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The colonies in the 1500s/1600s

by: SC_Grace Dillon

The colonies in the 1500s/1600s HIST 1100 - 01

Marketplace > University of Missouri - Columbia > History > HIST 1100 - 01 > The colonies in the 1500s 1600s
SC_Grace Dillon
American History to 1865
michelle morris

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About this Document

Taken Tuesday, September 15, 2015 and Thursday, September 17, 2015. Taken over Nathaniel Bacon, the development of slavery, pilgrims, Polymath, and the Massachusetts Bay colony.
American History to 1865
michelle morris
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This 7 page Bundle was uploaded by SC_Grace Dillon on Friday September 18, 2015. The Bundle belongs to HIST 1100 - 01 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by michelle morris in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see American History to 1865 in History at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/18/15
Europe 1 Characteristics of the geography of Europe a Relative location i Located in the land hemisphere or Northern hemisphere ii Europe has 3 boarders 1 The Atlantic Ocean North 2 Mediterranean Sea South 3 Separation between Europe and Asia East a Lack of a clear boarder b Causes tension b Environmental variety i 40 degrees on latitude 1 Middle of America amp southern part of Europe ii Has a moderate climate 1 North Atlantic Drift Gulf Stream a Warm water that that comes from the gulf of Mexico and travels by Europe b If the Drift got weaker then it could cause environmental problems i Cause Europe to cool down c Population i 1 of 3 global population clusters 1 Europe East Asia India ii 530M people in Europe in more then 40 countries 1 Depends on where you place the boarder line between Asia and Europe iii About twice the population of the US but with half the amount of land 1 High population density iv Tends to be very wealthy v Tend to be very Urban vi Tend to be very educated vii The wealth urban education all decrease when moving from west to east viii Negative population growth 1 The birth dearth or lack of births 2 Particularly western Europe 3 Trying to attract young people to migrate into Europe d Home of the key economic revolutions i Economic revolution that begins in Europe 1 Agricultural revolution early 1700s a Change in farming i Rotating crops ii Fertilizer 2 Industrial revolution late 1700s a Machinery started to replace human labor i Speed up process ii Clothing ships e Present and future integration i Main political processes 1 Devolution When countries split into multiple countries a EX Scotland 2 Unification countries come together and form alliances a EX EU b EX NATO 2 EU a Introduction i Countries coming together to form one organization b Historical Framework if integration i WW1 1 Destroyed Europe 2 3 countries decide to from an alliance BENELUX a Belgium b Netherlands c Luxemburg ii WW2 1 1951 ECSC is formed a European Coal and Steal Community b 6 countries i Belgium ii Netherlands iii Luxemburg iv Italy V West Germany vi France c Freely trading coal and steal products between ECSC member countries d Turns out to be very successful 2 EEC 1957 a European Economic Community Changes into EC eventually b More countries wanted to get involved because ECSC was so successful c 12 member countries d Includes the free trade of all products e As it gets older they start to do non economic things i EX Create an European president 1 Creates an European legislator 2 Creates a court system c Implications of the European Union 1992 include 28 countries i Still free trade between EU member 1 IA of the worlds economy ii Best know for doing noneconomic things 1 EX Created a borderless Europe a No need for a passport for the most part iii Euro Euro Zone 1 Not all countries opted into the euro a Felt like they were giving up too much economic control iv Official day of Europe Europe Day 1 May 9 2 Have an official Europe song ode to joy V European Flag 1 Blue ag with yellow stars in a circle vi Created a fund to help the poor countries in the EU vii European wide goals viii Makes people feel more united 1 I m European instead of saying I m French 3 Eight ways England has shaped the world a Exploration i Great location in the Land hemisphere ii John Cabot 1 Italian then moved to England 2 Responsible for exploring the coast of north America in the 1490s a Allowed England to claim much of north America for the colonies iii Sr Francis Drake 1 He is the first English man to sail around the world 2 Made a living raiding Spanish ships iv Henry Hudson 1 Found the Hudson river around NYC 2 Founded Hudson s bay Canada b NeoEurope s i Exploration led to colonization 1 As they traveled they recreated home a Tried to create New Europe s c Settlement patterns i New England town in NY county like unit I 1 Open space in the middle of the town is a common or green 2 Surrounding is the church or meeting house Thursday September 17 2015 1 Stealing New England a quotRadical English protestants get lost and end up in the goldquot b Background info i In 1519 the year Cortes set out from Cuba all of western Europe was CathoHc 1 Martin Luther has nailed his 95 theses to the church door a But have not broken with the church yet ii England initially remained catholic and the pope names henry viii quotdefender of the faithquot 1 In 1534 henry had decided that it was best to lead the English church himself a Debated and thought out all over Europe iii Puritans reject to anything about catholic 1 Don t all what the same thing the just all knew what they don39t want a Many wanted to abolish the church monarchy i Want a primitive Christianity iv Pilgrims 1620 ended up in the New England area 1 Separatists believed that the church of England was so corrupt that it could not be puri ed a Many left England and moved to the Netherlands i Netherlands tolerated a lot of people puritans and others 1 Believed their children were being corrupted ii William Bradford decided to move to the Americas 2 Voyage to Plymouth 1620 a Wanted to have their own land to do what they would like b Obtained a patent from the Virginia Company to settle land within their jurisdiction i Wasn39t given nancial backing c Agrees to work for the Merchant Adventures of London joint stock company in exchange for nancial backing i Had to bring a group on nonpilgrims strangers 1 The strangers made up more then half the group 3 May ower was blown off course and out of the Virginia jurisdiction a Led to the rise of representative government in New England b May ower compact 21 November 1620 Non pilgrims on board refused to submit to the pilgrim government 1 The patent had been for Virginia not where they landed Agreement to enter into a quotcivil body politicquot to create laws and of ces to abide by them 1 Signed by 41 men a Over 100 passengers b Non signers were probably woman children and servants 2 Remained in force until the Massachusetts bay colony in 1692 4 Polymath in the early years a The rst winter the colony was cut in half b Hay a healthful spot vi Received help form Squanto 1 Planting 2 Introduction to Massasoit Squanto was a Spanish captive and spoke uent EngHsh 1 Travelled back up to the New England area and joined a new lndian group Able and willing to plant corn More familiar climate 1 More similar to England compared to Jamestown Free from the semitropical disease found farther south In some parts of New England the life span was almost 70 c The rst thanksgiving 1621 Probably a harvest festival 1 Pilgrims had a reason to celebrate ii No turkey or cranberries 1 Venison and waterfowl iii About 90 Wampanoag Indians and 50 English 1 Relationship were peaceful and came together to celebrate a Peaceful up until the last quarter of the century 2 They ate and played contests and games together v Massachusetts Bay 1 Neighbors to the polymath colony 2 Puritans vs pilgrims a Puritans settles in Massachusetts Bay b Both wanted to practice their religion c Nonseparating puritans of the Massachusetts Bay i Considered themselves part of the Church of England ii Wanted to reform the Anglican Church d Puritans were a much larger group i Great migration 16301640 1 About 20000 people 3 Unlike the Chesapeake colony Virginia and Maryland a Relatively healthy i Mostly family that came over b Were expected to fa rm c Not a get rich quick colony d Not all settlers were puritans but puritans dominated both culturally and in terms of government 4 Government under the puritans a Loophole allowed to bring their English charter with them i They were governed locally b Governors magistrates and delegates all elected colony government i Voting restricted to adult male church members c Local town meetings i Voting restricted to adult men who owned property in the town d Separation of church and state i More strictly observed then in England or in the Chesapeake ii Ministers were prohibited from holding of ce iii Courts enforced morality and required residents to attend church 1 Sabbath breaking 2 Sexual offences 3 Blasphemy heresy 4 Voting restricted to church members e Relations to local Indian groups i When the puritans got to new England many Indian groups have been desolated by European disease ii Puritans weren39t very concerned with converting the Indians 1 The real problem is the heretics within their own ranks f Heresy i Protestant revolt 1 Rejected the role of good works in salvation 2 Believed in priesthood of all believers a Individuals should read and understand the scripture themselves 3 Liberty of conscience a Outside of core doctrines people should be able to interpret the bible themselves and live according to their consciences


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