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J101 Grammar for Communication Second Exam

by: Morgan Miller

J101 Grammar for Communication Second Exam

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Journalism and Mass Communications > J101 Grammar for Communication Second Exam
Morgan Miller

Leigh Jasheway-Bryant

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About this Document

Study guide for second exam. Contains practice activities for Modules 7-10 as well as outlines important concepts to study from each module.
Leigh Jasheway-Bryant
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This 13 page Bundle was uploaded by Morgan Miller on Monday May 19, 2014. The Bundle belongs to a course at University of Oregon taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 92 views.

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Date Created: 05/19/14
J1 O1 EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE Modules 710 Module 7 III Terms Independent Clauses Dependent Clauses Subordinating Coniunctions Coordinating Coniunctions Clauses PhrasesFragments Interiections Concepts What makes up a sentence Difference between Independent and Dependent Clauses Difference between Subordinating Coniunctions and Coordinating Coniunctions Types of Clauses Noun phrase verb phrase prepositional phrase verbal phrase Phrases versus fragments Practice 2 III What does FANBOYS stand for III What does ca coorclinctting conjunction clo III What does CI suborclinoting conjunction clo III What is an interjection I For and nor but or yet so III Join independent clduses to edch other I introduce dependent clduses or join them to independent clduses I A short excldmdtion that expresses dn emotion Module 8 2 El Terms comma semicolon pe od nouns verbs gerunds infinitives first person second person third person Concepts Redundancy Comma Splice or Run On Sentence Passive Voice Dead construction Misplaced Modifiers Dangling Modifiers Parallel Sentence Structure Practice III Can you join two independent clauses together by a comma III What is better to use passive voice or an active voice III What is it called when a sentence begins with there iswas or it iswas III No either use CI commc and CI conjunction ca semicolon or separate sentences with Cl period I Active voice I Dectcl construction Module 9 III Terms Periods Question Marks Helping verb Exclamation Marks Ellipses Commas Semicolons Colons Hyphens Dashes Parenthesis Concepts What marks signify the end of a sentence How to use periods How to use question marks How to use exclamation marks How to use ellipses How to use commas Common comma errors How to use semicolons How to use colons When to use hyphens When to use clashes How to use parenthesis Practice When do periods and commas go on the outside of quotation marks What form of punctuation ioins independent clauses When is it okay to use double punctuation marks at the end of a sentence When do you use ellipses What are the four marks to signify the end of a sentence Never Semicolons Never When something is missing or when leaving something out of quote Period question marks exclamation marks ellipses Module 10 III Terms Aposfrophes III Concepts Common Function Aposfrophe Rules Practice When writing about a decade where do you put the apostrophe Do you make a noun plural first if a plural noun owns something or do you add the apostrophe If two or more nouns possess something together what do you do Where does the apostrophe always go Where the missing numbers are or clon t use one before the s Example 1 970s or 70s Make worcl plural first then add apostrophe Only aclcl apostrophe s to the second noun Where the missing letter or number was


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