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by: Jocelynj

ARHI2300Notes1.pdf 2300

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Art History I
Lindsay Marie Doty

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About this Document

The notes for Section 1: Paleolithic Art and Neolithic Art and Architecture
Art History I
Lindsay Marie Doty
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This 1 page Bundle was uploaded by Jocelynj on Monday August 24, 2015. The Bundle belongs to 2300 at University of Georgia taught by Lindsay Marie Doty in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see Art History I in Art History at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 08/24/15
ARHI 2300 Moty Art History I Week 1 August 19 2015 Paleolithic Art and Neolithic Art and Architecture 0 There are two categories of Paleolithic art 0 Mobiliary small potable typically buried with the dead or taken during travel Typically statuettes o Parietal Paintings and engravings found on cave walls Blombos Cave South Africa 0 Dated bw 15000050000 BCE o Discovered in 1991 0 Early signs of existence symbols of human culture and desire for human beauty 0 Red Ochre Mineral used commonly in painting engraved with abstract designs the first human symbol and crafted work of art Dated in 80 000 BCE as opposed to the oldest homo sapien being dated at 180000 One theory is that is was a symbol to empower the human being that possessed it o Seashell Beads Used for adornment and jewelry Painted with red ochre Dated at 50000 BCE o Sharpened tools Stone knives and needles Probably used for sewing cutting and hunting 0 Early Paint kits pigment shells and grinding pestles with traces of ochre Ochre was probably mixed with animal fat to create a binder for paints Lascaux Cave France o Dated 15000 BCE o Discovered in 1940 o It is the largest cave painting of animals Decorated before written history or civilization When societal ideas included simple divisions of labors like that of a hunter or gatherer o The small opening to the cave protected the paintings within from environmental exposure 0 Hall of the Bulls Dated 15000011000 BCE Painted with red ochre and black carbon pigment Due to the continuous overlapping the artists appeared to be more concerned with the act of drawing then with the composition as a whole Most animals featured were hunted species bison mammoths bulls lions and wolves 0 There are hints of artistic attempts and threedimensionalism They employ twisted perspective which is both a profile and frontal view 0 The images include both positive and negative print and range from have one to multiple colors 0 Some images cut into the rock though most were painted with minerals such as various ochre charcoal and white clay o It is believed that the early painters used scaffoldings to paint 0 Wounded Bison and Manbird the only depiction of a human found in the cave Dated 16000 14000 The details show the bulls aggression and injuries 0 It is believed that the earlier painter s used their art as a form of Sympathetic Magic where the act of drawing the animals on the cave walls would help to guarantee plentiful herds and successful hunts


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