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First two weeks of notes - CSIT 220

by: Motaz Jalil

First two weeks of notes - CSIT 220 CSIT 220 - 21

Marketplace > La Salle University > ComputerScienence > CSIT 220 - 21 > First two weeks of notes CSIT 220
Motaz Jalil
La Salle
GPA 3.4
Data Communication and Internetworking
Margaret McCoey

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About this Document

This is the first and second week of notes, most of what's on here is not found on the professor's slide shows, rather what she lectured during class.
Data Communication and Internetworking
Margaret McCoey
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Motaz Jalil on Thursday September 10, 2015. The Bundle belongs to CSIT 220 - 21 at La Salle University taught by Margaret McCoey in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Data Communication and Internetworking in ComputerScienence at La Salle University.

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Date Created: 09/10/15
CSIT ZZ First and Second Week of Notes 090315 CHAPTER 1 Network things that allow us to communicate Series of things that are connected to one another Bandwith how quickly things move capacity of the medium it is constrained by how much it can hold ex Fiber coper radio Packet takes information breaks it into small pieces and goes through the network quotInternet thingsquot l anything connected to a network Protocols how things happen Set of normal steps to make things happen TCPIP Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol 0 5 layers Application Layer Transmission Layer Internet Layer Data link layer Physical Layer Network edge wireless connection has to go through PHYSICAL connection Capital I Internet set of con gurations that allows global connection 0 BIG I meaning the WORLD WIDE WEB lower case i internet local network 0 Small meaning LOCAL INSIDE quotAquot intranet network in the Internet TP Twisted Pair Physical connection to router 090815 CON39T chapter 1 Packet Switching hosts break application 0 Best with bursty data Circuit Switching determines the path 0 1 FDM Frequency ltotal width 0 2 TDM Time Delay lfasterll Upload it is sending a request client server Download sends back answer to request web server ISP Internet Server Provider Ex Verizon Comcast 0 Light is the fastest way to delay time and through point What Verizon uses Fiber 5 layers of TCPIP 0 Each layer has their own service to implement o Breaks into layers to perform better Application supporting network APP EX FTP SMTP HTTPProtocols Transport Process data transfer TCP UDP Network routing IP Link data transfer between neighboring WiFi PPP Physical bits quoton the wirequot 139s and 039s Standard called lSOOSI models 0 7 different activities you want to do Theoretical model 1 Presentation SLsion Transport Network Link 7 OWUIhUJN Application Physical o The TCPIP is the implementation of the lSPOSI mode 091015 LAB INTRO TO WIRESHARK


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