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Management and Strategy

by: Ashleigh Notetaker

Management and Strategy ADPR5910

Ashleigh Notetaker
GPA 3.73
PR Administration
Maria Len-Rios

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About this Document

Models for PR process • Publicity/Press agency (propaganda) o One way o Truth optional o Dictatorial or authoritarian regimes o Unproven medical treatments (hype) • Public information (educat...
PR Administration
Maria Len-Rios
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Ashleigh Notetaker on Thursday September 3, 2015. The Bundle belongs to ADPR5910 at University of Georgia taught by Maria Len-Rios in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see PR Administration in Public Relations at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/03/15
Management and Leadership 08212015 Models for PR process PublicityPress agency propaganda 0 One way 0 Truth optional 0 Dictatorial or authoritarian regimes o Unproven medical treatments hype Public information education 0 One way 0 Inform of truth 0 Public health information disaster information government information Twoway asymmetrical persuasion Twoway Use publics information to persuade them to do something Ex don t let water stand for a long time breeds mosquitoes Twoway symmetrical dialogue o Twoway 0 Organization also adjusts to the needs and concerns of the audience school gets feedback from parents and adjusts o Takes most resources of personnel time and money Contingency model it depends o Context resources personnel public opinion environment and common objectives to determine which process to take Management v leadership 0 Managers make sure public relations programs get completed to meet objectives and that they re accomplished on budget 0 Come up with objectives to solve problems 0 Takes needed steps to show an outcome 0 Are managers leaders 0 Managers are workerbees task doers 0 Managers delegate and oversee Leadership is not the same as management 0 Come up with ideas 0 Leaders inspire o More people oriented You can be both lead by example 0 Personal qualities innate Skills can be developed by training 0 Watch those around you experience 0 Not everyone chooses to be a leader Levels of career development 0 Technician followership graphic designers the people who make the events happen the quotlittle peoplequot manager management dealing more with people responsible for relationships between people and companies if there s a problem people come to you leader leadership can always be one if you choose to but that comes with a set of responsibly Dimensions of management and being a leader 0 Character you learn it over the course of your life 0 Decisionmaking grades don t correlate with that O O Knowledgeintellectual horsepower textbook stuff Relationships people person good with others social settings power dynamics experience different things 0 How do you learn these dimensions 0 How much you put your self out there and experiences Followership technician O O 0 Production skills of PR writing editing coordinating events etc Time management a people person experience with speci c PR tools and software action oriented words Put down organizations shows you get along with other people As a leader l alienated conformist pragmatist passive exemplary servantcourageous does what needs to be done vs the person that speaks up Not everyone can be a yes person because things could be going in the wrong direction and no one says anything We need PR people to prevent crises from happening be the social conscious 0 As a follower how do leaders see me Leadership styles 0 Authoritarian 0 My way or the highway sets the rules for everyone to be followed 0 Very focused and strong idea 0 In large organizations without this people get lost 0 Democratic 0 Let everyone have input idealistically is good but then nothing will get done 0 No one agrees and no consensus is met 0 Someone needs to step up for things to get done Laissezfaire 0 Everyone does their own thing under the leader 0 No organization no results unless you have HIGHLY motivated employees nothing gets done Taskfocused 0 Get the job done 0 Hard to go with the ow and PR is always changing forget to be one step ahead 0 Lose perspective on relationships around you Relationshipfocused 0 Too focused on relationships that the work sips through the cracks 0 What s the optimal way to do it 0 These are all extremes combine them Leadership types 0 Transactional 0 Management by objectives have XYZ been done 0 Transformational 0 People say this is best 0 People are interested in the be the best you can be focused on followers transforming into the best they can be 0 This might not with the theme of your organization however 10 issues for PR leaders speedvolume of information ow 0 being prepared to handle crises managing digital and social media 0 improving employee engagement and commitment o improving measurement of results don t want to give people the step by step should be able to gure it out on their own dealing with growing demands for transparency o nding developing and retaining talent meeting demands for CSR meeting communication needs in diverse cultures improving the image of the profession Model for excellent leadership 0 Organizational structure and culture PR leadership 0 Self dynamics Self insight introvert or extrovert Shared visions 0 Team collaboration 0 Ethical orientation 0 Relationship building Internal and external relations 0 Strategic decisionmaking capability 0 Communication knowledge management 0 Look at what people ask for tells about culture of organization How do you become a leader 0 Chart 70 challenging assignments 10 training 20 coaching o What are challenging assignments 0 Increase the scope of the work that an individual has done and let them gure it out themselves 0 Move horizontally stay in the same type of position but in a different environment 0 New initiatives Turnarounds 0 Mistakes and ethical dilemmas O


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