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flashcards 4

by: Heidi Jones

flashcards 4 BIOL 11100-002

Heidi Jones

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About this Document

flashcards most relating to exam 3, set # 2
Fundamentals of Biology 2
Athena Anderson
Biology 111
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Heidi Jones on Thursday March 3, 2016. The Bundle belongs to BIOL 11100-002 at Purdue University taught by Athena Anderson in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Fundamentals of Biology 2 in Biology at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 03/03/16
2 Hydrogen bonds are found between b. Thymine & Adenine a. Adenine & Guanine b. Thymine & Adenine c. Guanine & Cytosine d. Cytosine & Thymine Albinism is an autosomal recessive trait in which affective individuals cannot produce the pigment melanin. If an albino man marries a woman who is a carrier of albinism allele, what B. 50% is the probability that their child will be an albino? a. 25% b. 50% c. 75% d. 100% ______ are intervening sequences of RNA that do not code for a polypeptide and must be spliced/ cut out. b. Introns a. Exons b. Introns c. Axons d. Intervenons The backbone of DNA is alternating.. a. Phosphates and sugars a. Phosphates and sugars b. Phosphates and nitrogenous bases The backbone of DNA is alternating Phosphates and c. Sugars and nitrogenous bases d. All of the above sugars. The ____ base of codon can "wobble", different bases in this position often still code for the same amino acid. c. third a. first b. second c. third d. all of the above Black fur in mice (B) is dominant to brown fur (b), Short tails (T) is dominant to long tails (t). What fraction of the offspring of the cross BbTt x BBtt will have black fur mice with long tails? C. 1/2 a. 3/16 b. 3/8 c. 1/2 d. 9/16 ______ breaks hydrogen bonds between nitrogenous bases. b. Transcription a. Transformation b. Transcription c. Translation d. Replication Colorblindness is an X-linked recessive trait. A colorblind woman marries a man with normal vision. What is the probability that their children will be colorblind? c. 100% sons ... 0% daughters a. 50% sons...0% daughters b 50% of both sons and daughters c. 100% sons ...0% daughters d. 75% son ...25% daughters ____ creates the primers needed for DNA replication. c. RNA polymerase a. DNA polymerase b. Helicase c. RNA polymerase d. Ligase DNA nucleotides from a certain organism contain 14% T. What amounts of the other bases would you expect to be present in this particular DNA? b. 14% A, 36% G, 36% C a. 14% A, 14% G, 14% C b. 14% A, 36% G, 36% C c. 14% U, 36% G, 36% C d. 14% A, 36% G, 36% U DNA has T, not U. A=T, G=C During post-transcriptional modifications, what gets added to the 3' end of mRNA? a. Guanine cap b. Poly A tail b. Poly A tail c. Amino acid d. Ribosomes A gene has two possible alleles - A (frequency p) and a (frequency q). The term in the Hardy- Weinberg equilibrium formula that designates the heterozygous genotype is .... a. p squared c. 2pq b. q squared c. 2pq d. 2Aa ______ gets translated into a polypeptide. d. tRNA ... mRNA a. mRNA b. rRNA c. tRNA d. all of the above How many unique gamets could be produced by independent assortment by an individual with the genotype AaBbCCDdEE? B. 8 a. 4 b. 8 c. 16 d. 32 If the template DNA strand has the sequence "ATTGCC" , what would the corresponding mRNA sequence be? c. UAACGG a. TAACGG b. AUUGCC c. UAACGG d. TUUCGG In cattle, roan coat color (mixed red and white hairs) occurs in the heterozygous offspring of homozygous red and homozygous white parents. This is an example of.. c. Co-dominance a. Epistasis b. Incomplete Dominance c. Codominace d. Polygenic inheritance Increased UV radiation exposure causes human skin to become more darkly pigmented over a period of several days. The idea that the offspring of such tanned individuals should inherit d. Lamarack darkened skin from their parents is consistent with the ideas of a. Darwin b. Linnaeus c. Wallace d. Lamarack An individual with Jacob syndrome would have which karyotype? d. 47, XYY a. 45, XO b. 47, XXY c. 47, XXX d. 47, XYY An individual with Kleinfelter syndrome would have how many Barr bodies? b. 1 a. 0 b. 1 c. 2 d. 3 In small populations, frequencies of certain alleles may change by chance alone. Such random change in the frequency of alleles is c. Genetic Drift a. Mutation b. Migration c. Genetic Drift d. Nonrandom mating In the southeastern US, two species of wild lettuce do not usually form hybrids because they bloom at different seasons. This means of isolation is... b. Temperal a. Behavioral b. Temporal c. Geographical d. Ecological In which sex determination system does the female determine the sex of offspring? c. ZZ / ZW a. XX / XYthe b. XX / XO c. ZZ / ZW d. none of the above _____ is a purine. d. Guanine a. Uracil b. Cytosine c. Thymine d. Guanine Guanine is a purine. A ______ is attached to the 5' of a _______. b. Phosphate group .... sugar a. Sugar ......nitrogenous base b. Phosphate group ..... sugar A Phosphate group is attached the 5' of c. Phosphate group .... nitrogenous base d. Nitrogenous base ... sugar nitrogenous base. The isolating mechanism that prevents hybridization between horses and donkeys is a. behavioral c. Post zygotic b. Gametic c. Postzygotic d. Mechanical Matching: a.Chargaff __c._Griffith_explained the processof transformation asthe reason why a mixture of live non-virulent bacteria results b.Franklin in mouse death c.Griffith _B_Franklin_x-ray crystallography suggeststhat DNA structure ishelical,and providesdimensionsof the structure d.Hershey and Chase _A_Chargaff_DNA alwayscontainsamountsof 4 water baseswhere A=T,G=C e.Watson and Crick _D_Hershey & Chase_when injected into a bacterialcellby T2 viralparrticles,the materialthat causesnew virusesto form isDNA,not protein. __explained the processof transformation asthe reason why a mixture of live non-virulent bacteria and dead virulentDNA isa double helix with two antiparallelpolynucleotide chainsheld together by bacteria resultsin mouse death hydrogen bondsbetween base pairs ___x-ray crystallography suggeststhat DNA structure ishelical,and providesdimensionsof the structure ___DNA alwayscontainsamountsof 4 water baseswhere A=T,G=C ___when injected into a bacterialcellby T2 viralparrticles,the materialthat causesnew virusesto form isDNA,not protein.: ____structure of DNA isa double helix with two antiparallelpolynucleotide chainsheld together by hydrogen bondsOn Origin of Species" between base pairsll ______Thomas Malthus __A__ Charles Lyell wrote "Principles of Geology" A. Principles of Geology __C__ Thomas Malthus wrote "Princple of B. On Origin of Species C. Principle of Population Population" The model that assumes that evolution proceeds with slow successive changes in a given environment is_________. b. Gradualism a. Punctuated equilibrium b. Gradualism c. Allopatric model d. Sympatric model Okazaki fragments are c. New pieces of DNA formed during a. New pieces of DNA formed during replication of the leading strand b. Pieces of DNA formed by dispersive replication replication of lagging strand c. New pieces of DNA formed during replication of lagging strand d. Remnants of a Japanese village after a Godzilla attack A particular polypeptide is 100 amino acids in length. In the gene for this polypeptide, how many nucleotides are necessary to code for this protein (assuming there are no intervening d. 300 sequences)? a. 99 b. 100 c. 150 d. 300 Polymerases can synthesize in the ____ direction. b. 5' --> 3' a. 3' --> 5' b. 5' --> 3' c. 5' --> 2'e d. all of the above The production of a new species through hybridization is sometimes made easier in plants by... d. Polyploidy a. adaptation b. Meiosis c. Parthenogenisis d. Polyploidy Reproduction of DNA is .. C. Semi-conservative a. Conservative b. Dispersive c. Semi-conservative d. semi-expressive Reproduction of DNA is Semi-Conservative A restriction in genetic variability caused by a drastic reduction in population size is called the b. Bottleneck effect a. Founder effect b. Bottleneck effect c. Hardy Weinberg effect d. Adaptive effect The same basic group of bones is modified to give rise to the wing of a bat and the fin of a porpoise. Such anatomical structures are called... c. Homologous is anatomical structures from the a. Analogous same basic group of bones and is modified to b. Vestigial c. Homologous rise the wing of a bat and the fin of a porpoise. d. Inherited __________ selection acts to eliminate one extreme from an array of phenotypes. a. Stabilizing Selection d. Directional Selection b. Disruptive Selection c. Artificial Selection d. Directional Selection A sexually reproducing animal has two genes, one for head shape (H) and one for tail length (T). Its Genotype is HhTt. Which of the following genotypes is possible in a gamete from this a. HT organism? a. HT b. Hh c. HhTt d. Tt Two plants are crossed, resulting in offspring with a 3:1 ratio for a particular trait. This suggests ... C. That the parents were both a. That the parents were true breeding for contrasting traits b. Incomplete dominance heterozygous. c. That the parents were both heterozygous d. That each offspring has the same alleles this gives you the 3:1 ration, or 75%, 25% Two species of sea urchins release their germ cells into the water at the same time, but the sperm of one species can not fertilize the egg of the second species. This means of isolation c. Gametic is... a. Behavioral b. Mechanical c. Gametic d. Ecological The type that geographically isolates populations and results in the divergence of distinct species is called... c. Allopatric speciation a. Gradual speciation b. Sympatric speciation c. Allopatric speciation d. Adaptive speciation What is the term used for males in terms of X-linked traits? a. Homozygous C Hemizygous b. Heterozygous c. Hemizygous d. Either a or b When does translaton STOP? d. When the STOP Codon is encountered a. at the very end of the mRNA strand b. At the very end of the tRNA strand c. At the 5' ca d. When the STOP Codon is encountered Which is not a requirement for natural selection? a. There must be variation between the members of the population. d. A natural disaster must decrease b. Some traits must offer an advantage c. Individuals with traits better suited to their environment are more likely to population size reproduce d. A natural disaster must decrease population size Which of the following is false for a population in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium? a. the population is subject to natural selection a. the population is subject to natural selection b. the population size is large c. there is no mutation (to be in H-W equilibrium there is no natural d. Individuals do not migrate into or out of the population selection) Which of the following statements is false? a. RNA contains ribose c. "RNA polymerase requires a primer" b. RNA is single stranded. c. RNA polymerase requires a primer is a FALSE statement d. RNA contains uracil RNA Polymerase is a primer Which of the following structural abnormality leads to genes being rearranged on a c. Inversion single chromosome? a. Deletion b. Duplication c. Inversion d. Reciprocal translocation With the exception of the first tRNA, tRNA travel along three sites within the ribosome. These sites in the correct order b. A --> P --> E a. E --> P --> A b. A -->P --> E c. P -->A --> E d. E--> P--> A A woman has type A- blood. Her first child is AB+ and her second child is type O-. What is her husband's blood type? a. B+ a. B+ b. AB- c. O+ d. He can't be the father of both children


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