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Lecture 1

by: bridget berning

Lecture 1 POL 106

bridget berning
GPA 3.0
U.S. Goverment & Civic Practice
Erik Rankin

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About this Document

First 2 weeks of notes
U.S. Goverment & Civic Practice
Erik Rankin
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This 10 page Bundle was uploaded by bridget berning on Wednesday September 16, 2015. The Bundle belongs to POL 106 at Illinois State University taught by Erik Rankin in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see U.S. Goverment & Civic Practice in Political Science at Illinois State University.

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Date Created: 09/16/15
Pol 106 826 America is not a democracy 0 Its better if congress thinks about decisions for a long time 0 We are 17 trillion in debt 0 We may never pay it back 0 it is okay for congress to disagree How government Affects our lives politics the process by which the actions of government are determined public policy What government decides to do or not do 0 Government makes sure water is safe Everyone pays taxes sales taxes We follow the laws As students we break a lot of laws 0 Jwalking rolling stop speed limit Government trains Army gives them proper equipment 0 Takes care of garbage What role can you play in politics to shape public policy Vote campaign run for office Lobby Litigation Grassroots activities People in congress don t do it for the money Our unique political system Unique history Rights of the accused Life tenure for judges they can make decisions that people disagree with 0 Power to invalidate laws 0 UUgann Fragmented governmental system 0 Checks and balances o Bicameral legislature o Federalism Forefathers never saw technology coming We let black men vote and nothing bad happened We let women vote and nothing bad happened 1 Which of the following would in uence a Not paying taxes Citizen participation in Democratic Government Nonviolent ways to shape policy Responsiveness depends on knowledge and action Change is purposefully slow Pol 106 82515 Learning objectives 21 identify the differences between government and politics 22 differentiate between different types of government 23 describe how forces The nature of government and politics 0 What is government founded institution 0 What does it mean to be under the rule of government 0 They have the power to enforce laws 0 Civil law criminal law 0 With civil law you lose money 0 Criminal law you lose freedom or you could be put to death by hanging or ring squad or by the electrical chair 0 Government has power and Authority 0 We stay on the right side of the road Government put the lines on the road 0 Politics play that gets the government to do what they want 0 politics is all about emotion garbage pickup sales tax local blono things affect us but we don39t pay attention to them Government is responsible for enforcing the quotrules of the gamequotl Types of Government Monarchy o constitutional monarchies o dictator oligarchy pluralism democracy popular sovereignty 0 direct democracy 0 one person can be a good leader but one person can be a really bad leader 0 Ex hitler was bad monarchy there really was no such thing 0 Oligarchy a small group of people Obama has a staff with him oligarchy military officials council decides pluralism common struggle multiple centers of power vying for authority democracy we are not direct democracy stuff from table 21 0 we live in a republic How are decisions reached Pure democracy We are republic o representative democracy 0 totalitarian regime no limits Authoritarian regime informal limits Constitutional government formal and informal limits Democratic a political system that allows citizens to shape government Something Early governance in America Pilgrims on the May ower 1620 May ower compact Colonial assemblies versus royal governors Great squeeze o Sugaract1764 0 Stamp act 1765 o Townshend Acts 1767 0 Tea Tax 1773 0 French and indian war British were on the of o In what way was the May ower compact important o It established laws by which colonists would rule themselves The american revolution 0 two types of causes declaration of independence colonial experience and pathways of change Two types of causes nancial 0 money owing back to Crown ideological o quotno taxation without representationquot 0 poHUcalthosophy 0 John Locke 0 Adam smith 0 Thomas Paine Something was plagiarized but this was the rst time they are putting it to work Life liberty and try to keep people happy not property because of slaves Adam smith believed less government was better Declaration of Independence First continental congress 1774 0 hope for reconciliation battle of lexington and concord 0 war begins 0 Second continental congress 1775 o Rationale for rebellion Natural rights 0 social contract theory 0 Declaration of independence call to arms Pol 106 9115 Federalism o Dividing governmental authority National government reasons for federalism State and local governments Structure of state governments If not mentioned in constitution it is left up to the states 0 No child left behind federal act National government reasons for federalism Unitary systems more common 0 National government has sovereignty 0 Why divide sovereignty o Fusing of historically independent states 0 In uential thinkers 0 Diversity 0 Practicality We were big water way state gt Mississippi river 0 Illinois known for corn and soy beans 0 Student loan debt is bigger than credit card debt 0 table 31 confederacy constitutional create federal government State and local governments impact on daily life 0 do voters pay close attention to state government 0 State constitutions o Modeled after federal constitution 0 Most include Bill of Rights Structure of state governments State legislatures o 49 bicameral 1 unicameral 0 half are professional structured committees seniority in leadership positions 0 half are amateur o shorter terms sessions lower wages o parttime citizen legislators 15 states have term limits Table 32 Women in state legislatures And table 33 Structure of state governments Executive 0 Mainly 4 year terms 0 Direct election 0 Term limits 0 Powers have grown State court systems 0 Unique Minor municipal courts Trial courts Appellate courts 0 Interpret state laws 0 Judges elected 0 Non partisan o Concern over campaign funding 0 Local governments 0 Countries and municipalities o Dillons Rule 1868 versus home rule 0 Special governments 10


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