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Film Notes: 2/22/16- 3/9/16

by: Danielle Nwefo

Film Notes: 2/22/16- 3/9/16 FILM 2700

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Film > FILM 2700 > Film Notes 2 22 16 3 9 16
Danielle Nwefo
Jonathan Ventura

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About this Document

These cover the past 6 class lectures
Jonathan Ventura
Film, history, History of Film
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This 0 page Bundle was uploaded by Danielle Nwefo on Thursday March 10, 2016. The Bundle belongs to FILM 2700 at Georgia State University taught by Jonathan Ventura in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see HISTORY OF MOTION PICTURES in Film at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 03/10/16
Film Notes February 22 2016 Video of the Day Around the World utilizes Mickey Mousing Precinematic Developments 1900s ll ll l0 1910s l0 l0 l0 1920s l0 l0 l0 l0 1930s l0 Melies Porter problem of narrative clarity Griffithfather of narrative cinema cinematic language classical editing Soviet Montage German Expressionism collision editing associational editing Sound 1895 s 1900 s is referred to as cinema of attractions novelty of moving image 1927 sound in motion pictures Problems 0 the Jazz Singer launched popularity of sound film Artistic 0 camera largely becomes stationary O editing becomes flat Industrial 0 camera in sound proof box 0 performers Broadway with radio theaters have to incorporate sound 0 Gone with the Wind 0 off screen space 0 new genres 0 gangster films February 24 2016 Video of the Day Wildest Dreams Taylor Swift Style of Movie Classical Hollywood Style William Hays 0 first president of the MPPDA Motion Pictures Producers and Distributors of America 0 Hays Code things that could and couldn39t be put in movies Classical Hollywood Style 0 recycled narrative beginning middle end 0 3 Characteristics 1 Lighting key film halo 2 No loose ends 3 Invisible editingediting isn39t trying to show itself everything flows right 0 setup action payoff Q Psycho fold that ended Classical Hollywood Cinema February 29 2016 Auteur Editing director should be the author French film critics Auteur is another word for author 0 Orson Welles Success in theater Owned Mercury Theater Influenced by German Expression Citizen Cane very innovative each scene is jam packed with info Long take Deep focus spatial planes see whole scene play out Took camera and moved it through space COO 0000 0 Howard Hawks The invisible auteur Masterful storyteller No downtime Code of Professionalism Natural dialogue I Overlapping 00000 March 2 2016 Howard Hawks cont d Hawksian Female archetype he directed across genres 0 Classification of movies 0 Expectation 0 Industry Genre is cultural ritual Q A way for society to negotiate cultural anxieties SciFi 0 Technology March 7 2016 Video of the Day Hey Ya Outcast Q Refers to when the Beetles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show Hays Code form of censorship to avoid the government stepping in a bad putting in restrictions 0 MPPDA Q PostWar Cinema WW2 Paramount Decision of 1948 Q Decided on NO monopolies Q Theaters had to be independent PostWar Cinema advent of television Space people can watch TV in their homes lmmediacy connected to the world around you Liveliness watch things as they unfolded Size of TV Hollywood Spectacle Pushed for wide screen access 0 Full color technicolor layers of colored film Smellovision March 9 2016 Production CodeHays Code same thing 1950 decline in production code due to 1998 Paramount Decision stating that no film chain could be owned by a producer Alfred Hitchcock Created the film Psycho Master of suspense in his films 0 Audience knows more than the characters Auteur Known for psychoanalytical themes 0 Sexual in nature undertones Subtle shifts in camera movementplacement Mac Guffin 0 Red herring Checkhov s gun Wanted to make audience a voyeur someone who is watching something forbidden or unallowed


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