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World History 1 Test 1 Notes

by: Kaytlyn Notetaker

World History 1 Test 1 Notes HIST 1010 - 001

Marketplace > Auburn University > History > HIST 1010 - 001 > World History 1 Test 1 Notes
Kaytlyn Notetaker
GPA 4.0
World History I
Donna Jean Bohanan

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About this Document

These are the notes for Bohanan's first test of the semester. Please excuse the poor quality. The note taking tool I used wasn't compatible to be converted into a PDF; I have changed my note taking...
World History I
Donna Jean Bohanan
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This 9 page Bundle was uploaded by Kaytlyn Notetaker on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Bundle belongs to HIST 1010 - 001 at Auburn University taught by Donna Jean Bohanan in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 352 views. For similar materials see World History I in History at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 09/13/15
P ri nto ut Sunday September 1 954 PN World History Page 1 Tear 1 Tar i quot1rlr SHEJIFZI E 195 PH quot39n WET FBI11 Paleelithi Fugue J39 s l l FEMS Eli E M hum Lari amid EI IiI39IE FE39FE E cave art III gender mules heme semiE n5 Haar rm Palen rltia r age LilHE am nnn REF m El El F This i The Hmr39re age er cavern nF I ref wind animal plarn tgp barrier and grains Hnthirng is dnme ricared Tnt V nra39samadiru HF iil39h whatever rhmf rain fil39ll39jjl Termpnr w rglmr39rerti ne39er111g mad eh Hen93 weed arid hem Hirird the um ef fir23 arid heirI tr rnake it The and culture fmm mm gmmmtim r Ell the new irth hunt ght Ember aan fig cave errL irneEee u39ra tieres ineiluele herded hieerr and I lerees TH1EIE i39i Earrrubelh beIIiETE Ter 3 grand hunt ele Rather than are juri l ar lTI1er e were EpEEi rlidEd g defer ed the clam while wemern gathered plants em berries We knew ihie Megalithic ane agrimul rural remlutir rn Err FEE13915 1 Pnpula r em grnwrln 3 Eemmer ce Hand Trade ilr Wriring iii Swarm meat 5 542ml slrelif39itallen iSsIzlr39irJer re5 Public I39 prieete H WarrFere quot3 Urbanieatiiem ligris and I39VEJIIi I39irrartea Hi39 EWEI MEEDFETE mie lerichn Cartel Huvuk Hrrimarl pa srnrali m World History Page 2 We m1 The map LI ITIl39iii Sign i iea ne39er Ineairim39 31an general hisan The quotfertile treatenf iquot I39Jel39raa heiween frhe Tigri Fujphreree Hfiuersl 1 I3 he die ereiw elf peeplea em empires h 399 39 EL The Sumeiam Eil39f elaLee and their aeeurrlpliehrrlenle M Bergen uF lILkad abeu LEEJD BEE I39iEE II Meeepetamiam u F nuke 5 me ether Hemp313 mien eeintrilzuutliene M law mule ei He rrnr ur39ehi Hum fieMia are eeaentie l em Farm tea eat 3L I I I em ia n E Eemiles kkalad39iarn39 Heb eraiene eegrieve Lihaladeans Uismeewe in l39 EJl French EfrEhE l gh t in the Leuwe ITIIJEE39LI Indicatea EEHTI pleaE Emmetgr with eerinua tlaeees and industries Marriage amt diearea Bueineea 0122 Puniahmeme mere Emergen the upper lie5ng Juetice Iii215m In lee ei eq Luiwlien39t re teliatie l A knife her a knife lilintlzuezllyjs They wilil wt eff a ham Ii39temrt Li re 1 The pit ur EMEHI39IIEEI l Eizrh UI M l Th e quot werl e eldeet 39IJt rifquot iu l erel fem centering he39l39rznre written 1 CUI39IEMHIE iia39sues such El dee hf hmewedge and I rlzere iw Ii wriling iri Mempetamia Eurneil39eu m Tablet L rel mitten language D Meeepeie mien religgiseus ideee eeer Petrtheistic religien wilh Kemhrepemetrphie genie and de rk quIeI Gand5 leek and HEEL human IIIIJ I newer Heme1d We buy PH and make geds behave buquot ssazrihee Eig gura ts temeleeh where the FHTiEEt El39lill litML inu Elwin n 39FiIHEE il ln jl Huiu World History Page 3 Tutanlt39hernpn Hile ie like an inte retater 39u nifiee pplitieally Egypt i3 dne kingdent Egypt lie eir be huge expa net at dessert and red eea separate Egypt frem middle eaet Hile ie 5 heneficifal tp Egypt it ndtjust uni ee it alez i3 eeeential tp eeeh pre Mediterranean is the Mile delta Hile hae eilt arpILIhd itth at th ear uee tartarm tirne Eg lrptiens helietred that the pharaph is divine Beliefte that lleIU wprlt e pharaeh is seen as eeeential te their welliheihg and survival aka rhun39nrnit39itati Rafre i5 sun g d leirie it the father figure fertilizing pewer pf il39iJile river lei the earth Heu r5 repreee l39i39tS eegetatiph and unien Gsiria heearnee related w Mesepetamia peeairnistin Believe in last judgment t mement if death l3 ettruth Thelil have a peek at death Hierpeilephiee is a ayetem pf writing pif Thegr eeeltredz Heihddy knew at equatien hietdrg tifl l e Edsetta etene has hieirpgl39grphiee ether hife rdghlrphite end Erealt Ft pha rath he the name D39FFLIIEI39 wae menetheietid He impeeed t39hie en the Egyptian peeple and wanted tip e F periedizatien dt Egyptian hietdnlr 1 Id hingdem EDEEDEI E 2 Middle Itingdern EIEIEIZIiTEa39E BEE New hingddrn Z15E 1IJE BEE I Hyksee ii Eernitit iii Eighteenth dynaet r it Akhenatph 13 Tutahlthan en Hebrews at early hietjeryr 1 Ii39thzraham 2 Hpsee David HUD4355 4 Ediamen HES923 lerael and Judah El el39lIIenien 39atitrittll even aht rnpunt Sinai rne55ieh te n Epmn39nendrnente 43a nzaa anaile tih e World History Page 4 Ehaldea ns ilehuchadnesaar IndieEurcipeans Fasteralisn39uf nanlads Cyrus is leader Ea ri39us sujcteee39lecl Fersepculis SETEFEIP39f Earat39h39ustra Earth as thura masda hriman I angra mainyu thraham is first tcu he a nncirncitheist Since Meses leads Hebrews put a establish themselves anal then things Fall apart and spline39ler E passe rs Israel arncl larger mere urban and cernmercial Judah was smaller and leafses the Hebrews vulnerable l39udah was ccurnjciretl he ilehuchadnesz Eelenncuru had a temple Believed in a centrect that if the held up be t prcIte steel The idea at cune gee as an all pdwerf39ul supernatural anal ls things happen when tl39uelil den39t cuterg ssyrria ns create a huge empire Start in rueth I39s39lesppetarnia they are Fasteralists cur shepherds Thee cr39lisre rsity in the empire which is an issue The Asseriar answer tci this s ReheIIian will happen E39u39EII39I lilJEllll peaple went 39st in terrcr Persians appre ach Persians treafte an even larger empire Persians start slut in teunder cat39the Persian empire Succeeded tn Darrius and expense it a instituticuns ccuntinue whatthegr39re dairig and played tcu the Ideals Eupl as sat rapies This sat rapi reipdirteel hack ta ernpire Lets pf spies and a what he needs and when he needs taxes Began creating a single syst cIt39 laws that still re etts his approach ta things His award is still aheee traditians and as long as Icical law is Eil39l39i patihlel it stays anal law iti iII tntient India Made rn Fa itistaru is birthplace cif Indian cifs39ilieafticin alcung the ilrudus sh 3 Ilarappa is ntcist irnpcurtaint site World History Page 5 hiedii Eajfa lIll Ewan adstiieties 3quot Caetes u Erna J E rahmin 2 sh atrifvae 3 daisihyae 4 Ehundra El Fatriarthyr Unta uehables lati Sati liar Ewan religien 3quot FDIZ Ii39tl39IElEtli El Hituailsairit39ice Deweldpment d l myeticiern Indra earuna The ame EUE is part at migratien and the5r migrated frdn39i this area The5r w bE g f l l d as Ha rappa cifii39ilizaftidn i5 dedining Th ey bring with then religia us lJE teat fer39the arylran peeple and later Hindu and the rig trade i5 meet important prinszipaliitiee The5r came in Z39El39lal39ET39L39lull39lElmF and take Elth r Upper mate i light interma rriage stairtE Eta pzpze hing Ca ates aren39t ahd ut rteanew they39re abeut tl Life ie aha pied by 1th e caste yd39u belting td The fdur majd r EEIEtEE are the bral uashia cemmercialg merchants shund rag lipea ea MI and untduchahlee ltl39 hurtehere bur5r dead The re i5 FlElEEltillltlf ef EdEial mehilitylr Izn awn a5 lati lair eveltred new jati we re layered dn leau5e newjdlae delieIniieIlr etc 5 ret up a hit frdirn one aste tn the next patentialile were patriarchal werld 5339 m5 reetri ed in all ways like edUEatidn and awning prepar g India did Eati a5 a herselfintd hi5 burning bedy lames anal Edmrnit Suicide l1 wee in EWEF casi item as frdirn nian beliefs and itiirieidian heliefa Indra i3 aged dl war and way when weuld sit up in heaven and watch deer all 51 when penale would lie an if Diratridian religidn reincarnzatidn 39I39ail Hinduism 52quot Upanishads EEG40 BEE El Uniwereal Saul rehrrtan World History Page 6 Evolution of hinuisrn quot Bhagaead Eita quot taste responsibilities Arju na Vishnu E shna dharma Reincarnation is a soul reborn into another life Eirthr life death and relsirth Hindu is a mix or religions There are difF deities and di gods but the isElE us a ultimate reality in which the world is unifi ed F39art at our soul is conne cted t4 are all united Karma is the idea th at there are consequences for what Ipout4 reborn the level or form of neat life is in your ref ection of lseha39s39idr of your a reflection df ones conduct in a previous lite Those who worked hard to he system Asceticism is when people practice a severe selfdistipline and liee s can devote his or her universal self to spiritual matters the live for the spir not to staya in the cycle the goal was to end that startle They had to live a su cpcle Jainism started with Mahasrita us Hall5r o39leciptetl in poga lotus positio entrusted on on es soul ltarma matter is lasered on ones soul and the goal i ceticism is the two fold path and the other was to tree soul is lslil noninjurl jane was a vegetarian and was good to all life from plan to hugs They won organisms very severe The ultimate action that a zjaih could tailse is tastings 39th rough stareati on Thejain impact exceeded their numbers and heal a huge and segetarianism ISandhi39s whdle approach was nontriolent Buddha helie letause of desire they do had things hecause thep39re sufferine People get these attachments and desires that make us unhappy nothing is f39ore39s39er tht lsetause the nature of the unitare rse is ch ange nothing is permanent The to middle was is a was to moderate peoples desires a way of listing thatfinolsi desire The ultimate goal is I39IiF39LFEII39IIE which eliminates desire all tdgeth er and Eha rid rag upta was the first to unite the Indian subcontinent and built an err itn tienft China Early cisiliaatidn ll Eha ng denaste titas 1an see World History Page 7 liar F39hilcisephies s Cehfucianism 1 En cial nature If peeipile 2 Heirarchical E a aism Legalisrn Ce nf39ucia us Analec iFilial piety M en cius lien ancl yi iLa a tee iLaissezxt39aire Hermally a family cemes to rule atter scurne tragedy car bad times like warsr s will came t39e pciwer lay seizing it arguing its necessary tci get back be better ti lase why they came tci pcuwer anal then they heceme fecu secl an themselves the peeple until the crisis starts again lilte rehelliens invaclers etc itis a clyn Chinese dynasties China is cune at the riyer civilisaticans as well hy 49M BEE civilisatican en hanks cut the Fellaw Flfive r Elia was the rst quotdynastyquot but we I was the rst real dynasty that we knew a let ahcut and then Ehang began It The Sha rig pecufpile were the pasta ralists equest ria nsr anal mere wa rlilte in HE Ehang39s were the first em pera39rs at china and peeple heliesled that the em ps were seen tci he a security llanlreti intermediate with heaven The Eh ang en en vassals iFeuclalism is a system at families whe pretect the emperor and Ii their ave rlcircl by a system at warfare ciir gayerhing in which the emperciir is vassals er servants where they ewe him military sereice and gave rn the lens empercir has Iciyalty and trust with the vassals anal in return fer securityr the unlike bureaucrats The eassals get la nl am at the cileal its their greatest rei emperci r China starE eut histcry as a feudal system but eyentually early an after Eha ng There is estraere39lin arytechnelegical achievement the perfecte pericicl tecus an surviyal and fertility the successful grciwth cat crcaps The en semetim es sacrifice as a surregatei in the Ehang pze ricucl 39ncestcirs are estrl impartan39t tie pay respect enes familyr cines ha re nts ancl cines ancestars Fer system cifiwriting izleveilcups in a way yery cliff tram mesp ancl Egypt n china knewn as the aracle hcune iF39riests weulcl lril little hces in it then heat up ti ancl the bane weulcl crack arauncl the hele and they wcuulcl interpret the re the heavens wantecl what the future helcl etc ever time certain cracks an single we ml which weulcl eventually ma he a system at writing Eheu ccuming pewer claiming they39re geing tjci tinc things they came tc pewer claiming th e39 heayen il n PEI HTANT aIza they39ve been chesen by the heayens and net I pattern cifclaiming the mandate ef heaven ancl en the flip size the heayeh claim the family Icist their mandate cif heaven ancl the new cine weulcl claim World History Page 8 nature f lJI EllEF Iaataer believes a let efithe prehlems afisznzietlil are result untrue it human nature getting Isasit td a mere hatu rel way at living it39d le and drpier pihilpsdph39f aiheut rule at law prdlslerns in seiziet39gr is the laws arer tntient China ii I Buddhism in ehina ll Ch39ih illl39la39nas tlf s Wars l ESE221 ECIEJ El Unificatidn Iitdrninistratian and ret39e rn39Is I Great wall Mahayana Eeddhisatsa Dynastic we il uf39lantlate df iheatren Ehi Huang Ti af in iLi Esra Cemmanderies llll hina under the Han El nnasty 295 El E A Ehanges in administratian El Trade Eultu re and teehnaleg39ip39 iLifu Pang Lifu Eangi Wu Ti Eehela r gehtrsr Silk read Mahatlrana Buddhism is what spread is because it warships Buddha itself ad Buddhism This alsd detrelepzs the dance pt dt39 bdddhisatttra which is a the Eli spiritual Il39u39ES wha were just ahaut td pass iintd ninraha but stayed batlt td in like saints ih Ehristianiwi Shi Huang Ti is t39eundihg emperdr alta alsd ltn ewr Ihina He did n t 39wa nt eassals and stuff Instead at hatrihg his peapie lieing at with him tie watch them and lteep th ern tram rebelling He then a rues his e temmandesies Send a gasernar military Edmn39iander and the gds39erhdrs ca pewer Ernperars right hand man is Li Eisu whd helped with all these ideas at carry dut refe39rms such as ene system af mane td pull t39hina tagether ehe legislated certain astel widths fer arts and wagans and the great wall The tetta sdltliers were part ef a replies efan arm5r placed in the tarnls ef39 Shi Hu is such a renegade heca39use things are se diff and han gepi sd peeple thequotugh much his res pa rise was td burn a let ef39ancient tests Liu Fang is new empe in nnluar I39ll39l harlr Fl illMa Ful lI HEI l39l 1l39 39l lJu 15h 1339 I Il39ln39HJ39l lJi ruII rwlL39H EireIn PM World History Page 9


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