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Art History 150 Study guide

by: Dani Kumor

Art History 150 Study guide

Marketplace > University of Massachusetts > Art History > Art History 150 Study guide
Dani Kumor
GPA 3.8

Thomas Stubblefield

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About this Document

Art History Study Guide, midterm, Fall 2013
Thomas Stubblefield
history, Art History
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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Dani Kumor on Monday June 30, 2014. The Bundle belongs to a course at University of Massachusetts taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 124 views.


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Date Created: 06/30/14
ART HISTORY STUDY GUIDE Test on 111213 Hierarchy of Genes 1 History of painting especially myths classical history biblical tales 2 Portraiture 3 quotGenrequot scenes of everyday life 4 Landscapesstill life Hierarchy of stylistic traits 1 Composition 2 Drawing 3 Chiaroscuro Opacity lightdark 4 color 5 Brushstroke Terms to know Sfumato smokyhazey quality humanism glorification of human race denial of fate Atmospheric perspective exactly what it sounds like One and two point perspective Altarpiece an opening art piece for a church during sermons Events Refirmation Birth of protestant style of christianity Physical indulgences Martin Luther Didn39t like the wealth the church held to their name thought this wealth should be given to the people Bubonic Plague A plague which devastated the European population Flemish Renaissance Very Calvanist Human is definitely NOT the subj ect Very subtlesubdued subj ects Nothing is overtly religious UPFRONT A lot of symbolism Mundane everyday painting Sloping horizon line Altarpieces Campini39s Altarpiece Had the artist in the piece Flying baby jesus Two bibles one uttering in the wind Jesus is a mousetrap for satan many religious symbols Amolfini Wedding by Van Eyck Weird ass painting Italian Renaissance Rebirth of a renaissance art Most apparent in Italy Catholicism most importantly in uence in their art Geometrical approach of painting Palazzo MediciRicardi How to make classically inspired domestic spaces this painting helped create better religious structures in domesticated environments What does a classical residence look like Political backdrop rustificationvery rustic structurally refined contemporary The Gates of Paradise Located in Florence Italy On the baptistry on the entrance Coined by Michaelangelo Competition between two fellows Very important competition because one of the first hints of an organized city event Large amounts of artists very publicized event such as a parade Both competitors very strong Renaissance wins overall showing a shift in interest in the artist world Use of sculptural atmospheric perspective Ghiberti vs Botticelli Feast of Herod The story of John the Baptist being beheaded John the Baptist in jail Based on foreign myth How the work creates a sense of 3D space Why the composition is so dynamic Perugino THe Delivery of Keys to St Peter Original transitional figure Rigid linear perspective Political subject material is so important The validation of the institution of the church re establishes the authority of the church Connecting it39s existance to the scripture in the bible Leo X Raphael Role of art in the renaissance and Raphael39s insertion of himself into this painting Leo not a wealthy banker but philosophical and humble man Humbled in Raph39s eyes Roughly propaganda BAROQUES Antirefirmation depending where you are Art becomes more extravagant theatrical More interested in portrayal of their own accord than canon of proportions No more restraints in emotion and excitement in paintings Instability movement distortion incorrect proportions Just like scientific exploration during the same time enlightenment is going on in the science world focus on immaterial forces Super interested in the imbalance of the world rather than the perfection Las Meninas Velasquez about the everyday ongoings of the family Confusion about perception We are the king and queen Massive contradiction Rembrandt39s Anatomy Lesson Has nothing to do with religion Science is much more important in this Baroque time display of scientific discovery Dutch Baroques Other notes Social position is not important art is very secular finally art isn39t always religious now French Baroques Louis XIV makes everything all about him Very extravagant landscapes dominance of his position All of his salons are built before anyone gets to him Sensory overload Pick two countries which are extremely different and a painting from each country French Baroque and The German renaissance painting of baby jesus on the oor


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