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Lysias and Pericles Funeral Orations

by: Ashleigh Notetaker

Lysias and Pericles Funeral Orations Comm 4900

Marketplace > University of Georgia > Language > Comm 4900 > Lysias and Pericles Funeral Orations
Ashleigh Notetaker
GPA 3.73
Special Topics in Comm
Peter O'Connell

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About this Document

In-depth description about the elements of Greek funeral speeches
Special Topics in Comm
Peter O'Connell
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This 8 page Bundle was uploaded by Ashleigh Notetaker on Thursday September 3, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Comm 4900 at University of Georgia taught by Peter O'Connell in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 79 views. For similar materials see Special Topics in Comm in Language at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/03/15
Pericles Funeral Oration 08292015 Emphasize and creation part of work of history 8 books 0 written by Thucydides Pericles Strategies general but strategoi had both military and political authority elected office one of the few in the democracy wrote history of the war between Peloponnesians and the Athenians but he died before he finished it innovative history method claims to rely on facts that he could verify at 1 2nd hand no imaginary elements history features narrative sections historical accounts and speeches probably for historical method no transcript he could check a writes about ones he didn t experience U explains how he reconciles this what I have set down is how I think each of them would have expressed what was most appropriate in the particular circumstances while staying as close as possible to the overall intention of what was actually said Architect of Athenian foreign policy leading up to the Peloponnesian war Chosen to give funeral oration for the Athenians who died in the first year of the war Funeral Oration Based on Thucydides knowledge of what Pericles really said Adapted to fit the aims of Thucydides point of view Focuses on contemporary Athens rather than Athenian past praise of the Athenian democracy as much as it is a praise of the dead soldiers 0 how intellects thought of the cities elements 0 introduction praise of the dead more detachedvaguebrutally honest competition of words logos and deeds ergon what if I do a bad job and what do I say we don t know heroes from deserters huge crowd listening some is Pericles the general but it s filtered though Thucydides account abstract U acknowledgment of the authority of the polis l tradition of praising people U difficulty of pleasing an audience is a motif of ancient Greek praise poetry n if I talk about the great things the dead did you wont believe it how do make you believe it o praise of Athenian ancestors autochthony land of the same people a omission of specific details about what they did the audience knows them shall portray their way of life institutions and habits of mind very brief replaced by praise of contemporary Athens U public institutions model government inters of many not few spirit of freedom as long as you obey the laws obedience to the laws freedom festivalsgames for Gods occasions to refresh the spirit private means of relaxation different from neighborscitizensoffices are by meritpoverty is no bar to anyone balance between equality and merit a military training city is open to the world rely on their courage made in the assembly public deliberation Spartans raise the kids aggressively Athens didn t have creation of warrior class and they win anyway More relaxed style of life freedom U cultural factors we love fin thingslearning but aren t extravaganteffete 0 balance and moderation 0 not corrupted more moral o if one person is too smart one will try to take power but not hostile to intellectuals opportunity to enjoy fine things those who don t participate are worthless quietism keep to themselves doesn t engage in public life disgraceful all personally involved like in political decisions 0 should be taking action to commemorate people who died 0 failure to inform action always at the center not good you discuss it first 0 doing good conferring friends 0 Athenian policy make friends by doing good things for others 0 4 things 0 lack of moral corruption even among potential corrupting in uences 0 political participation 0 link between speech and action 0 friendship based on generosity rather than advantage a summary 0 Athenian values have led to the city s prominence City as a whole is an education for Greece other cities can learn how to be run by looking at us 0 praise of the dead the soldier s choice series of oppositions the end they met is proof of courage even those with failings deserve to be remembered benefited the common cause and more than they harmed in their privileged life embraced danger and the enemy fought and suffered rather than surrendering all they lack of proper names a classifies them into groups 0 those with failings erased bad things they did with good D criminals o if you were wealthy you didn t run away you put the demos above you 0 the poor didn t hesitate to help U they all embraced itseized the challenge before them only fled dishonor one minute when they died climax of glory highlight of their life a never uses word die death is presented as a sacrifice for the common cause n this was the soldiers choice focus on common good not individually reflecting communal and individual Athenian values that Pericles has been discussing throughout the speech 0 exhortation of the living erotic overtones a feat your eyes everyday on the city a men of courage won this 0 lovers of the city romantic that s the kind of love you should have 0 most kind of intimate love that can be expressed that s how you should love Athens 0 you get this from gazing at the city linked to praise of the dead a the whole earth is their tomb those who are fortunate have the most reasons to fight a those with lavishfortunate have the most to die for n worth while to die for the others in your city parents a offers cheer honorprivilege to die for your city a if you re young have more kids a if you re old look back at the things your kids have brought you and you ll die soon anyway brothers a hard for you because you can t be better than this they ve hit the highest of the high a why can t you be like that n widows you ll be well honored if you get married and have kids a keep mouths shut and don t have people talk about you ideal role is a silent woman who isn t gossiped about reflection on idealized Athenian values of a good Athenian honor competition and female silence o conclusion composition of words logos and deeds ergon tried to make a fitting tribute in words my speech and in deeds they have been buried and their children will be cared for until they come of age action serve Athens because you re her lover and the city offers you great prizes if you die like a competition Pericles funeral oration is a praise of the Athenian democracy as much as it is a praise of the dead soldiers It reflects the idealized values Athenian society Funeral Orations 08262015 Review Most prominent element of ideology of the Athenian democracy is eleutheria Politics and religion were inseparable in the Athenian democracy Athenian citizens were a narrowly restricted class who had both duties and privileges within the democracy both parents had to be Athenian and only males were citizens Polytheistic state funded temples inseparable o Gods don t have personal relationships with people Lysia s funeral oration Funeral ritual for Athenian war dead 0 Bodies of soldiers who died abroad were cremated the remains of the buried bones were collected and sent home as ashes o Burned bones are buried together in a public tomb after a ceremony that involves a procession and athletic competition 0 After the interment a distinguished Athenian who was selected in advance gives an oration in praise of the dead Wall surrounds Athens and Piraeus o Burial ritual was outside wall 0 Don t know where this tomb is o All Athenians who were interested came to listen 6 orations survived o 5 elements introduction praise of Athenian ancestors praise of the dead exhortation to the living exhortation to the families of the dead orations emphasize and create collective Athenian identity and shared Athenian values by stressing continuity between Athenian past and present and between the dead and living probably from 390380s BCE Lysias resident alien metic 440380 BCE wealthy but lost property during an unsuccessful oligarchic revolution active as a speech writer from 403380s O O Became a professional speech writer mostly trials Funeral oration May have never been delivered because he wasn t a citizen Exhibits the fundamental characteristics of the genre Most useful example of how funeral orations express and create the characteristic values of the Athenian democracy through rhetoric Introduction Praise of the dead El Merits of men criticize the short notice to write it but there s never enough time to praise them Acknowledge the authority of the city of Athens 0 Athens provides this occasion power and authority of the city competition is at heart of Greek value system 0 I m competing against previous orators same audiences remember 0 Shows how good m are at giving speeches Praise Athenian past and ancestors Mythological past equal grounds as real ones El Amazonian invasion encountered brave men turned into submissive women because of the danger they faced 0 Mostly there for housely duties 0 Restoring natural ordercivilization putting them in their place Battle with Thebans 0 Civil war with Argo Thebans let bodies of enemies spoil 0 Athens went to war to get the bodies of the dead their customary rights 0 Athens always wants to please the godsproper rituals huge part of life Asylum to the children of Heracles 0 His children were persecuted but Athens gave them asylum 0 Should fight for the weak on the side of justice instead of surrendering to those in power 0 Keeping gods in power 0 Make up for past mistakes 0 Frame it as helping peoplethe weak a Autochthony 0 You are born from the earth itself 0 Athenians have always lived on the same land grounded her 0 Our people were always here they have established democracy entitled to special status as citizens not immigrants Lysias was an ali reflecting ideology a Historical past 0 War with Persia and the Peloponnesian war 0 Persia o Peloponnesian war Invasion of Greece at Marathon Defeated Persians single handedly don t need anyone else Brave men who weren t faint hearted El El Xerxes El Put others first noble saviors Fighting for the weak Bridge from Asia Minor to Europe contempt for natural order No respect for godsocean like Thebans Reversal of civilization Athens cant hold city abandon and go to Salamis Battle of Salamis El El Athenians win naval battle Gave up city for better strategy better to abandon than surrender Did it for the sake of Greece to face one danger at a time than at once Persians antireligion Athenians were bringing democracy to other Greek states O O n Took over and killed their leaders usually unwilling subjects Spartans banned everyone together Athenians ruled the sea freed allies from civil strife didn t enslave but made them equals a helping the weak at the end Spartans had oligarchic rule in Athens the 30 elected a Demos came back overthrew and restored democracy n Welcomed oligarchs back with amnesty pardoned most a Rescuing the city was more important Created sense of Athenian unity Praise of the dead Reason for deaths Courage to make Greece great Dying for freedom of enemies holding Athenian values a Spreading democracy Very m compared to rest Consolation to families of the dead Value the parents of those who died offer support to them a State will take care of widows and children When a citizen dies demos takes care of your family acts as a whole to raise the citizen children Memory will go on and their glory will be envied But m names regarded as a whole a Demos is a encompassing corporate memory a Don t remember individual acts 0 Theme of oration GOOD 0 Natural order not a topsy turvy world Religious observation even go to war Defense of weak Heracles children Unique status of Athenian citizens always citizens Equality and freedom what Athens stands for 0 Conclusions 0 O O Oration encompasses Athenian democratic ideology and creates a communal Athenian identity based on continuity with the past and shared democratic values Medium for communication and reimagining the shared history of the Athenians Past is shaped in a particular way


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