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J201 Media and Society

by: Morgan Miller

J201 Media and Society

Morgan Miller

Mary Paulette Erickson

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About this Document

This is a study guide for the second exam of three. Includes terms and concepts to study for the exam.
Mary Paulette Erickson
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This 6 page Bundle was uploaded by Morgan Miller on Saturday May 10, 2014. The Bundle belongs to a course at University of Oregon taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 111 views.

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Date Created: 05/10/14
Exam 2 Chapters 711 Chapter 7 Terms Celluloid Kinetograph Kinetoscope Vitascope Narrative films Nickelodeons Vertical integration Studio system Oligopoly Block booking Movie palaces Multiplexes and Megaplexes Talkies Newsreels Genres Documentaries Cinema verit Indies Paramount decision Big Six Box office sales DVD video sales and rentals Cable and television outlets Foreign distribution Independent film distribution Licensing and product placement Synergy Production in regards to cost Marketing advertising and print in regards to cost Postproduction in regards to cost Distribution in regards to cost Exhibition in regards to cost Acquisitions in regards to cost Digital video Consensus narratives Concepts Movie39s Early History Evolution of Hollywood Studio System Development of Style in Hollywood39s Golden Age Transformation of Studio System Economics of Movies How Movies Function in Our Democratic Society Different Genres of Movies Alternative Movies to Hollywood39s Independent Foreign Process of Filmmaking Film Marketing Product Placement in Movies What is the function Chapter 8 Terms Analog Prime time CATV Affiliate stations Kinescopes Sketch comedy Situation comedy sitcom Anthology dramas Episodic series Chapter shows Serial programs TV newsmagazines Narrowcasting Basic cable Superstations Premium channels Pay per view Video on demand Network era Infotainment Fin syn Must carry rules Leased channels Electronic publishers Common carriers Telecommunications Act of 1996 Videocassette recorders VCR High definition DVRs digital video recorders Direct broadcast satellite DBS WiMax Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access Syndication Barter deal Evergreens Fringe time Off network syndication First run syndication Rating Share Deficit financing Multiple system operators MSOs Oligopoly Concepts History of Television Evolution of Network Programming Evolution of Cable Programming Regulatory Challenges Facing Television and Cable Television in the Digital Age What does TV tell us about society What do we learn about ourselves Economics of Television and Cable TV39s Role in Democratic Society Communal vs Individual Viewing Experience Representation of Different Groups of People in Different TV Shows Video quotDanger of a Single Story What is the single story What are some examples that the speaker talks about Reading quot Orange is the New Black Has a Privilege Problem quot What does the author find good about the show Orange is the New Black What does he commend the show on doing positively What does the author find problematic about the show Think about how the show uses Piper Kerman s prison experience as the basis for the story How does this relate to class and race Chapter 9 Terms ARPANet E mail Microprocessors Fiber optic cable World Wide Web Hypertext HTML HyperText Markup Language Browsers Instant messaging IM Social networking sites Blogs Wikis Internet service providers ISPs Broadband Directories Portal Search engines Open source software Phishing E commerce Cookies Spyware Opt in policies Digital divide Wi Fi Mass customization Concepts Internet39s History Evolution of the Internet Economics of the Internet Security and Appropriateness on the Internet Internet39s In uence on Democratic Society Internet Web 12 3 Perceptions about Internet in 1993 What39s changed Internet and Community Digital Divide Chapter 10 Terms Penny arcade Pinball machine Flipper bumper Cathode ray tube CRT Arcades Atari Pong Avatar Consoles Online fantasy sports Massively multiplayer online role playing games MMORPGS Collective intelligence Development budget Intellectual properties Entertainment Software Rating Board ESRB Concepts Electronic Gaming39s Early History Evolution of Electronic Gaming Map the Media Playground Electronic Gaming Economics Electronic Gaming in Democratic Society Davey ackson39s Lecture Chapter 1 1 Terms Space brokers Subliminal advertising Mega agencies Boutique agencies Market research Demographics Psychographics Focus groups Values and Lifestyles VALS Storyboard Viral marketing Media buyers Saturation advertising Account executives Account reviews Spam Click throughs QR Quick response codes Famous person testimonial Plain folks pitch Snob appeal Bandwagon effect Hidden fear appeal Irritation advertising Association principle Product placement Commercial speech Political advertising Concepts Activism and Advertising Where do we see ads How is advertising changing to adapt to the contemporary media landscape History of American Advertising Evolution of US Advertising Persuasive Techniques in Contemporary Advertising Commercial Speech and the Regulation of Advertising Advertising39s Impact on Our Democratic Society


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