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Indigenous Religions

by: Ashley Notetaker

Indigenous Religions 210

Ashley Notetaker
Paths of World Religion
J. Jeff Fugitt

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About this Document

With the first weeks of school being full of so many activities, it can be hard to pay attention in class. Don't worry, here are all the notes on Indigenous Religions!
Paths of World Religion
J. Jeff Fugitt
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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Ashley Notetaker on Monday September 14, 2015. The Bundle belongs to 210 at Missouri State University taught by J. Jeff Fugitt in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see Paths of World Religion in Religious Studies at Missouri State University.

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Date Created: 09/14/15
Chapter 1 The Nature of Religion Why Study Religion To better understand and relate to people To better understand HistoryCulture To better understand the Global Community To better understand our self amp clarify our own beliefs All of the above to contribute to a better existence What amp Why is Religion Reigion has always been in human existence Most people are religious Nearly all communities have religion Development of Discipline Study of religion prior to late 1800s was mostly theology in one religion Currently studies are to understand religion across traditions in the most unbiased way Best way to be unbiased is to learn from multiple perspectives both emic insider and etic outsider Eary theorists of religon focused on historical origin where it started People to Know Freud Described religious rituals emerging from guilt and fear of death and nature resulting in an afterlife belief pathological psychology wishful thinking Karl Marx Saw religion as an escape from social and economic structures described it as a painkiller Saw it as treating symptoms of a problem rather than the cause of the problem Rudolph Otto Had a sense of holy or sacred reality believed something exists Saw religion as what people do with the awe they experience when they run into the reality of the sacred Charles Long quotOrientation in the ultimate sense that is how it comes to terms with the ultimate significance of one s place in the world Religion Orientation Emile Durkheim Saw religion as what brought people together the glue that held society together providing a common view of reality and identity quotA unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things William James Represents a shift toward the study of phenomenal He investigated the more concrete religious experiences people had Psychology approachWrote a book about it called quotVariety of Religious Experience Max Weber A famous sociologist who examined the links between beliefs and economic behavior The protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism Clifford Geertz Anthropologist who studied how rituals shape social networks Mircea Eliade Focused on comparisons of myth and ritual Believes there is a sacred reality Compared Religions Paul Tillich Religion is ultimate concern religion is the core of what drives us as human beings Everyone is religious Rodney Stark quotAny socially organized pattern of beliefs and practices concerning ultimate meaning that assumes the existence of supernatural Peter Berger quotHuman enterprise is by which a sacred cosmos worlduniverse is establishedcosmization world making in the sacred mode Based on social construction of reality We experience something and make sense of it by it happening from something higher Phenomenological study Descriptive method Morphological study Categorization method Hierophancies The moments when the sacred and the profane normal bridge Fugitt Systemization of human response to perceive ultimate or sacred reality Myth A sacred or symbolic narrative a religious belief in narrative form Does not mean fairytale or false When Studying Religion it is Useful to Consider a Variety of Approaches ndividua and social aspects Particular and generalcomparative Official and lived Texts materials and technological culture History and Contemporary Indigenous Religion A religion uniquely specific to a geographical area A very diverse group of different cultures it is commonly blended with more culturally dominant religions Syncretism Blending of religious traditions Revitalization A response to cultural pressure A movement sought to purify religious practices Ex Ghost dance Axismundi A place believed to be the spiritual center of the world This is where the celestial world and the underworld meet the Earth and it is possible to travel between the realms Taboo Actionobject that is prohibited Any violation of taboo is believed to have dire spiritual consequences Mistaken Notions of Indigenous Religions Unchanging culture Unevoved religion the idea that it is in the early forms of religion and not as advanced as the common religions we have today Common Traits of Indigenous Religions Ora religion Tend to emphasize kinship ancestors Tend to emphasize interrelatedness totem related to animals as spirit beings Tend to emphasize a cosmic power or energy present in nature often called man or animism Other gods also tend to be present There is a high god and lesser beings Reigion tends to encompass and permeate all of life including social work school etc


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