the time of the Ancient Roman empire and the Renaissance Vikings aggressive and very active on water Took things they liked o viking longboats able to cross coastal waters of Europe and the Atlantic O WNW w u H hm beastly gure head meant to scare Woven design 0 Vikin Distinctio abstract form w ropelike appearance woven into an intricate design Northern abstract animal style o right design carved in a result of thin walls only the top edge is seen Space w in walls are lled w glass powder Powder is heated results in a translucentcolor that resembles jewels Vikings became under the in uence of Christianity but were not Romans 0 Two beasts biting head on gure right probably Daniel in the Lion s Den Notes written by Janice Carter HibernoSaxon IrishBritish early Christian culture of Northern Europe Ireland England 0 The Book ofKells an illuminated manuscript Most prized treasure in Ireland 0 Gospel Book a bound volume W the Four Gospels Pages are animal skin o The Gospels are biographies of Jesus quotiii1 3 written by the Four Evangelists I The Four Evangelism are 13 All the beam have using Hiram be determined by leaking at re and FEET EH quot was mi beak 1 eagle paws lion due to the Hibemm amu style o Eagle 5139 Julian u Linn o f Lulla Er j vi r in St Matthew o gttHibernoSaxon Distinctio a disregard to a realistic art proportions are off Notes written by Janice Carter O the most elaborate page from the Book of Kells An arabesque relation 0 The chirhoiota symbol is heavily abstracted With hidden gures Carolingian O Charlemagne Charles the Great expands land beyond his starting point unites most of Western Europe Intent to recuperate the Western Roman empire but wasn t able to Called his empire the Holy Roman Empire 0 Charlemagne saw buildings in Ravenna Italy He starts a building campaign making the palace complex at Aachen Notes written by Janice Carter Palace npei 0f Inlqu Camingia 9th century CE 0 Palace Chapel of Charlemagne octagonal central plan Meant to suggest the glory of San Vitale O No one had the desire to build strong masonry structures since the fall of the Roman empire Charlemagne s palace is the 1st masonry building since the fall of Rome 0 Benedictine Order classi cation of monasteries Where monks live Following the rules of Benedictine This order creates more time for monks to do other things art for instance The creation of ne art in monasteries 41315 0 Psalter the book of Psalms ancient Hebrew songs used in worship Highlights of the Old Testament o Illuminated manuscripts look realistic bottom right including a landscape setting This is close to ancient Roman style Charlemagne aims for Roman in uence Notes written by Janice Carter Ottonian Empire 3 parts of the Holy Roman empire are divided among Charlemagne s 3 sons one of those parts is modernday Germany O strange resemblance to Justinian and his court from the Byzantine empire Formal symmetrical Emperor Otto 111 w prime ministers 0 Reason for Byzantine style Otto II marries a Byzantine princess from Constantinople She goes to Germany w the emperor Otto III grows up w some Byzantine in uence from his mom 0 large towers on church that is the entrance located on the west end Adopted into mainstream Europe for churches 0 church building God s realm Heaven City of God 0 Cities were walledforti ed in the middle ages Westwork helps to defend entrances O he was the private tutor for Otto III In uential person in the emperor s life Notes written by Janice Carter Braan doors of St Michael s hum 39 391quot I 939 f 5 Hue 4mm 39pw m s ua i i Lir rLh39u n l if quot elftquot Ii FJ rur l bIIIEH IIJ a 3 wow ig i HIE century CE 0 Bronze doors of St Michael s Church enormous bronze double doors Biggest sculptural project in Europe during 11th century 0 Genesis and the Passion of Christ scenes Romanesque A Ca 1100 in the style of Roman y 0 Monasteries ruled Time of feudalism local powers Violently taken over by warlords A decentralized power 0 Romanesue Distinction Notes written by Janice Carter Round arches Decorations outside of churches Sculpture in stone OOOO Vaulting O group of associated buildings in Pisa town of wealth and in uence Close by is the leaning tower of Pisa a bell tower O wings facing north and south NEAR THE EAST END of a church The plan is in a shape of a cross 0 location in church where people sing near the apse 0 Decorative exteriors arcades just for decoration 41515 Notes written by Janice Carter 0 a row of columns w arches on top dividing the nave from the side aisles in a church On top of the nave arcade is the gallery 0 on top of the nave arcade and under the clerestory of a church Meant for added structural support and additional space for people The Romanesque period was experimental tryingout new and different architectural designs similar to the first 30 years of the automobile industry 0 religious journey walking on paths Purpose to see a relic Like the super highways of the Medieval period 0 a physical presence of a saint The saint s body part of the body or an object a saint possessed O Relics known to deliver a saint s healing O left container for relics High status artworks Notes written by Janice Carter TIEquotHh i h Frimm quot L I r 1 liew r 7 Lit Hernia a pilgrimage church Contains relics radiating chapels organized exhibits for people to see featured items 0 the standard of pilgrimage churches is the apse descending to the ambulatory then to the radiating chapels o Cluny city in France Where the greatest Benedictine Monastery used to reside The largest church in Europe 0 Major producer of illuminated manuscripts o gtkRomanesue Distinctio o historiated capitals bottom capitals atop columns that surround the apse The capitals have carved gures saints andor bible gures apart of a narrative Notes written by Janice Carter lighter 39Vaults thin supported by intersecting arches Provides strength and stability Essential in Gothic architecture Ill qa1p quotJ 39J M 5 o church bland on the outside Has a westwork 0 On the facade diVided into 3 sections both horizontally and vertically I The nave and side aisles are diVided horizontally The nave arcade gallery and clerestory can be seen vertically I This represents the sacred number of 3 Notes written by Janice Carter 0 an extraordinary doorway that includes jambs a tympanum and archivolts ALL coated in relief ARE HWEILTE SCUIpture39 g 1 o sides of the doorway O panel that lls the arch above the doorway An example is T he Last Judgement tympanum o arches above the tympanum o topright courtyard for the monks Separate from the outside world for focus on monastic life HSh li I39F af HFHH Mum its O tympanum sculpture Part of the visions experienced by St John in the Book of Revelations 0 Heaven on Christ s right dexter Hell on left sinister Shows the blessed and the damned This was BRIGHTLY PAINTED The long proportions of the gures are meant to have a great foreshortening effect when seen from below Notes written by Janice Carter 41715 Vezelay France r1 139 a i IrI39 d39n39 39I w T rrf f 39I1 a39 i39 95quot a Elquot 139 i39 21 I ILall center Apostles on the sides receiving power from Jesus seen through rays extending from Jesus 0 Strange people on the outer tympanum representing different varieties of humanity Labors of the Months signs of the Zodiac on the outestmost tympanum Metal and ivory sculpture Reliquaries that are sculptural and architectural Paintings in vaulted church W Old Testament scenes Paintings in the apse stylized Illuminated manuscripts Figure divided into discrete sections TEAR DROP SHAPES shift in color Notes written by Janice Carter Muses Explaining the N LEW fmm the l quota 55quot H H a I 1 l I H a V u d39 w i gt IF quot E r 13937quot P I I E5 3 E quot n E l l mu I i m a H I u 139 e H y r 1 3913 W i r quot 1 n i d i 5 r 1 F H 3 quotJ a if 1 2 uquot r L353 H 3134 L a I at 1M nf l fy N CE quot 39 V 5 W 7 16 0 Moses Explaining the Law from the Bury Bible illuminated manuscript Moses W the 10 Commandments Figures are sectioned Seenesfmm the I Belem Tapestry f I I m century CE 0 Scenes from the Bayeux Tapestry embroidery secular artwork very long fabric piece like a Chinese handscroll Embroidery O embroidery plain cloth Where pictures are made from needle work Stitches are like digital pixels Notes written by Janice Carter 0 King Edward died in London no heirs to the throne 3 people thought they had the right to the throne War Harold dies William becomes king Gothic The transition from Medieval to Renaissance Starts during the 12th century The high point is in the 13th century Nothing to do with the barbaric Goths o a martyr born near Paris Benedictine Monastery in his name Church of St Denis He was beheaded due to his Christian beliefs he was the rst Christian in France 0 chief monk of the Monastery of St Denis Came from an impoverished family left at the Monastery Very ambitious and smart Raised and educated in the Monastery with heirs of the French throne Suger becomes head of the St Denis Monastery 0 2nd most powerful person in France Permitted to rule France on King s behalf temporarily O St Denis Church rst Gothic church Very few new architectural ideas 0 West work sculpture ribbed groin vaults put together in one place 0 Abbot Suger renovated the old St Denis church 0 combination of apse ambulatory and radiating chapels No walls open space to walk through Ribs on the vaults o major Gothic symbol arch that comes to a point on top 42015 Notes written by Janice Carter 0 colored glass put together to form images usually religious in Gothic churches cathedrals C new O cathedral located in Chartres One tower lower than the other Large round Window rose Window Portals many uses of the sacred number 3 0 Only Gothic church W almost all of its original stained glass Windows 0 A cathedral is named b the town it s in A church can onl be a cathedral When it has a leading O A town is limited to one cathedral Notes written by Janice Carter ml 1 L SR 5 n39h I quot a r i w H quoti 39 Ia quoti i l39 i n A l LES 2 A r j I v l i I 531 39 i K n 7 i 39 E quot a 7 5 n 1 a v 39 739 r I T g 3915 ge f g quot1 r 2 Mr I a i v I 3 O jamb gures are king and queens Best surviving example of early Gothic sculpture o The 7 liberal arts are allegories With a leading person of the art framing the tympanum in the archivolts O same structural support as a gallery only on the exterior of a church Buttress thick stone that i stands vertically Mass is What absorbs the stress The bridge between the gap of the nave and buttress is the yer The yer is above the side aisle EFHHING BUWHESS 0 Flying buttresses are like an exoskeleton of a support 0 a gallery W no structural support only for decoration SIDE AISLE Notes written by Janice Carter REms at adrift Emma39s o Reims Cathedral facade high Gothic Wedding cakeeffect Westwork towers that are the same height WINDOWS REPLACING THE TYMPANUM o Annunciation event in the Bible 0 Virgin Mary is reading angel appears before her it announces to her Mary you Will bear the messia Visitati u Reims r 39 C fh dP f 1 11E Notes written by Janice Carter 0 starting from the left the angel and Mary from Annunciation then Mary and her cousin from Visitation 42215 0 Paris Cathedral elements that are modernly reconstructed Disciplined facade On an island 13llliil illquotb Fire y O know from the inside The Holy Chapel Built quickly Patron was Louis XI 0 Single uni ed room Continuous screen of WINDOWS ultimate Gothic design 0 king highly dedicated to religion Later generations believed he was a Saint St Louis He had important relics Notes written by Janice Carter Abraham an e me A gale Psalter af Sr his French 0 Abraham and the Three Angels from Psalter of St Louis patron was also Louis XI 0 Abraham offers strangers angels a place to stay and food 0 3 X 5 great detail Gold leaf Scenes W Gothic architecture Not historically accurate Descent style from HibernoSaxon and Vikings curls on border of page 0 Bible stories were physically acted out 0 King Louis and the queen his mom 3quot i I I Notes written by Janice Carter 4 27L 1 It 3 lIE ll lili t JEIH I PHE EHE j n H I l 39 E t1 0 l3l4th century artists made books for high status patrons 0 14th century more color on page not covered in gold leaf Lightens the gures on the pages 0 IVY Vines along border of page Delicate details along the Vines simply for entertainment 0 Jean Pucelle famous book artist o Droleries funny or amusing A A ll V c a o v V 7 w w rm or w m V c Vquot 1 U iv 45 Ullz I it it an i quot u Us 11 L it 14 Paris Fran ch is 14m century CE 0 Virgin of Paris not part of the building a sculpture in the round Gothic Sway gure slightly curved Suggests mobility of the body I n o Flamboyant Gothic late Gothic style Like a ame Curved designs that resembles a ame Notes written by Janice Carter SHIN u 11 o South central England English Gothic Consistent style Built on clear land no buildings close by Open space 0 square facade Squaredoff east end no chevet Unbroken horizontal line above the nave arcade Vertices are not as important as French Gothic 0 gtkEnlish Gothic Distinctio decorative ribs on ceiling 42415 Notes written by Janice Carter h 1 f EMF 1 W V m r r m 39 1 ED frag pal Lavquot fig 40 d r guru L EaJ 49quot HP rl39h 1 LA claw y Baf nn If m 0 Chapel of Henry VII at Westminster Abbey chapel added beyond the chevet at the east end Chapel for Henry VII location of tombs O pendant vaults very elaborate ribbing and protruding points i o gtkGerman Gothic Distinctio gures in f sculptures are more emotional French Gothic the gures are elegant less emotional o scene Virgin Mary holding cruci ed Christ German Gothic Notes written by Janice Carter e Ekkeh m and E U Dn H E u n c a in w 139 n F 39 5 l I ru v I 39 I 4 JEN iJL39U LHFJHJ quot3391 in 1 311 51 3 G r i Gothic CE 0 Ekkehard and Uta ancestors of the bishop Very realistic I E jr 39 quot I 0 Milan Cathedral Italy Many towers Very complicated Visually Late Medieval Italy Ancient Roman Byzantine French Gothic and Realism in uences Notes written by Janice Carter B p ry PM u Hunt l7 r F JV T H r quotW quot l quotin iu 5 h L Fr SF 22a clq u 39 A r i vz f ll mquot 14H 1 quotmh ww 3 Edit a quot wa 1 m CH mm 0 Baptistery Pulpit located in the round church in the Pisa Cathedral Group Pulpit platform Railing carved W stories of the life of Christ 0 Capitals are close to Roman Corinthian Order French Gothic lobed arches Contrappostonude Hercules Madonna I 3 E rhm ed P 7 39 g n l Sign ruin i asquot a Muf n quot L 5 39 JLP L u39 Italian Gemini I h emfury 0 Madonna Enthroned Byzantine in uence Flattened Abstracted Gold Notes written by Janice Carter 0 altarpiece pointed panel displayed above the altar o ItaloByzantine Byzantinestyled art made by Italian artists 0 Giotto painter in ferfar 5339 nwp39a39f3939 39 HquotI39H DEFI I I15 Equot Eh39 ELI39EJ39HK o Arena Chapel interior chapel that is a simple barrel vault with fresco scenes painted by Giotto Images in murals Lots of wall and few windows the opposite of French Gothic cathedrals Lament ii at the rem1 Chapel EF 39 an rv 4 39 niri39f3T 1 av39 Eta35 4 xu39Lla39nLI39 Italian Garthii 14m century CE 0 Lamentation at the Arena Chapel followers of Christ lamenting his death 0 Great human emotion 0 Rock slope creates direction of gures looking at Jesus 0 Giotto creates realistic sense of space w gures backs turned in the painting 0 Franciscans followers of St Francis Notes written by Janice Carter 0 S Francis promotes a personal relationship between the believe and Jesus Treat Jesus as a human being 0 Franciscans had religious serVices in urban settings not solely elegant churches cathedrals 42715 0 is a town between Florence and Rome used to be an economic powerhouse A huge cathedral built there Cathedral of Siena 0 Cathedral of Siena hints of French Gothic style on the EXTERIOR The INTERIOR is very different Dumrf O Italian for majesty 13ft across Enthroned Madonna and child also saints Scenes of Mary and Jesus Byzantinelike style ItaloByzantine Formal Behind are small panels 0 Duccio his style is the courtlyelegance of the French style Duccio also sacri ces reality for Spiritual Symbolism Notes written by Janice Carter 1 mquot Hi more Frenchlike less Byzantine Made by a student of Duccio Purest example g g L L UUUUHUUU EUCW of the French style in Italy Siena City Hall Palazzo Pubblico a large meeting room 0 Hired the artist Ambrogio Lorenzetti to paint frescos in the room The frescoes represent allegories With personi cations of good and bad government Notes written by Janice Carter Peuwf f 39 m HEquot uf wd Government rgr rfgoymnf ra39l39fa F H39E39 e h 39mr1v f 5 af JL LE E HL39FL 3W gymFL ii39 g39i LH39iLv h39 IiiLE J n 3 w392 MVLJ L tail7quot Italian Gm if faith caning O Peaceful City from Effects of Good Government people walking in the streets in safety Children in school construction things happening in a well governed community The city at the left countryside on the right 0 Ambrogio Lorenzetti NOTHING SUPERNATURAL only REALISM 0 First painted panoramic landscape in European history 0 Florence wealthiest city in Europe invention of modern banking Built the biggest church in Europe Cathedral of Florence Notes writtem by Jawice Carter cam edml 1f 139 i r A l 1 I 39 v FED Q If U r j g E In quotTil in all null h dialquot E q39 u E J equot t e 7 J 95quot L Heifer Gethiie 131431 eeing CE 0 Cathedral of Florence last of the great Gothic cathedrals Dome on top Small Windows large walls No ying buttresses No triforium gallery 0 The Black Death Bubonie Plague 1348 Originated in the near east carried by eas to rats to humans High mortality rates of 3060 of populations The start of symptoms to death happened only in 3 days Whole generation of artists died a new one emerges the Renaissance Use the eeheeird etudy ee t fer the entire eeuree qwuieileteemfjenieeleeQElfeleerefe he l H


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