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Soc Class Notes 2/17-2/29

by: Mallory Notetaker

Soc Class Notes 2/17-2/29 Sociology 20213

Mallory Notetaker
GPA 3.528

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About this Document

This bundle covers everything talked about in class for almost two weeks because the material covered in class has not been too note intensive. Contains all information on slides plus teacher comm...
Introductory Sociology
Dr. Hampton
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Mallory Notetaker on Monday February 29, 2016. The Bundle belongs to Sociology 20213 at Texas Christian University taught by Dr. Hampton in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Introductory Sociology in Sociology at Texas Christian University.


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Date Created: 02/29/16
2/17/16 Watching movie Notes to be made and focused on = roles of institutional agents -they took him to a recruiter showcase 2/22/16 Conclusion of video -we can go online and see commentary on the documentary the coach was obsessed with basketball, it was his life and he wanted everyone else to be obsessed with it too -he couldn’t go to the coach for any other problems except for basketball -coach didn’t care about anything else Discussion question notes Pros and cons of using athletic pursuits to help young african american men improve their lives? pros: takes them off the street, gives them hope by seeing other boys like them go on and be successful, gives them a sense of identity and responsibility, social network of older adults to help them cons: focus on sports rather than basketball, can give them false hope to get on a college team, school uses them as a commodity rather than a person, young man can get isolated 2/24/16 Homework questions: The socialization of gender is a key component of our development. How do you see gender socialization being played out in society today? The concept of hegemonic masculinity was underscored throughout Kane’s article. What are the pros and cons of hegemonic masculinity? Explain and discuss. Socialization: becoming who we are -is a process of learning -To socialize someone is to train that person to behave appropriately Socialization is how we learn to perceive our world Agents of Socialization -This learning process is carried out by the various individuals, groups, organization, and institutions a person comes into contact with during the course of his or her life -Sociologists refer to these as agents of socialization -Ex: family, friends, teammates, teachers, media etc Social Identity -So, we know from our readings that socialization does not take place in a vacuum -Ex: our social class, our race, as well as our gender are all significant features of our social identity -What makes these things more significant than maybe an eye color characteristic? -From a sociological perspective, these three things are significant because they effect one’s access to resources and opportunities. Socialization and Stratification How are they closely related? Melvin Kohn (1979) Study -He interviewed 200 working-class parents and 200 middle-class parents who had at least one child of 5th grade age -What conclusions did Kohn reach as it relates to middle - class parents and their socialization practices? -they promote values such as self-directionism, individuals, curiosity -More recents studies show that middle class parents are more likely to foster their children’s talents through organizes leisure actives and experiences that require logical reasoning How does this differ from working-class parents -more likely to emphasize conformity to external authority -they want their children to be neat and clean and follow the rules How do the future-goals that middle-class parents and work-class parents for their children differ? -Working class: ten to believe that the eventual occupational success and survival of their children depends on their ability to confirm to and obey authority -Middle-class: believe that their children’s future success will result from assertiveness and initiative, felt like their parents had more control over their own future and destiny Male- Female differences This distinction is important because it reminds us that male female differences in behaviors or experiences do not spring “naturally” from biological differences between the sexes. Ex: we have more girls in nurses rather than medical positions Rather, they are a reflection of cultural attitudes and have nothing to do with biology -Thus, most of the differences between men and women turn out to be socially created. Gender and Socialization -From birth until death, gender shapes human feelings, thoughts, and actions -By about age 3, children learn that society considers females and males different kinds of people and they begin to think of themselves in these terms Gender Roles: attitudes and activities that society links to each sex -it teaches us how to behave -ex: society defines males as ambitious and competitive - encourages them to seek out leadership roles. Females are defined as emotional, expected to be supportive helpers. 2/26/16 From birth until death, gender shapes human feelings, thoughts, and actions. Ex: when young boys start exhibiting girlish behavior, the parents really draw the line and try correct that, but when girls are tom boys, parents don’t react the same Discussion question -In what ways do parents foster gender socialization with their children 2/29/16 Discussion on… -the impact of race and ethnicity on socialization Do you think white parents socialize their children differently than black parents? In other words, in terms of racial and ethnic socialization, do racial and ethnic minorities communicate different messages to their children growing up than white parents? She said yes, they do communicate different messages Socialization messages for white children -Based on the reading, what are white children likely to learn as it relates to their social identity growing up? -The socialization messages that white children are most likely to learn growing up is less about defining their race than it is about learning how to handle the privileges and behaviors associated with being white in a predominantly white society. -For african american, native american, latino, their parent’s discussion of race is more likely to focus on preparing them for prejudice, ethnic hatred, and mistreatment in a society set up to ignore or actively exclude them. -These ethnic socialization message most likely include conversations about how to respond to law enforcement -Social class is not a buffer to completely eliminate the blacks and whites feeling the effects of discrimination -ex: black boy walking in a suburban area and lost his life because he was not recognized under his hoodie and was thought to not belong there -Race and Ethnic Socialization -Those that include information about the mainstream culture -Those that focus on their minority status in society, and -Those that focus on the history and culture heritage of their ethnoracial group


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