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psychology notes week 1 & 2

by: Hanna Notetaker

psychology notes week 1 & 2 PSYCH-11762-002

Marketplace > Kent State University > Psychlogy > PSYCH-11762-002 > psychology notes week 1 2
Hanna Notetaker
General Psychology
Dr. John Updegraff

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About this Document

psychology notes for week 1 & 2!
General Psychology
Dr. John Updegraff
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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Hanna Notetaker on Monday September 14, 2015. The Bundle belongs to PSYCH-11762-002 at Kent State University taught by Dr. John Updegraff in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see General Psychology in Psychlogy at Kent State University.


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Date Created: 09/14/15
Psychology week 1 93 Chapter 2 research methods The science 0 psychology science 0 4 popular ways to research in psych case study survey naturalistic observation experiments 0000 The misconceptions 0 its just common sense people tend to associate psych with common sayings for example opposites attract but research is needed to it back up 0 intuition humans are complicated and more than intuition is needed to understand them Psychologists What do they do 0 observe 0 use scientific method 1 create theory 2 create hypothesis 3 test hypothesis observation 4 deny or rework theories 0 Ask 0 what do you mean I what is the hypothesis I define variables 0 how do you know I what methods are used I how is the data understood Kev elements for a good studv o prediction 0 define variables in observation 0 able to be proven wrong 98 Research Types 0 survey 0 people are asked to report their behaviors opinions and beliefs 0 Pros I easy to carry out I measures attitudes I measures opinions I not good for behavior I people aren t always honest 0 ISSUE I random sampling fair representation of people I don39t always get a good variety to answer 0 naturalistic observation records actual behaviors in actual environments 0 example video recording someone39s actions 0 using a fitbit to track data 0 observe without interfering 0 case study 0 one person studied intensely to reveal universal truths 0 old design 0 now very rare cases 0 one person doesn39t represent everyone 0 experiments 0 randomly make people do things they wouldn39t do I independent variable cause I dependant variable outcome I can39t experiment with certain people 0 example genders socioeconomic I controlling environment only difference everything else identical due to random participants Chapter 4 Neuroscience 910 reception gt integration brain gt reaction 0 reception blood vessels 0 arteries bring glucose and 02 to the brain for energy 0 afferent nerves IN I takes from 5 senses I kinesthesia know where body is in space don39t have to look to know example raise hands in air know where they are I interoception state of inner organs example bladder is full 0 reaction blood vessels 0 veins 0 efferent nerves OUT 0 sends commands to muscles and glands o hormones chemically travel through the blood to every organ system SLOW o nerves nervous system FAST response The Nervous Svstem Peripheral Nervous System PNS Central Nervous system CNS autonomic 7 somatic Autonomic PNS SomaticPNS 0 controls actions that are self 0 controls actions that voluntarv regulated o movement of muscles 0 like glands and internal 0 walking organs sympathetic parasympathetic sympathetic parasvmpathetic o arousing flight or flight o calming effects effects 0 dilated pupils o pupil contraction eye 0 accelerated heartbeat 0 slow heartbeat 0 suppresses digestion o digestion stimulated 0 glucose stimulation liver 0 gallbladder stimulated o bladder relaxes o bladder contracts 0 epinephrine releases 0 blood flow to sex organs kidney 0 stress creates wear and tear on the body Neuron cell body life support dendrite receives messages axon passes messages to neurons away from cell myelin sheath insulates and allows faster flow of impulses terminal branches of axon links with cells synapse where info crosses from neuron to neuron httpspsvchathabascaucahtmlPsvch289Biotutorials1mvelinshtml The Synaptic Gap 0 gap between cell membrane and target cell 0 how neurons communicate o neurotransmitters fill here for short period of time then picked up by dendrites Neurotransmitters o dopamine movement happiness learning attention 0 excessive dopamine schizophrenia 0 lack of dopamine parkinson39s serotonin sleep appetite physical arousal suppresses pain depression and mood 0 lack of serotonin depression I drugs SSRl s selective serotonin re uptake inhibitor makes serotonin stay in gaps of synapse longer norepinephrineNE arousal heart rate faster digestion slows fight or flight acetylcholine ACH memory mental function muscle movement 0 ACH deteriorates leads to alzheimer39s o Gammaaminobutyric acid GABA o inhibitory tells neurons to calm down 0 lack of not enough GABA leads to anxiety disorders


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