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Notes for Exam 1

by: Alex Noark

Notes for Exam 1 1060

Alex Noark
Classical Mythology
Joseph Kidd

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About this Document

What's up everyone. These are all of the notes for the past 4 weeks typed out in an easy to read format. I highlighted parts that are labeled on Dr. Kidd's lecture checklist. I also spiced up th...
Classical Mythology
Joseph Kidd
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Alex Noark on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Bundle belongs to 1060 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Joseph Kidd in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Classical Mythology in Classical Studies at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Classical Mythology Study Guide Week 1 Notes Welcome to the study guide This is more than just a study guide This is the culmination of schoolwork combined with enjoying yourself Because let s face it studying isn t fun I ll try to make it as groovy and laid back as possible while giving you the info that you need to keep that grade up The Mythology Timeline Professor said there aren t any dates on the test Lets take his word for it 0 0 There were a series of palaces throughout Greece 0 Writer said that there were Royal families 0 Everyone really liked naked chicks predominance of female gures 0 Linear B was the writing style 0 Potentially a matriarchal time the females were large and in charge No one wrote stories The names of the god s were mentioned Linear B was the early form of Greek language but it was wack so they dumped it Why was there so much hype behind Greece Ancient Greece only had around 1000000 people and Athens had no more than 30000 so why does everyone go bananas for Greece 0 They had the GET SHIT DONE attitude 0 They were very intellectual Geography 0 There are many islands around the coasts of Greece most are located in the Aegan sea 0 Egypt is to the South 0 Greece itself is located in the Mediterranean sea 0 Mt Olympus is the highest point in Greece 0 Troy located in the Northwest coast of Turkey Their Goods and o Olives for oil Trade 0 Grapes for wine so they can get crunk 0 Both commodities are tied to religion Sea faring nautical because of all of the islands and coasts There is a great deal of sea centered mythology Connected to water Ships 0 They traveled on war ships with battering rams o Goods were kept inside of the hulls of ships 0 Ships were light so they could skim the water 0 There were lots of shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Typography Just a little bit about Greece quotSea sky amp land converge in perfect trinityquot Ernest Renan Olives and grapes grow well in Greece 0 Doesn t produce much else Beautiful blue water lsn t overdeveloped today looks slightly as it would back in the day Villages are built on hills around the coast Pristine isolated areas Crete is the biggest island of Greece NUDE BEACHES They drink Mythos beer Liked to build with elevation in mind the taller the better lnterior Greece is mountainous There is a mountainside sanctuary of Apollo in Dalphi Mt Olympus is the highest point in Greece The Parteron is the temple to Athena and is located in Athens Acropolis Legacy Thomas Jefferson brough Greek and Roman styles to the Americas 0 Adapted government buildings dubbed quotfederal stylequot Columns First democracy was established in Athens 508 BCE 0 Last around 100 years then fell to monarchy Introduced theatre playwriting and acting o Stadium style seating sited for good views Extremely competitive 0 Olympics began in 776 BCE o Ran 1200 years and was ended by Christians because it was a Pagean festival 0 Not team oriented 0 Very in uential now not just with sports but with the desire to win Humanism in art 0 Obsession with physical perfection o Singled out good looking people 0 Humanism surrounds achievement of man and the glory of man 19th Century amp Greeks Loved the classics 0 George Washington has a statue that resembles Zeus Greek fantasy paintings 0 First jewelry by Will Bourgouro 0 Fake ruins Plantation homes 0 Greek revival style home in NOLA This is where Dr Kidd is from Legacy Today 0 Goddess like image in our consciousness The divine look good 0 The Greeks never mentioned what handsomeness or beauty was


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