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Christian Scripture Course Notes

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by: Jacqueline Taylor

Christian Scripture Course Notes REL 1310

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Jacqueline Taylor
Baylor University
Christian Scriptures
Dr. Gamel

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About this Document

These are the complete set of notes for the class based on the professors lectures. Each document is broken up by topic. These can be used as a whole to study for the final exam. Or an individual d...
Christian Scriptures
Dr. Gamel
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1 review
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"Eugh...this class is soo hard! I'm so glad that you'll be posting notes for this class"
Kelsi Lindgren

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This page Bundle was uploaded by Jacqueline Taylor on Sunday February 28, 2016. The Bundle belongs to REL 1310 at Baylor University taught by Dr. Gamel in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see Christian Scriptures in Religious Studies at Baylor University.

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Reviews for Christian Scripture Course Notes

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Eugh...this class is soo hard! I'm so glad that you'll be posting notes for this class

-Kelsi Lindgren


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Date Created: 02/28/16
The Prophet Amos Amos 16 Religion 131035 10313 I Israel and Judah in ANE History II Development of Prophecy Prophecy was a profession They were in service to kings They would tell the kings what god needed them to do Micaiah ben imlah doesn t tell the kings what they want to hear North and south were united against another country Gathered 400 prophets in Israel said they should go to war III Amos Amos was the rst written prophet Poetry and Visions written by Amos rather than a history like the rest of the book Type of literature changes A Setting Jeroboam II king of the north Uzziah King of the south Two years before the earthquake Around 750 BC From Tekoa town in Judahsouth B Message His message is to Israel north They must condemn other countries Amos recognizes Assyria was going to take over He claims god is behind this god is punishing these nations For 3 congressions of Israel god shall also punish Israel God will condemn Israel Amos message is harsh Amos 52124 God will no longer accept worship and offerings because of how they treat his people God has a connection to the other countries and other people as well 1 Oracles Against the Nations 2 Israel s Oppression 3 Israel s Rejection Israel and the king do not like what Amos has to say The king wants Amos to leave and go to Judah Amos says I am not a prophet this is not my job god has told me to delivery your message The king s wife will become a prostitute and the king will die in an unclean land C Reception Primeval History Patriarchs gtgtgt Moses Exodus 1 kings G 1 Josephus Merteptah Stele gtgtgt Judges gtgtgt Saul 102510053C gtgtgt David 100596530 gtgtgt Solomon 968928gtgtgt Jeroboam Rehoboam 924 gtgtgt Omri 88287IBCgtgtgt Jehu Elijah84ZBC gtgtgt Hosea Hezekiah 7013C7ZZBCgtgtgt IosiahBC 7223C end of the northern kingdom end of Israel Liberation Law and Conquest Exodus to Joshua Religion 131035 91213 Exodus is the first book that can be easily dated 1 Josephus Hyksos 15501200bc 2 Merneptheh Stele 1203bc Exodus is important for the Jewish people God is transcendent fire and Imminent bush does not burn and free faithfulness I The Exodus From Egypt A The Call of Moses The calling of Moses becomes a paradigm for all future callings The most time in the Old Testament is spent on Moses Israelites become slaves to the Egyptians because the Pharaoh is afraid the Israelites are going to take over Moses is an outcast living outside of Egypt God remembers the Israelites tells Moses to go to the pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt Moses says no at first because he is hesitant to go back to Egypt God equips Moses for the task B God Defeats Pharaoh God causes plagues to the Egyptian people until the Pharaoh lets god s people go The Pharaoh finally gives in when god follows through on his promise to kill the firstborn child in every family God s power is used for liberation Pharaoh s power is used for bondage II The Covenant at Sinai A The Decalogue as Suzerainty Treaty A suzerainty treaty is a treaty between two unequal partners like between god and his people Structure 1 Intro Identification 2 History of religion 3 Stipulations 4 Provision gtgtgt temples 5 Divine witnesses 6 Blessing for observance B God of Sinai Gives the people a foundation with which to base their faith and worship on Ten Commandments 111 After Sinai A Legal Collections God created a community 1 Covenant Code EX 2121 Casuistic specific laws Apodictic general laws 2 Holiness Code LeV 1727 Separation Israel separate from other people 3 Deuteronomic Code Duet 1226 Found in the book of Deuteronomy one place of worship humanitarian concern everyone should rest B Wanderings in the Wilderness The people are no longer adhering strictly to the word of god IV Conquest of the Land A Deuteronomistic History 1 Israel are the people Without land HaVing land losing land 2 3 B Joshua Collapse and Exile The End of Judah 2 Kings 1825 Jeremiah and Ezekiel Religion 131035 10813 I Judah Survives A Hezekiah and Isaiah 1 Assyrian Invasion 701 Hezekiah Surrounding Jerusalem usually walls protected a city well enough to not be invaded In 2 Kings 198 Assyria invades Jerusalem The king of Assyria is ghting somewhere else but is coming to Jerusalem he warns that other gods from cities promised protection and they fell and say the king of Jerusalem should be worried that they too will fall God tells Isaiah that Judah will survive Judah does survive mostly because Hezekiah is a good king he destroys worship of other gods 2 Zion Theology Poetic way of talking about Jerusalem God will always protect Jerusalem B Decline and fall of Assyria Babylon takes over where Assyria previously ruled C Josiah s Reforms Josiah was 8 when he began to reign He walked in the way of David he did exactly what David did He was a really good king He nds the Arc of the Covenant and institutesenforces the laws of Moses He kicks out anyone who doesn t worship the god of Israel Time of climax for Israel Josiah dies in battle prematurely this ends the golden period of Israel He was the last good king of Israel II Prophets of Destruction A Jeremiah From the suburbs of Jerusalem Anathoth He was a priest He has a calling Jerimiah 14 God came to Jerimiah Jerimiah is worried at rst that he is only a boy but god assures him that he will succeed with the word of the lord He doesn t think he should go at rst but god prepares him He predicts there is nothing they can do he knows they can t win He suggests that they should surrender to Babylon to avoid being destroyed Jeremiah is branded as a traitor Jerimiah challenges Zion Theology god will always protect Jerusalem Jerimiah 28 Preaching in the street to grab attention of the people Tell people they need to listen to god Hananiah Prophet of Israel s god He opposes Jerimiah and believes in Zion theology Jerimiah and hananiah speak together Jeremiah hopes that Hananiah is right but he knows that it is not going to happen Hananiah dies like Jeremiah predicts Theophoric names names that bare god iah jah Jeremiah believes the mosaic covenant Babylon is gods tool of destruction against his people Judah is like an unfaithful spouse it will no longer be tolerated Israel are like a people who have an illness they will now face the consequences of their sickness There is no hope for the people B Ezekiel The other prophet of destruction He was taken back to Babylon in 597 bc He has a vision of god appearing to him Prophet to the people in Babylon as well as back home His root metaphor is holiness and purity Temple of god is being used to worship other deities III Judah Falls A Siege and Fall of Jerusalem No food in the city The people are eating rats and their own children The kings watched his children and Wife murdered and their eyes poked out The temple is burned down to the ground Nothing is left of the city of David B Life in Exile Everything was up for grabs again Sense of identity who are you now How do you de ne yourself now Collect all the writings and think re ectively Joshua 2 kings No kings gave the idea of a messiah form the line of david No temple hope of rebuilding of the temple Hope was present in Exile No city call to rebuild the city Jewish theaspora they wont come back to the city they are spread everywhere Israelite religion religion of the people of Israel moves into Judaism C Legacy of Exile Texts say exile is not the nal answer God will be faithful Israel Jeroboam o39mri Aheb Jezebel Elijah Amos ca 750 bc 722 bc Hosea Judah Rehoboam I Iezekiah Josiah 701 bc Jehoiakim Zedekiah J ehoiachin 597 bc 568 bc Jeremiah Jerusalem Ezekiel Babylon Assyria vs Babylon 612 bc Dahlia N na I vya N ra Leah Lilibeth Sarah Leena Vbeda Delilah Samuel Ezra Logan Eli Levi Israel s Patriarchs Genesis 1250 Religion 131035 91013 1 Abraham A Abram s Call It is not specified Why Abram is chosen God Promises to give Abram a lot of descendants Promises to give him land Promises to give him blessing and all the people Who bless him shall be blessed extended to all the people of the earth B God s Covenant 1 First Covenant Unconditional covenant 2 Second Covenant Sign ritual Circumcision he and all his decedents have to be circumcised Abram s name changes to Abraham C Threats to the Covenant 1 Famine Famine occurs When he finally reaches the new land 2 No Child Sarah is in her 70s and cannot bear children anymore 3 Ishmael Child by Hagar Sarah s slave and Abraham 4 God s Justice Theodicy 5 Sacrifice of Isaac The child that god promised God tested Abraham and asks him to kill Isaac testing Abrams loyalty God stops him before he actually kills Isaac After this event god and Abraham no longer communicate 11 Jacob A Jacob vs Esau They are Isaac s twin sons Jacob is not really nice Jacobs gets the rights to being the older even though Esau was born first This story is an example that god picks the weaker the underdog B Jacob vs God Jacob changes his name to Israel meaning struggling with god 111 Joseph Youngest Child of Jacob Israel Providence gods behind the scenes working A The Dreamer Joseph keeps having dreams the other brothers do not like him so they sell him as a slave and tell their father that a wild animal killed him B The Prisoner Works for a pharaoh in Egypt and works his way up until Potiphar puts him in prison because his wife lies and says Joseph tried to seduce her Joseph begins to interpret dreams C The Official Pharaoh asks Joseph to interpret his dreams for him Joseph gets out of jail and becomes second in command D The Instrument of God s Providence God used your evil to accomplish good Corrupting Creation Cycles of Sin and Grace Genesis 311 Religion 131035 9513 I The Fall of Humankind A The Temptation of Eve and Adam Adam was told he could eat anything except from the tree of knowledge of good and evil Is he forbidden because God was afraid of an intellectual awakening because it would ruin innocence Or is it some sort of a test Or a merism The serpent tempted the women by saying that it would make her godlike to eat from the tree He tries to convince Eve that god is hiding something from her She believes him The rst sin of humanity is the mistrust of god by Eve Both her and Adam eat the fruit together and betray god B The Curse and Expulsion from Eden The curse and expulsion from Eden is punishment for their sin Because they ate the fruit they now see their nakedness as shame not a source of unity God passes his judgment the only time directly in the old testament God makes Adam s work toilsome God gives Eve the pain of childbirth Human relationships become marred and hierarchical for both of them due to their sin Finally they are forced to leave Eden II The First Family A Cain and Abel They are children of Adam and Eve The rst born of their children was Cain followed by Abel When they go to give up their sacri ces to god god rejects Cain s sacri ce but accepts Abel s sacri ce This causes a rift between the two brothers Cain then kills Abel B Humanity s dual legacy The legacy of Cain ends with Lamech and violence Adam and Eve have another son Seth who also produces a Lamech who fathers Noah who represents peace and rest III The Flood A God Regrets God wants to get rid of all animals and humans on earth for he is sorry he created them Then he changes his mind and tells Noah that he will take care of the animals and all of life will not be wiped out This is the story of Noah s Ark B God Renews God tells Noah he is to be fruitful and that to multiply God makes a covenant promise between two unequal parties with Noah He says he will never ood the world again he gives the sign through a rainbow God has changed through the world IV Humanity Expands Tower of Babylon A Corruption Remains The table of nations 70 nations were on the map Collective image of god Humans desire to not spread and to be self reliant this is against what god wanted He confuses them by having them all speak different languages so they would have to spread out and could not communicate B God s Response God s act of mercy happens in chapter 12 Literary pattern on blackboard Jacqueline Smudzinski Religion 131035 Gamel November 12 2013 The Birth of the Church and PrePauline Christianity Acts 112 Age of Israel LK 12 extremely Jewish in character Birth ofJesus is the beginning of a new age Age ofJesus LK 323 Age of the Church LK 24 Acts 1 Resurrection Women are the ones who nd Jesus missing from the tomb not the 12 apostles Present Evil l New Age Age Messianic 1 Resurrection of Dead Jesus Matthew Mark Luke John Acts what happens afterJesus is resurrected WorldChange what has once been is now lost quotquot Similar to what Luke is saying Acts 1 The 12 apostles are now 11 because Judas has killed himself 12 apostles represent the 12 tribes We represent a new Israel Eschatological means at last things that refer to the end of time Eschatological Israel is the Israel of the new age Prophet Joel tells of the new age and what god has coming for them Anyone who calls upon the name of the lord shall be saved Jesus was placed here by God and you here killed him but god raised him up Repent and be baptized This is the beginning of the Church Act 3 Peter and John giving money to the poor was Jewish piety Peter stops and looks at the beggar they don t have money so Peter asks him to stand up and the beggar who was lame his whole life can now walk They are bringing restoration to people just like Jesus did This is something new for the people of Israel Church is Jesus continued presence in the world Shift of the ages New Faction ofJudaism Israel Jesus Followers origin of the church Hebrews and Hellenists Aramaic and Hebrew Greekspeakers Hellenists are being overlooked in the distribution of food to avoid this Hellenist leaders are also put in charge in the distribution of food Stephen looks over food distribution to Hellenist widows Starts to denounce the temple He is stoned to death becomes the rst Christian martyr Saul becomes the apostle Paul Thinks that the death of Stephen is okay The church begins to ee after the death of Stephen church expands geographically and with the types of people and thoughts it includes Martyr someone who dies for his or her faith Cornelius Gentile who has a vision he likes Judaism An angel appeared to him and asks him to send Peter Godfearer l Jesus follower Circumcision had a social stigma with it it is considered vulgar Acts 9 Saul is compelled to follow the rules and the law Wants to bring back the people who have left put them on trial and then put them to death quotWhy do you persecute mequot Jesus speaks to Saul Saul becomes blind until he becomes a follower ofJesus Jacqueline Smudzinski Religion Christian Scriptures Gamel November 14th 2013 The Inclusion of the Gentiles and Pauline Christianity Acts 1528 Acts 112 Takes place in Judea Most of the attention is focused on Peter he is thrown in prison at the end of chapter 12 Acts 1328 Takes place in Rome Focus is placed on Paul although Peter appears in the last few chapters Paul is the Apostle to the Gentiles Peter is the Apostle to the Jews Early Christianity was an urban movement and spread outward Paul starts his missions by going to the Synagogue and doing a reading he uses this as an opportunity to talk about what has happened with the people of Nazareth This is similar to what Peter does at the Pentecost with the prophet Joel He gets kicked out after he preaches However some churches do become established The end of Paul s life is during the reign of Nero who was notorious for killing Christians Acts is about the spreading of the message of the church The rst crisis of the church was over circumcision Circumcision had always been a sign of being with god because of the covenant between God and Abraham genesis 17 Acts 15 Letting people in without circumcision caused a rift in the church Gentile l circumcision l Jew Christian Gentile Christian There is a council held in Acts 15 Peter shares his experience with Cornelius Then Paul and Barnabas shares their experience They all say that this is happening and God wants to include the gentiles in his church The compromise is the Gentiles don t have to be circumcised but you can t engage in Idolatry and you can t eat unclean food or food meant for sacri ce also no fornication sexual impurity The majority of the church becomes Gentiles until the two things become separate Jews and Christians Divisions in the church Interpretation of the Bible Exegesis interpreting the meaning of the passage Hermeneutics how you bring that interpretation into your context Song Wye Oak Civilian Exegesis Insecurity gt Innocence gt Desire for love gt can t love Civilian nonmilitary not an active role author or recipient She is not actively working toward what she wants or she just wants to be normal or freedom that military don t have Jewish Backgrounds to the New Testament Religion 131035 1 02 21 3 I History between the Testaments A Persian Period 520 rebuilding of the temple Niamiah and Ezra A lot of the bible in canonized in this time Jews sense of identity B Greek Period Persians and Greeks fought each other Alexander the Great strategically brilliant in warfare uni es Greece in 333bc Takes over Persia and up into India which is when he decided that is enough Generals marry women of local cultures because Alexander wants to unify the cultures Empire is split into four sections and taken over be four generals Salucian Empire Hellenism bringing together Greek ideas and customs mixed with other cultures everyone should know how to speak and write in Greek everyone should know Greek Revolt 168 bc Judas retakes the temple and puri es it because it belonged to zues Hannakah because oil lasted 8 days while they were working in the temple C Roman Period Harid the Great half jew gtgt King Harid kingdom but belongs to the Roman empire Romans protect Judea After Harids death Judea becomes a province of the Roman empire Ponchos Pilot AD 70 jews revolt against the roman empire II Common Judaism A Focal Points B Beliefs III Particular Judaism s A Pharisees B Sadducees C Essenes D Zealots E Other Groups Prophets and Kings The Divided Monarchy 1 Kings 12 2 Kings 17 Religion 131035 10113 I The Divided Kingdoms 1 Kings 12 16 A Israel and Judah Rehoboam was the king of the south Jeroboam king of the north servant of Rehoboam B Jeroboam s Sin After the kingdom splits Jeroboam takes over the north capitol at shechem He builds false idols golden calf s He allows people to offer sacri ces He wanted to keep people from going to the temple in the south Jeroboam rejects the worship of god Omri reigns after Jeroboam C Israel s Moral Decline Omri changes the capitol to Samaria Israel is doing well they are wealthy and prosperous He continues the worship of the calves Strong military He does not worship the lord YHWH god of war Baal god of many things fertility crops They worshipped both so they could have both things syncretism II The Rise of Prophecy 1 Kings 1719 A Prophets in the ANE B Elijah 1 1 Kings 17 The Indictment Indicts the people He tells the people they cant have it both ways God is holding the rain because they believe it comes from Baal not him God hold rain for a year God is concerned with individual s not just kingdoms 2 1 Kings 18 The Challenge Elijah goes to Ahab Ahab gathers all the Israelites and the prophets Elijah calls for the people to chose their god 450 prophets of Baal gather to sacri ce Elijah by himself gives a sacrifice 12 stones in a circle and goes to the alter of the lord pours water on the alter 3times Elijah prays to god Eire falls down from the sky and burns down the temple YHWI I is true god Prophets of Baal are slaughtered 3 I Kings 19 The Aftermath YHWI I cares who you worship Elijah is scared of being the only prophet left The rain comes back III The End of the Northern Kingdom 2 Kings 17 A Assyria s Rise Located in Mesopotamia 750 BC Hoshea is the last king of Israel Assyrians destroy the nation extremely violent and extremely cruel Israel exiled from their own land into Assyria god turns away from them because they did not obey god and their covenant B Conquest and Resettlement Samaritan s are a mix of the north of Israel and the Assyrians Hated by the jews We get two good kings Hezekiah he gets rid of the worship of other gods worship should only happen at the temple they survive and attack from Assyria C Josiah s Reforms Reigned at 8 years old for 31 years ruled the way David had ruled josiah follows the law of Moses which have been ignored for a long long time Israel Dynasty No dynasty lasts more than 4 generations Kings The kings die violently they are categorized as evil Cycles VictorVictim Demographics More people that in the south Bigger military stronger More money Judah Dynasty Lasts all decedents of David s Kings Some kings were evil only 8 were good David is still considered the best king Two best kings were Josiah Cycles Apostasy and reform turn to god turn away from god turn to god turn away from god Demographics Stable Homogenous The Gospel According to Mark Pt 2 Mark 813 Religion 131035 103113 I Jesus the Wonder Worker A Controversy and Opposition 2136 B Rejection and Misunderstanding 37821 II Jesus the Suffering Son of Man A The Way of the Disciple 8221045 B Final Con ict in Jerusalem 1111327 III Markan Themes A Jesus and the Religious Authorities B Jesus and his disciples C Passion Narrative as Convergence JacqueHne Smudzinski October 31 2013 21 36 1 Forgiveness of sins 2 Eating with sinners 3 No fasting NEW 4 Sabbath violation 5 Healing on the Sabbath Jesus is not concerned with the violations listed above What would god want Holiness separation of wholeness They thinkJesus is not sane because he wants to mix with sinners which is like mixing healthy people in with the sick P privatize purity S lnstitutionalize purity E lsolate purity Z Politicize purity Why do Jesus disciples not fast Jesus enemies plan to kill him 37 821 12 apostles disciples represents the 12 tribes of Israel Reconstituting lsrael around himself calling his allies His family rejects Jesus New meaning of family those who obey god and do gods will are Jesus mothers and brothers People claim that the source ofJesus power is from the devil because he can expel demons Jesus says otherwise he says he is an agent of god Four Parables Mark 426 Parable of wheat The wheat is done and it is the time of the kingdom of god Mustard seed Small seed grow into an important bush Kingdom of god starts small but it will grow huge God is making this happen you cant make anything happen faster Everything will come and work on its own in its own time Stilling of the storm They wonder how Jesus can sleep through the storm Jesus gets mad at the storm and rebukes it The sea becomes calm Sea sign of chaos for the Jews not sea bearing people Jesus looks a lot like god in the Old Testament 822 1045 Who am I Identity ofJesus Peter calls Jesus the Messiah right word wrong meaning Old meaning defeat the enemies Rome and rebuild the temple liberator New meaning his identity is about suffering representation Jesus wants them to tell no one about him Son of man must be chastised by holy people be killed and rise in three days Take up your cross and follow me The disciples struggle to understand whom Jesus is and what he is trying to do If you want to be great you must be a servant to all To be at the top you must be at the bottom Healing of a blind man in the beginning and end of this section First double healing of a blind man Represents how peter sees Jesus as the messiah but he does know what that means Second Bartimeaus after being healed followed Jesus on the M H way The 39way is metaphorical he follows the word ofJesus in his life Represents people following Jesus and nally seeing the way of god 111 1327 A week ofJesus life Time slows down things are more important 1115 Jesus drives out those who were selling and buying things in the temple He called it a den of robber The scribe and priest wanted to kill him because the rest of the people were in awe of him Jesus denounces the temple because it is not being what it should be economic interests are more involved then religious interests 1412 Judas lscariot decides to defect from Jesus and betray him He goes to Jesus enemies and asks what they will give him for information on Jesus Jesus is celebrating Passover and he knows that this is the end The disciples are not paying attention or recognizingaccepting that Jesus is going to be arrested Bring Jesus before Jewish court and they charge him and condemn him with permission of roman government Ponchos Pilot Simon Peter is replaced by peter Bandits have replaced spots of glory because those have abandoned him The Passion Narratives Religion 131035 1 1 5 1 3 I The Passion of Jesus in Mark A Cruci xion and Death 1415 B Open Tomb and Open Ending 1618 1 Open Tomb 2 Open Ending II The Passion in the other Gospels A The Passion of Jesus in Matthew 2627 B The Passion of Jesus in Luke 2223 C The Passion of Jesus in John 1819 Ill Facets of the Death of Jesus IV Gospel of John A Prologue B Nicodemus Jacqueline Smudzinski Religion 131035 Gamel November 21 2013 Pauline Ethics 1 Corinthians Written communication was not valued as much as oral communication in the era of Paul Background of the Corinthians Starts a church Gets some converts all gentiles in Corinth Moves on Where are the boundaries between the World the Gentiles and the Jews Paul is addressing issues that has arisen between the sects Corinthians 14 Factionalism They were divided and claiming who their there leader is Paul sees this as a sign of boasting and a type of entitlement Gods strength seems like weakness Jesus dying on the cross God chooses people who are outcasts God choose the Corinthians because they were not any of the things they should be God Judgment on human judgment 118 829 Corinthians 57 Sexuality and Marriage New age no ethics A man is sleeping with his stepmom You cannot sleep inside your family Nothing has happened excommunication Corinthians 7 quotAll things are lawfulquot The law no longer has a claim The body is not for fornication but for the lord Whoever is united to a prostituted becomes united for life Quote from the Corinthians quotIt is good for a man not to touch a womanquot This also applies to examples within marriage Mutual belonging to each other Marriage and sexuality is good quotWe know that all of us possess knowledgequot Corinthians 810 Food sacri ced to the Idols A feats or gathering when it was time to eat meat Most of the diets were veggies and grains Food offered to a false idol becomes tainted participation in false worship When you go to eat at the house of a tainted idol you do not eat it You have the right to eat whatever you want but give it up for your brothers and sisters Corinthians 11 Lords Supper When you come together its for the worse not for the better Some people are only honoring themselves in feast the food should instead belong to everyone Corinthians 1214 Spiritual Gift Church community is like a human body each person has a job and one is not more important than the other You have embodiment in the afterlife Before this people said that if there was an afterlife it was not material Christ has been resurrected Our body will be resurrected but not in the way people think Seed gtgt Plant The type of body changes but it does not come un embodied How you treat you The Inclusion of the Gentiles and Pauline Christianity Acts 1528 Religion 131035 1 11 41 3 I Paul s Missionary Journeys A Paul the Apostle B Paul the Missionary C Paul the Prisoner II The First Church Crisis A Circumcision B Jerusalem Council The Reign of David 1 Samuel 16 to 1 Kings 2 Religion 131035 924 13 I David the Hero 1 Samuel 16 2 Samuel 510 A Introducing David Takes up the most writing in the bible 1 Samuel 2 Samuel 1 Kings 1 Chronicles Psalms 73150 are devoted to David Israel s most important king all future kings are weighed against him David is God s choice for king quotafter his own heart King of Spades David Two introduction stories 1 David the lover 1 Sam 16 God tells Samuel to anoint new person David as king Jesse is David s father Samuel doesn t know which of the seven sons god has chosen David is the youngest son and the chosen one However Saul is still in power but God rejects Saul for David David was a Shepard blue collar job He was a musician lyre to sooth Saul 2 David the ghter 1 Sam 17 Saul gave David his armor but it is to heavy for David David ghts Goliath giant with no armor and only stones as a weapon David trusts in God to help him win as he goes into battle David slays Goliath a philistine Saul promised money and his daughter s hand in marriage to whoever slays Goliath David gets to marry Michal Saul s Daughter Saul becomes jealous of David and Saul tries to kill David repeatedly David could kill Saul but he does not he is trusting in god to take care ofit Saul is gone and David returns after mourning Saul The people love David B David s Rise David goes to Hebron in Judah and is made king The other tribes however make Ishbaal Saul s son king Fighting between the two sections Eventually Ishbaal is assassinated and David takes over the kingdom Northern Tribes 10 EphraimIsrael Southern Tribes 2 Judah Benjamin II David the King 2 Samuel 58 A Israel s Golden Age David reigned for 40 years or a very long time Solomon David s son reigns for 40 years Israel s empire expands to include their enemies David worships and listens to god god in return gives his kingdom peace and prosperity B Jerusalem City of David Shiloh capital of the north Hebron capital of the south David chooses Jerusalem as the capital so the north and south could fell united Location of the Arc of the Covenant Building a temple for God the arc will represent the throne of god in the temple C Royal TheologyIdeology 2 Samuel 71 God does not want David to build a temple for him But god promises David that his offspring will be blessed and his children will be like a son to god DavidgtgtGodz house temple DECLINED GodgtgtDavidz house dynasty Psalm 1321 112 if your sons keep my covenant shall sit on you re thrown conditional promise God travel wherever he wants to go Xity vs freedom III David the Human 2 Samuel 920 1 Kings 12 A David s Decline His life becomes sad and depressing but he still tries so hard to continue to praise the lord Hallelujah David didn t lead a battle even kings were supposed to be leading his troops into battle he stayed in the capital B David and Bathsheba Bathsheba is sun bathing David falls for her he covets her Bathsheba however is married to Uriah the Hittite a foreigner David calls for Bathsheba and they conceive a child Uriah is in the battle that David is supposed to ghting in David tricks Uriah into trying to sleep with his wife but Uriah does not because he feels he should get back to the battle The foreigner is more Pius than the king David sends Uriah to his death in battle He breaks four of the Ten Commandments for Bathsheba C Rebellions The lord is unhappy with David He can take back everything that he has given David David and Bathsheba s child dies David s son Absalom rises up against David people like him more than David Absalom takes all his wives D Death David becomes crude and harsh at the end of his life before he dies Dtr Theology Blessings amp curses Grand Narrative 1 Creation 2 Corruption 3 Covenant Noah Abraham Moses mount Sinailaw David 4 Christ 5 Church 6 Consummation The Birth of the Church and PrePauline Christianity Acts 112 Religion 131035 1 11 21 3 I The Resurrection of Jesus II Luke and Salvation History III Acts A Pentecost B Healing of Blind Man and Opposition C Factions and Persecutions D Expansion of Church 1 Geography 2 Gentiles E Saul on the Road to Damascus Jacqueline Smudzinski Religion 131035 Gamel November 12th 2013 Test Three Answers and Explanation Jesus only prays at Gethsemane in Matthew and Mark Jesus only prays three times in Matthew in Mark Syncretism Mix things together believing in more than one thing at the same time Gospel ofJohn Eternal life talking about him a lot speaking in discourses Popular Philosophy Being a good person ethics Pietas Piety in a new sense Mark 316 Kill Jesus Creation Corruption Covenant Christ Church Consummation Final Exam 1216 911am English 1217 Spanish 1217 Religion 1216 Biology Biology lab Restoration and Return Home Second Isaiah Ezra Haggai Religion 1 3 1 035 1 0 1 0 1 3 I Despair of Exile Exile is not the nal answer II Prophets of Hope A Jeremiah Jerimiah 29 writes a letter to the people who are in exile before the city is destroyed to the people in Babylon He tells them to adapt to life in Babylon because they will be there a while But he says god will be there in Babylon and their lives will be good there He talks of a new covenant hope B Ezekiel Ezekiel 4048 Complex vision of a new temple hope a place god will dwell C Second Isaiah 1 Imminent Return as New Exodus At the end of exile god will bring the people out of exile The desert will be transformed into a paradise He new person will bring teaching to the people he might face adversity but god will allow him to prevail Rise of monotheism Henotheists only worship one god but believe in the other gods existence 2 Servant of YHWH Is there any god besides me Mocking of idolatry helpless images Made fun of Mar duke 3 Rise of Monotheism III Return and Disappointment A Expectations 1 Ezekiel New temple Everything is about the temple The place will be ruled by priests The temple is the center of life 2 Haggai 520 bc rebuilding of the temple Chastises those who do not want to rebuild the temple He also thinks the king is really important 3 Zechariah About 520 bc He sees a place where priests and kings can rule together Diarchy B Reality A prophet authorizes all three However the reality was a mix of the hope and a lot of pragmatism and disappointment Cyrus 1 Persian king benevolent didn t care as long as the people in the empire were paying taxes and were part of the nation Cyrus cylinder declares everyone can go back to his or her homeland 539 bc C Rise of Judaism Ezra and Nehemiah Ezra refers to the decree Cyrus cylinder Jews interpret this as the work of god Jews believe that the exile is over a group of people go back after the decree The temple is rebuilt second temple Judaism many people were disappointed Yehuel governers rule over the area Prophets are Ezra and Nehemiah 445 bc Ezra comes back with a book of the law Torah he says no more intermarriage Nehemiah rebuilds the wall he encounters opposition he says you must keep the Sabbath kick out all the foreigners on the sabbath they can return after it is over Who counts as a jew First Second Enemy Assyria Babylon Location Judah Babylon Themes Judgment Hope Review for the Final 100 Questions 15 Unit One 15 Unit Two 20 Unit Three 50 Unit Four Sumney 281331 251368 Old Testament Grand Narrative Where people fall in the scheme Creation Gen 12 Corruption Gen 310 Covenant Gen 10Mal Christ Gospels Church Acts Letters Hebrews Consummation Revelation Types of theology Such as duteremistic etc Creation Gen 12 Why there are two different creation stories How they t together How God created the earth Corruption Gen 310 Eve eats the apple from the forbidden garden Cain and Able brother kills brother God chooses the weaker one Noah In gen 6 god grieved that he made such murderous children Covenant with Noah and all of creation that God will never try and destroy the earth ever again Covenant Gen 10Mal First Covenant is with Noah Humanity spreads throughout Noah s family God chooses Abraham to spread his message God makes a covenant with Abraham that God will give him great blessings this land and many children 15 unconditional and in return he wants Abraham to be pure and circumcise his offspring 17 conditional Abraham has Isaac and Isaac has Jacob Israel who has 12 sons 12 tribes of Israel Moses comes to deliver the people from Egypt God gives Moses the Mosaic covenant or law 10 commandments on mount SinaiHoreb This promise is just to the nation of Israel Joshua takes over after Moses The judge s follow they forget about god and sin again and now the people want a king like the surrounding land 1 Samuel Arguments against a king abuse of central power monetary policies The rst king of Israel is Saul but he is disobedient David who brings the golden years to Israel eventually replaces him Davidic covenant 2 Samuel 7 If you obey me God you will always have an offspring on the thrown This down the line becomes messianic even in a system with no political power we should wait for the line of David to return to power Royal Theology David wants to build a temple for god but god says no God will build a house for David aka continue his Hneage Solomon Son of David united kingdom Rehoboam Son of Solomon South Jeroboam Other successor of Solomon North a lot of people a lot of money not stable kingdom falls in 722 to Assyria Assyrians become the Samaritans of the New Testament Kings of the South Goes into Exile in 586 bc because of Babylon Solomon Rehoboam Hezekiah Josiah found a copy of the old law in a temple life cut short Exie Persia defeats Babylon in 539 and sends the Jews home Duteremistic theology blessings and curses Do what god wants and god will bless you lgnore what he wants and he will curse you Zion Theology around the time of Hezekiah when Jerusalem is under attack from Assyria which they survive They believe that god will ALWAYS protect the city from falling no matter what Hanniniah believer in Zion Theology Wisdom Literature not in narrative framework Prophetic literature Focuses on understanding god not on what he did Proverbs How you become poor how you become rich how to run your household Job Challenges the ideas of proverbs he follows the law of proverbs perfectly but God curses him When god speaks to Job he wont explain why he is doing what he is doing Left with a mystery on how god works Proverbs is a way to defend god theodicy Ecclesiastes says this way of discerning things is not accurate We are not meant to understand chance and timing rule everything New Testament Christ Gospels Matthew Human Based off of Mark birth narrative Mark Lion Most likely the rst Gospel written and it is the shortest one written Jesus declares an end to the old age and the beginning of the New Age 12 disciples like the 12 tribes of Israel Luke Ox Based off of Mark birth narrative John Eagle Much different than the other three gospels How the different gospels are different from one another and in how they represent Jesus Know the differences in theme between the passion narratives Church Acts AfterJesus dies he has his disciples spread his message Church embodiment ofJesus message to the rest of the world Church expands to the rest of the world Acts Gentiles people who were not Jews and how the church was to deal with them you do not need to be a Jew rst to be a Christian no circumcision Pauline Letters Galatians Paul s letters you only need faith in Jesus Christ to be a Christian The Ten Commandments are not everlasting they were made to serve at the time until the coming of Christ 1 Corinthians Gentiles living in a Pagan culture trying to gure out their boundaries Consummation Revelation God will bring all of these things to the conclusion God is making everything new again Many people interpret this text as a coming of the end to the world Heaven and Earth will be remade God will have a relationship with the people on Earth Review all old test questions on blackboard Look at de nitions in Sumney Review rst three units and old notes Read Unit Four and make ashcards Next Review Session Thursday Room 803 at 415 Jacqueline Smudzinski Review session Tomorrow Night 830 Tidwell 107 Religion Test 117 Essay 1121 Extra credit paper 125 Sumney 197222 Quiz Answers Griesbach theory Matthew was written rst Look at all three theories Mark was written in AD 70 John was not a synoptic gospel lsaiah is cited in marks gospel opening Jesus in the wilderness fasting for 40 days evokes the image of Israel in the desert for 40 years Kingdom of god is at hands means end of old age beginning of new age Jesus calling himself the quotson of godquot is not a controversy in mark First MiracleJesus performs in mark Exorcism of an unclean spirit The opening of mark alludes to second Isaiah when Israel was leaving exile which in turn alludes to exodus when Israel left Egypt Simon and Andrew were Jesus rst followers in the gospel of mark The Book of Revelation and the End of the World Religion 131035 12513 Review sessions Tuesday 330pm in the classroom Thursday 830pm in the classroom Revelation Can be used by many to make prophesies or ignored by Christians Many use it to predict when the Apocalypse is coming Written as a letter similar to the Pauline letters The fact that is written as a letter gives it a date and place although many people interpret it to their time and place it is only for the people in the author s time and place AD 90 The letter of revelation is also a prophecy according to the authon The books are primarily a Jewish genre 1Enoch 4 Ezra 2 Baruch The rst part of Revelations is written by John we are not sure what john however it could be John the Elder orJohn from the apostle trio He was writing to 7 churches that were under persecution Some believe it wasn t that they were being persecuted but rather they are in danger of no longer being a special community and blending into the world around them Revelations 23 was a critique of society and Roman power quotDo not get comfortable herequot Opens with a vision Pax Romana look at the peace Rome has brought if you support this you support the God s of Rome The churches represent different issues all churches are dealing with Revelations 212 the church of Pergamum major pagan centers sinners don t be misled by these large cultural Icons Don t fall into the opponents of the churches Pergamum represents that danger of assimilation be a separate people Church in Smyrna problem is persecution Be faithful in times of trouble unto death like Jesus Laodicea problem is complacency City of wealth Revelations 45 revealing the truth about the world The scroll reveals Gods will but no one on earth or heaven has the power to unseal the scroll and see God s will Be faithful unto death Gematria Numerology


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