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Stuffs on Moles conversions, Forming and Naming Chemical Compounds, and Laws on Pressure and Temperature

by: Kenny Fenelon

Stuffs on Moles conversions, Forming and Naming Chemical Compounds, and Laws on Pressure and Temperature Chem 1211k 025

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Math > Chem 1211k 025 > Stuffs on Moles conversions Forming and Naming Chemical Compounds and Laws on Pressure and Temperature
Kenny Fenelon
GPA 3.71
Principles of Chemistry I
Dr.Tracy Kerr

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About this Document

These are hand-outs that will be useful to interpret the work done in class, such as Figuring the shapes of compounds, naming chemical compounds, Moles conversions, and formulas to understand press...
Principles of Chemistry I
Dr.Tracy Kerr
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This 11 page Bundle was uploaded by Kenny Fenelon on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Chem 1211k 025 at Georgia State University taught by Dr.Tracy Kerr in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 174 views. For similar materials see Principles of Chemistry I in Math at Georgia State University.


Reviews for Stuffs on Moles conversions, Forming and Naming Chemical Compounds, and Laws on Pressure and Temperature


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Sthc5quotnampPoaarzx1 V 3 Grog 1 lies 539 39 Gmquot is 395 quot 339 5 39 We 339quot s r gt PEquot 59 3 mdecules and near 9 2399 H H gswm ekvmnh bowled gt non lar c5652 hrm r denseah bonded 5 molar 5 HF Gm M quot enema Bomb NEW 4 WWO A40 o m 39 h w m 25 cm 39 P N J g 39 G 39 39 T H39 CquotH quot H a we Some kmQ mtnPo or 394 i I an one 397 Pohlr g CHsOH H 9 0 H x l5 quot y ff t 50035 w an 3 Tum OA cms Q rm a 5 Q Jaw r5 4 or u 39 W W P a Hai i H Gm b39gwdh bang wk 2 M advms 39 H quotgmmks A ken ma Cu e a 9 H20 Hl Ll 7 Che 51 mg SEQ COMMMQ 39AQSrKon I quot 39 mmiiue Mb gm aws 46 6quotva we C Drou 3 39 3 31 39 9 C WW S 31 C5739 39 0Um39n39unquot 5 39 3 39 39 r Wm lm was pm v w an quot55 194m w ankmonk 5 rkum39A L344 arsz ndm as m yum M 1 Bursa1111 gss mama V Hn quots abor mm 3 32 mangaan Ho blsmMnL 333 mercur CE bum k g I B346 quotwar39 39 33 wax4m can 39T39d dm w Wmiu 39 canquot quot J 3113 N3 chmmMcID Cr P ass39m m K Clr0m umm 39 SAW 3H 39 CObaHQ y 39quot 39 SOCJWW V Ndj I comma quot Cg 39 5 Hw CoFopegr121zgtm f cml SJ cowccgnwmw ma ii JICII sn b 1i39703m H I gt WI w y 39 39 39 739 39 39 3 NthEde H Momma moquot Anions Noamp1 ve Igns ac o m ClH 3041quot ctrSW v A304 3 b mrbomc H003 binoonaj ce H C404 bxsuWAt H3044 bi suK t Ae HS 1 bor cA c I BO 3 brom39de Brquot Wkonog39er 32 br omo k BrO3 brom e BrOz se encA e Mora 003quot QM oHdc Cid QNOrA39E 024 chroomcr v CrO39i a 39 che 394 I d chroma t 011011 c k dr03cn Dhos 439s HZPOW PerrmL QAKAe FeCCNz239 thri e Fquot ku drox c O H quot 0A3 A6 I I lode 103 I 39NO2Z3 oma39e Q1017 07ch 0 2 quot pertcHowc r 004quot W 39 t 6 540 4 3 V A mount A CA as HPOHz ni ri 3 nLJcrx cb NO339 v M 39 397 39 3mm I Fr f 011 PerMam Qr39wAe HnO4 arequot e39i 0913 lacs H c PO37 ghosgkd re P04 3 hos 3A Pquot suWa e 3041 Su c e S 7 SuWi z SOs939 iocwcha SQNf 39 algaphagockv as A 2 5 I 7 15 Sn quot 3 Sbquot Fan 3 Zn Q A5 20 39Pb L3 303 03 L3 LO nut 23 25L Bequot L5 M3 L1 53 f 339 5 Mnquot 15 B 10 HSquot 3 39 Br39Zg Ni LS Q42 in N 30 Co WD 0 35 Q as P hx E 2 Cs or P v 5L9 Cr 3 Row3908 I 1 Coil L8 RbFQsY h 1 Nmi0amp m Sr LO Q S 2 S39i733 V i r 7 7 Naming Compounds Ionic Compounds metal nonmetal have an ionic bond Write name of cation and anion from ion sheet Ex NaOH 9 Na OH39 9 sodium hydroxide Use Roman numerals to indicate oxidation number of cation if there is more than one kind This will be indicated on your ion sheet Ex PbSO4 9 Pb2 304392 9 lead 11 sulfate Pb2 9 lead 11 Pbquot4 gt lead IV Molecular Compounds nonmetal nonmetal have a covalent bond use pre xes except when there is only one of the rst element Ex CO 9 carbon monoxide First element get the name from the periodic table Second element root of element name and ending ide All names of molecular compounds that you will have will end in ide Use anion name from sheet with pre xes Ex N203 9 dinitrogen trioxide 1 mono 6 hexa 2 di 39739 hepta 33 tri 8 octa 4 tetra 39 9 nona 5 penta 10 deca Hydrates ionic compounds with water molecules locked up in the lattice structure Name rst part according to ionic rules Use pre x to indicate the number of water molecules attached Add the word hydrate Ex CuSO439 5 H20 9 copper II sulfate pentahydrate Acids all acids that you will have will start with an H If it starts with an H us 9935 seawe acid rules to name compound except water 39 Binary acid two element acid hydrogen monatomic anion pre x hydro Ex HCl 9 hydrochloric acid root of anion suf x ic add the word acid t r Ternary or Oxyacid three or more elements and one of them is oxygen hydrogen a polyatomic anion with oxygen Name according to the anion If the anion ends in ate 9 ic ex HNO3 9 H N0339 9 nitrate 9 nitric acid ite 9 ous HNOZ 9 H N0239 9 nitrite 9 nitrous acid Add the word acid I A GUIDE TO NAMING COMPOUNDS AND WRITING CHEMICAL FORMULAS Rules for wriTing formulas of ionic compounds 1 WriTe The symbol for The posiTively charged ion firsT This will almosT always be a meTai 2 Use The cross and drop rule ouTlined below To deTermine The subscripT a WriTe The correcT charge above each ion b Circle The number represenTing The charge of each ion and Then cross and drop To give subscrist The charge of The firsT aTom becomes The subscripT for The second aTom and vice versa c Reduce The formula To The simplesT form by dividing The subscrist by any common muITiple Examples calcium chloride 9 Caz Cl 9 CaClz magnesium oxide 9 Mg 02 9 MgzOz 9 M90 Rules for naming ionic compounds V 1 Name The firsT elemenT by iTs elemenTal namequot 2 If The firsT elemenT is a meTal ThaT can have more Than one charge idenTify iTs charge by using Roman numerals in parenTheses 39 2 Add The correcT name of The anion monaTomic anions will end in ide polyaTomic ions will usually end in iTe or aTe Examples NaF is sodium fluoride CuClz is copperII chloride KN03 is poTassium niTraTe Rules for wriTing formulanaming of binary molecular compounds 1 Prefixes are used To represenT The number 39of aToms presenT 2 WriTe The name of The elemenT ThaT is farTh39esT lefT in The periodic Table firsT or farThesT down if They are in The same group 3 If There is only one of These aToms presenT no prefix is needed oTherwise use TheappropriaTe prefix 4 The name of The second elemenT should begin wiTh a prefix and The ending of The elemenT39s name should be changed To ide 5 A vowel aT end of a prefix is ofTen dropped if The elemenT39s name begins wiTh a vowel Examples 652 is carbon disulfide N204 is diniTrogen TeTroxide P453 is TeTraphosphorous Trisulfide Rules for wriTing names of acids v Acids are compounds of The general form HnX where X represenTs eiTher 39a lone elemenT or a polyaTomic ion 1 When The name of X ends in ide Then The acid name begins wiTh hydro and The anion39s suffix ide changes To ic and is followed by The word acid 2 When The name of X ends in iTe Then The acid name is The sTem of The anion and The suffix changes from iTe To ous and is followed by The word acid 3 When The name of X ends in aTe Then The acid name is The sTem of The anion and The suffix changes from aTe To ic and is followed by The word acid Examples HCI is hydrochloric acid H25 is hydrosulfuric acid HNthi slniTrousfacjd is sulfurous acid HN03 is39nifric39a39cidfl lgsa is sulfuric acid Rules for wriTing names of bases MosT bases are ionic compounds ThaT conTain hydroxide OH39 or carbonaTe CO3Z39 1 Name These bases as you would any oTher ionic compound The name of The caTion is followed by The name of The anion Examples NaOH is sodium hydroxide 39 Coco is calcium carbonaTe Gaui Lusscecg Law OmoQ T direclk1 FroPor konaD A TIEquot 2 TmusJbe39m P quot Prawn hm keg manna 40quot Iinz V V0 um LmL cm am 9 T 4eo nrx ure c K mquot moks Moles massmolarms f quot3M W9 GavanL ImIK 383 sinleuo 0235 MmH LmoKgcas ihrrlelK 3142 s Law P am V liwerse Fm aor mad P V 393 PZV Lav V Mtg T d39wtc rh na All 1 T Mud an i an TL 0g 3 3 K gt PN PLVZ musquot m i Tu T2 Ided Gas Law W 095139 r mxbe an K mum Law at ParRad Paw 0 Pamquot 3s 1 PTPtPz 1044 er sum 0quot he frga Pressures 39 g 19 Gram Law quot 39Hne 393ch 3a is Hne 45hr 3a quot Dz roAu 3 3 MM or fade j rath MM FAR D A m 9r A V A m NormMJcmos akccf Tumssweo r V A V X Wu V Pcesst gt ocge Pi gt139 39 Avagaa E ium SC 6 mil in 39 M3 nuibusoC parJrn39c egxm 1 quot e 39 r goprzsig ea Aac 3398 p fqg fCWQf 2 3913 K quot We ammg 0 3M5 g 7 onnva3 LL Cl Cw L in SSu X 9042 v35 3zq2 30 800 39 2a2 u mo Gr moss gramgormu MOSS uni quot rams mole Prob em 30 3 We e Moe 0 o c aMen1r un quot a look u in back 0 H V muoru cormub mass gar campound uni ram or u Sum acm39n c quot10586 3 mmH lmo almd g Q 339002 362 A 903 5 1 1 3M 3 04 Qua gmz Kmd 3911 gt 760mm huh Iquot ressutc zomzaswax 5 7e 51602M93r quot Eadn39d s Enrh39de 39eleme039 OA39om g C w mo ccue w fiom39cmstsbshnge Tagormutq un39A39 Percenitcpm9 as rion mg soEeggbekmni 4quot bu l 0 ASCCampL M cof Ml QECOmD9M 8 Parana Ls a wqa iam 1 M OC daho q 39139 1002 mpouncg Pcaf fctlc39n39n c ALI quotUO 739 8 O is 445 anamp 32c OMM H 00 J 7 isJHagquotT 9m9sj pol 39 A H L xi6 1 3 3 0 QJb x 8 I t3 100 x Z1oo 8 39 3 0 00 IV 39 5 Ssumc lOQg sam g self u a molar raho397 0465 5mm MM o quotO CS A 39 I Mg cpmounamp is 903 Q ancg 303 H c 303 g 1 mot n1 3CH3MQ Ilglm mam H 10m804nd 39 H 30 39 g 23 s 2 3 2 153 01 gmp tm ca M6553 quot lalwl Mohi dar Formuq same whgknumber aidkph OF 1 c EMP39W 4 39Forrnuq C MO Gf 93 lyoarity moles of solute liter of solution molality moles of solute kg of solvent Moles 7 mass molar mass mass g moles x molar mass Smaller number solute gets changed to moles Larger number solvent gets changed to kg divide by 1000 Mole Fraction X X moms total moles or Sum oftheX 1 Mole Conversion Diagram Particles atoms elemenTs 0 ions molecules cmpd Mass 9 Volume L 602 x1023 X 1 mol X I 1mol X 39 602x1023 molar mass lmol lmol molar mass 224 L x 1mol MOLES 1mol XZZ4L


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