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Last two weeks discussions and notes

by: Caitlyn Jensen

Last two weeks discussions and notes ASL 105

Marketplace > Iowa State University > Language > ASL 105 > Last two weeks discussions and notes
Caitlyn Jensen
Jonathon Webb

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About this Document

Hey guys, here are the notes we took in class and clarifications about assignments. Also anything else that may have been talked about during class.
Jonathon Webb
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This 6 page Bundle was uploaded by Caitlyn Jensen on Monday September 14, 2015. The Bundle belongs to ASL 105 at Iowa State University taught by Jonathon Webb in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 67 views. For similar materials see ASL in Language at Iowa State University.


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Date Created: 09/14/15
ASL Week 1 amp 2 Notes Language Components 0 We observe and work with I Phonetics I Morphology I Semantics lexical sentential discourse I Syntax I Pragmatics Phoneme o The smallest unit of language that is both allowable and contains meaning constructed through the use of phonemes I Normally a lexical item Morpheme o The smallest unit of language that is both allowable and contains meaning constructed of lexical items sentences and discourse Semantics o The study of the meaning of lexical items sentences and discourse Syntax o The study of lexical arrangements Pragmatics o The study of language richness due to the confluence of semantics and context Audism is deaf form of racism ANALYSIS 0 0 Pick Time Segment about 4 seconds Semantics I Look at either individual signs I Meaning behind the sentence Identify when there is a gesture Class Classifiers I Represents grouping of things Handle Classifiers I Depicting Verbs Size and shape specifiers SASS How things flow together I TransCo Syntax I Time Topic Comment I How words are organized fluent with space OSV I O object I S subject I V verb 0 Timber Retell Analysis Example 383944 Seconds 0 Facial Expression I Interest Satisfaction started neutral because it was informational would look like N M N VV Look at how he walks and chops Look at lunch and at the end how he shifts roles Most complicated parts 0 Topicalization I Establishing topic with eyebrows up I Facial Grammar Eyebrows up M o Motivated curious interested I Eyebrows down W I What your identifying and then what its about 0 Body Language I Body and head shift back to ND non dominant side 43 seconds I Points He leans in to indicate distance 0 Space I Forest is far ahead on D dominant side 0 Syntax I Topic Forest I Comment Big and Impressive o Transitions amp Cohesions I Freezes with still body space allows time for each sign flowing in attempt to make visual image 0 Semantics I Points gesturing forest area I He identified a large and dense forest and was impressed 5 rows total of analysis for retells 10 Rows total of analysis for Timber retell CTQR 0 Answer 2 questions in space and upload to CyBox o How does the analysis impact their language ASL o How are you applying principles 0 What are you doing to grow and involve yourself CulturalCommunication 0 To understand another culture s norms you must first understand your own 0 By understanding your culture more fully you can access a different culture more effectively 0 By understanding another culture more effectively you recursively understand your culture with greater depth Individualism VS Collectivism o Individualism I Independence I Self Reliance I Autonomy o Collectivism I Reciprocity I Supporting group norms and values I Group identity valued over personal identity Goals 0 Individualistic Culture I To express who I am as an individual O Collectivist Culture I To express howl belong to the community Do you belong O 0 If yes Great Then how If no That has to be overcome So how Collectivist Introduction 0 O O O 0 Are you deaf Why are you here Why do you know the language Why are you involved Who do you know What comes next 0 After community members have determined your ties to the community then they want to know individually what you bring Think reciprocity The Exchange 0 O O 0 What do you like What do you not like What do you do for fun enjoyment etc What do you do that relates to the Deaf Community Cultural Exchange 0 Key Concept I How do you belong I What interests do you have that you can relate to the Deaf Community or the Deaf Experience I Seek for an exchange RECIPROCITY answer questions and ask questions I ASL comes out of an oral tradition storytelling Knowing the art of a well crafted story in ASL will overcome any deficit I ATTITUDE Module 0 Watch video of module I Principle structure 0 Look at PDF in CyBox folder I Bottom of PDF has instructions I Type answers in word doc then upload to CyBox


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